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12/28/18 8:48 P

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Jibbie49, I think you are right on! I don't think that enough in the medical profession care about the impact that hormones and nutrition have as they change with age. You are really fortunate to have found someone who seems to pay close attention to YOUR body and metabolism and what YOU need.

Any tips on how to locate this kind of counsel? I know that functional medicine is one of the key terms that might help.

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10/30/18 9:50 A

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I'm 69 and it wasn't until I found an anti-aging endocrinologist who put me on Metformin, (my blood sugar was 115 and diabetes starts at 126 but he said I'm close enough) a weekly shot of Bydureon, Armour Thyroid (I take at night), Acarbose with meals, and progesterone that I dropped 36# and have kept it off. I stopped night time eating which was a big problem for me. Do what works for you, but I certainly recommend finding a doctor who understands aging and obesity.

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10/19/18 6:08 P

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Yes, any diet can backfire if you're too hard on yourself and restrict yourself too much. But if *you* are succeeding on *your* diet, don't worry about it! Continue to research on how dieters slip, so you can prepare in case you find yourself not sticking to your diet.

And meal planning can help your diet! Meal planning is like tracking, and can help prevent you from slipping. I usually regain weight with meals and snacks not on the meal plan.

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10/18/18 9:54 A

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You need to eat at least 1200 - 1500 calories daily but you should try lowering your carb intake. Too many starchy foods or too much bread will stall your progress.
Sounds like you have a good plan in place you just need to make that slight change.

At a certain age our bodies don't burn calories as easily as when we were younger.
So cutting back on those starchy carbs makes a big difference. Especially with belly fat that sometimes happens after menopause.

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10/1/18 11:16 P

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I'm kind of unclear on what you're asking. If what you're doing is working, what's to change? If not, try SparkPeople by using their recommendations and trackers. There are so many different ways to do this, but not all will work for all. Takes some experimenting and playing around with to find your formula. More of this, less of that, etc. The key is to just stick with it and keep trying. Eventually, you hit on a method that suits you, at least for a while and then it might be time for another change or two. I repeat... Just never quit. Good luck!


PS - The bugaboo number for calories seems to pretty consistently be 1200, but at your height, you may have to stick near to that. Once you get where you want to go, a weight maintenance calculator will help with a starting point on where to stay the same from then on.

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9/26/18 10:50 A

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Hi there,
We are very much in the same boat. I am 51, always been in decent shape but last 5 years I have gained 15 and have been dropping and gaining back the same 5.
I do believe your calorie intake and calories burned are on track and that's probably why you dropped 3 lbs but just know that won't happen every week.
I am getting back to the tracking and staying focused myself so I am hoping to lose 1 lb per week but have heard that when you are in peri menopause it can be more difficult to drop. So as long as the scale is moving down I will take it.
I have also read that adding weights will do wonders. Good luck to you.

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9/25/18 10:32 A

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Hi there! So...I'm in the throws of perimenopause. I'm petite (5'1''); never had a weight problem in my adult life (maintained easily between 115-120); exercised regularly. In the past 9 years, I have gained 20 pounds. I have researched extensively on losing weight in your 50's. It has always come back to "take in less calories than you burn"...blah blah blah.

So last week, I decided.."Fine. I'll give it a shot". I planned all my breakfasts/lunches to be the same during my workweek. (Made it easier to track.). Got all my dinners off the website Skinnytaste. Entered EVERYTHING. I indulged in some wine a couple of days, got my minimum 10,000 steps PLUS except one day; and managed to lose 3 pounds.

My question to you all is this: I also read that this can backfire if you cut back too drastically. I shoot for a range: between 1200-1400/day, but usually closer to 1200. This is too account for underestimating, or if I'm a little hungrier I plan a snack (I usually don't snack at all).

Do you worry about eating too little? I usually burn (according to my Fitbit) between 1800-2000 calories, so my calorie range should be good.
What do you think?

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