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12/4/18 10:32 P

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Long time TOPS member here - although the singing of songs at some chapter mtgs and regional/state events is cheesy and not for me, I go for the accountability of the weekly weigh-ins, and I enjoy the TOPS magazine we receive as part of international dues/membership as it has great articles, recipes and motivational success stories!

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12/1/18 11:04 P

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I joined TOPS in 2009. I still have 28 lbs to goal. I like the chapter I go to and some of us go to the YMCA here 3 to 4 days a week for exercise class. I also like it because it is affordable, keeps me accountable and when anyone is struggling we support each other.

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11/11/18 6:29 P

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Just joined TOPS a couple months ago. Really like it.

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9/8/18 1:15 P

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I have been a Tops member for several years. Our group uses money as the prizes for "silly" games.

We do have old timer members, who just visit, but a group of us are truely trying to lose, and we support each other, which is ehh we are there. Our group charges the yearly dues, and $3 a month, plus 35 cents a week for fun money. Affordable, support and fun.

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8/21/18 1:14 P

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Hello Dorie53 :)

I am a TOPS member. I first joined TOPS in 2006 and lost 50+ pounds that year. I have been a member of three different TOPS clubs, one is MI and two in OH. I have to agree that some of the games and pledges are a little "cheesy" but it's all in good fun and it helps to get people to participate.

I dropped out for about 4 years and found myself back to having to lose 20 lbs. I rejoined in March this year and I have been able to get the weight back off with my TOPS friends. When I weigh in tonight, I should be at my TOPS goal and will be back in KOPS status.

I have found that the dues are cheap and what I really need is to go and be accountable once a week and weigh in with the group. It works for me and I have some really nice TOPS friends and it's something I do once a week for ME.

I did drop out of the group I was in previously because it seemed the group was more of a social group and looked forward to going out to eat each week after the meeting more than trying to lose weight. But that is their issue, not mine. I have now found a new group and I am enjoying it again.

Good luck to you!!!

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8/16/18 9:08 P

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I HAVE to lose weight to have a hip replacement. Rather than join WW for the umpteenth time I joined TOPS for the first time. Does anyone else here go? I met a nice lady here at the pool who goes so I thought I'd give it a try. It IS cheaper. They have some oddities though, like saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each meeting. I'm patriotic but don't see what it has to do with losing weight? And they do some stupid games - - tracing our hands & we get a 'fingernail' for every week we lose weight. Seems awfully childish for 2018. I'm just going for the group support but don't plan to partake in the silly stuff like that & Bingo 'that you play at home alone' for a prize. Just wondered if anyone here goes to TOPS & if you've been successful. I think I only need to lose 28 lb to have the joint replacement. Am rather upset because I wanted to see that provider again only for knee pain & was told I couldn't be seen without a referral even though I'm already a patient there.

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