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8/10/19 3:53 P

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I appreciate the info regarding seated exercises. I have had a total knee replacement and while physio has been great for getting the knee working again the rest of my body really feels the lack of exercise. I am now doing a gentle exercise class at our local pool and my whole body is thanking me. I will definitely try out the seated workouts.

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5/14/19 6:49 A

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I strained my ankle last week.Devastated that I couldn't do my usual workouts.Found "Paula B" seated workouts online.They're great!

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5/10/19 7:17 A

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While it is true that a greater portion of weight loss is reliant on what/ how much you eat-- exercise is important for overall health and fitness. Spark has a bunch of seated exercise videos, and Youtube has loads of stuff too-- just search for seated exercise or chair exercise. If they do something with the legs that you can't do, just repeat a previous move that you're capable of, til they switch to something else and you can rejoin them.

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5/8/19 12:22 P

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Thank you for your service.

Dumbells are a good start.

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5/7/19 8:13 A

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"exercise suggestions for weight loss."
There really aren't any, as you cannot out exercise an improper diet.
Weight loss is more about what and how much you eat.

That said, SparkPeople has a library of seated exercises. You can also find many when you Google "seated exercises".

Good luck!

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5/6/19 2:20 P

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Hi all,

I am a retired Navy Veteran with bilateral leg muscle disability. I do physical therapy but I am looking for exercise suggestions for weight loss. Thank you all in advance. LLAMO55

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