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2/13/18 2:52 A

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If he wants steak and potatoes, steal a little of his steak and make yourself beef stir fry and brown rice. Give him a baked potato and you boil yourself some whole wheat pasta for your pasta veggie dish. In other words, just expand your menu a little so he gets what he wants and you get what you want with minimum effort.

As far as calories, yes you should stay within your range.

Good luck to all with your goals!


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2/11/18 3:06 P

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I just turned 70 myself and I am tired of different ideas to lose the weight, I have no will power!
I am just wondering, when they start you on the calories that you should be having every day do you have to have ALL those calories or can I have less? I don't know what I'm doing anymore.......
My son just turned 49! LOL'

KMILLER31 Posts: 4,099
2/1/18 4:31 P

Similar situation for me. Hubby doesn't like onions, veggies in only very small quantities. But so far we make it work most of the time

ARRABELLA13 Posts: 7
1/27/18 3:11 A

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I’ve just turned 70 and I’m just feeling fed up with trying to lose weight! I love cooking but my husband is very difficult to cook for. He doesn’t like rice or pasta and doesn’t eat anything with onions in! I love all three! I get so bored with cooking the same things over and over again. Sorry to be so negative. On the bright side I’m fit and healthy and my daughter is 45 today!

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