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6/7/18 2:03 A

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This is pretty good and doesn't require any special equipment:


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6/5/18 9:16 P

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Do modified push ups. Examples are knee push ups, bench push ups, against a counter top or even a wall. Try using a progressively more difficult kind every couple of weeks until you are strong enough to start doing a few regular ones. Whatever kind you do needs to max out your effort within 10 to 15 reps. I am 62 and usually do knee push ups, but can manage a few regular push ups. I am hoping to eventually be able to do a few pull ups.

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6/5/18 7:13 P

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Resistance band chest press (or Google alternative to push-ups).

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6/4/18 12:19 P

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I am 64 years old and have been doing strength training for the past 5 months using DVD's. I am up to using 10 lbs of weight and I use bands. Problem is...this video has a lot of push ups and I can't do even ONE!!! Should I be able to do pushups at age 64??? Also, what can I do as an alternative?

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