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10/23/17 11:15 A

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I completely understand. Because I struggle with pain all the time, yes, it does depress me. My sleep hasn't been good for 20 years, but so much worse since Christmas - I only sleep 2 - 3 hours at a time. I am struggling to try and right my sleeping schedule. I take quite a few vitamins, but am not always vigilant about it - Omega 3, Vitamin B12, C, D and iron. I don't take any anti-depressants as they make me more anxious. I have a chronic pain doctor, and we have tried so many things - I just try and manage. And yes, massage does help, but I am on disability, so money is an issue. I actually went for a massage two weeks ago, and it did help - I am going to try and go at least once a month. Thanks for the response!

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10/23/17 7:23 A

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Fibromyalgia is what caught my attention. I have chronic fatique and when an episode hits, depression comes in my door as well.

I have to rest -- exercise makes it worse. Short walks are fine as long as I don't get even more tired doing it.

My sleep gets interrupted so I sleep when I feel like it -- long naps in the morning and in the afternoon.

Start looking into vitamins and minerals. Try some out to see what helps and what's a waste of money. Some depression drugs contribute to fatigue.

If you can find one, try to get a family doctor focused on whole person.

Do massages make you feel better? Find someone who specializes in therapeutic massages.

There is no such thing as the final success in life. What is really meaningful is the courage to face the next minute, the next hour, the next day.

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10/22/17 9:48 P

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Hello all,

So, I decided to join because I need some motivation and support.

About 4 years ago, I lost almost 70 pounds. I found out I had a hernia, and worked hard to lose the weight. I was a thin kid and teenager, but as I got older, the pounds crept up. During a family crisis 20 years ago, I put on about 55 pounds in a year, and was able to take that off 4 years ago.

But now the weight is creeping back, and I'm terrified. I'm in perimenopause, and my hormones have been up and down for the last few years, and I've gained 18 pounds back in the last two and a half years, 10 of which has come back since Christmas.

I can't seem to get back on track. I do for a few days, and then I slide back again. Either every piece of clothing is tight, or doesn't fit anymore. And most of it has gone to my stomach. I feel embarrassed and ashamed.

So, I am looking for inspiration. I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I also have fibromyalgia. Ever since the perimenopause started, my pain has been worse, and I'm exhausted all the time. So, the last thing I want to do is exercise and be in more pain. And I feel I've lost hope. I try and walk and take stairs, but the weight doesn't budge. I am finding it so much harder than before.

Whatever words of wisdom or support anyone can offer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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