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1/31/18 4:14 P

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I've always been told that exercise helps to define your shape and improve your health but your diet is the key to weight loss. I think people use exercise as a reward to eat more and that doesn't really work. I'm sure if you log your food and stay within your allotted calorie range you will lose. Welcome and good luck!

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1/28/18 7:33 P

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I'll add my voice to the majority here - if you want to lose weight it's more important to get a handle on your diet than it is to depend on exercise. Personally, I started dieting for a few months before I started exercising and have continued to be successful whether i exercise or not. For most of us, exercise just gives us a little bit more of a calorie-burning boost, and makes our bodies feel better.

So be positive about what a great start you will be able to get with healthy, portion-controlled eating, and how you can get a start on your goals now! I hope your surgery goes well and wish you the best of luck! emoticon

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1/25/18 3:50 A

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This gives you time to become familiar with your nutrition tracker. Just enter "sedentary" for your activity level and then concentrate on staying within your calorie limits. As another poster stated, you can't be effective long-term with exercise alone. Exercise is good for keeping you fit and buying you more calories, but we all slow down and many of us succumb to injury and disability. If that happens, it's good to know you can control your BMI in spite of it. The only way to do that is by calorie control, so this is a good time for you to practice that very thing. Good luck and welcome aboard!


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1/23/18 2:44 P

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Welcome to your journey to your best self. Losing weight is part healthy eating & part exercise. Until you can exercise, make sure to eat mostly fruits & veggies and drink mostly water, lots of water. If you focus just on those goals, you'll see the difference.

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1/23/18 11:45 A

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You cannot out-exercise a poor diet. Weight loss is about what and how much you eat, not exercise. So focus on that and you will do fine!

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1/22/18 8:35 P

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Hi there! I just joined a few minutes ago and am looking forward to being a part of this community. Next week i have surgery and will be unable to exercise for 6 weeks-how can I lose weight??

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