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4/22/18 3:55 P

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Organize a community walk focused on seniors and disabled, especially one that otherwise would not walk or get out and do some exercise. Pick a level easy walking place and set a distance of at least 3 miles. The rules are as follows:

1. Anyone, any age, any disability can participate
2. All will cross the finish line as one group
3. Stronger ones will assist others
3. Any and all walking devices and wheelchairs are legal
4. Water will be provided
5. Participants with medical issues will get doctors clearance
6. Stronger and fit participants will stay in the rear, only
moving forward, to assist others to the finish

The goal is community awareness of the disabled and seniors that get left behind. I first got this idea, watching a lady, 80, with her super wheel walker, complete 10 laps around our 1 mile oval walking park. We talked and she loved the idea and wanted to be the pacesetter if such a walk could be organized. Just a few hours later, our senior women fitness group, had it organized. Participation was low, but it was so inspirational, motivational, and educational. A special, 3 days a week, walking group with the same guidelines was formed and many who rarely went out, are now making it a lifestyle. See my BLOG about our walk, "No Woman Left Behind."

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