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4/5/18 11:31 P

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You guys are over my head, but I know this. Whatever I have I blamed on rotator cuff injury and it got so bad I lost probably sixty or seventy percent of my range of motion in both arms, although the right was worse than the left. The pain was blinding if I tried to lift either above shoulder height. Anyhow, I got a book called the "Seven Minute Rotator Cuff Cure" and used the exercises I found there.

I had too many other things going on with the Doc at the time and was saving the shoulders till after those things were straightened out. Well, either it was calcification that broke up or the exercise worked because I'm back to about ninety percent and I still do a few of the exercises daily. I still have a little pain if I lift or lay on them wrong, but they are much improved. I have at least one surgery remaining for other things, but I think I'll bring up the shoulders next. It's good to know there can be more than one reason for this as I was pretty sure it went beyond normal Arthritis pain. Hope you find relief from yours and I would suggest gritting your teeth and sticking with the therapy if they're telling you it will help. You've given me another ailment to throw at my Doc anyway. Good luck!


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4/4/18 9:52 A

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It might go away on its own, depending on what kind you have. Do you have degenerative calcification and reactive calcification?

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4/4/18 8:54 A

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Hi! I've developed calcificerous tendonitis in my right shoulder at age 67. I'm very active so this causes some pain and modifications during exercise, housework, dance etc. involving overhead reaching movements. Physical therapy has given me strengthening exercises but it seems unlikely the deposits will go away. Has anyone had this condition with favorable results by other methods? Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!

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