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6/19/18 6:40 P

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Thanks. I (finally,). get it.

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6/19/18 4:00 P

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I count all my steps just for the purpose of hitting my total daily step goal. If I'm hiking or running as an exercise, I also track that time for my fitness counter. My smartwatch tracks total steps for me, but also has the ability to give me the stats for an event like a hike, run, or walk.

So... my total daily steps get counted and entered on my "other goals" and my events like my daily walk are entered on my fitness tracker which includes time and miles completed. Most other things like resistance training or stationary bike I just enter the time for the event rather than getting too serious about being exact with something you really can't be exact with anyway. Hope that's not more confusing than helpful.


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PJGART's Photo PJGART Posts: 80
6/16/18 8:01 A

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My doctor told me that doing errands (I get off the bus at least one stop before/after where I ideally would). True count but your body gets used to it. More more and more walking is always good!

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6/16/18 4:20 A

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I count for the whole day. When I walk for exercise, I note the amount of time i walked at quicker pace.

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6/13/18 6:54 A

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While counting your steps must you only count while exercises or do you count ALL day? Like doing errands,? Thanks

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