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10/25/17 6:59 A

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My bone doctor clued me in on a lovely PBS program called "Classical Stretch" which is deceptive because it's not really just stretching, it's some movement -- most of it upright.

I no longer have regular television, so I ended up buying a season of the show and it has really helped me with just a general feeling of overall betterness.

If you use Youtube, search for "Essentric" or "Miranda Esmonde" and you'll be able to see some short examples of the movements.

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9/27/17 7:40 P

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Hello all of you, older adults are different from younger adults when they are engaging in the workout. They have to be careful before choosing the programmer of their workout. My husband and I over than 60 we enjoy having a workout. Before we chose our workout program, we consulted a professional doctor. We informed him about our medical history. The core recommendation which he told us that at least 30 minutes of "moderate physical activity" should be performed on most days of the week. There will be four days of cardiovascular activity and two days of strength training. It should be water nearby at all times. Then we talked the trainer and he advised us to practice swimming and walking or jogging. But we preferred walking every morning.

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9/3/17 5:40 A

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Indoor bike is good.

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8/27/17 9:32 P

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Thanks for the exercise ideas.
Yes, bad knees and osteoarthritis are the problems I face so look for exercises that don't require getting on the floor.
Look forward to more great ideas on exercising with an aging body.

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8/26/17 11:00 A

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Walking is my all-time favorite. When I can get to the gym, I do a yoga stretch class which really makes a difference in my over-all plain with my RA. I used to be addicted to the elliptical and am ready to get back to that.

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8/25/17 12:48 P

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I love biking...outdoors if weather allows and spin cycle inside if not.

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8/23/17 11:36 A

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This one is seated:
This one is standing:

The standing one includes a little bit of stuff on the floor, at the end. You could stay standing, and plank against the wall instead of on the floor. Set your feet back, away from the wall, with your hands against the wall and your abs pulled in tight. You can do push ups this way, too.

I had a knee issue a couple years ago that made it next to impossible for me to get down on the floor or get up again once down there. The pain alone was enough for me to skip core exercises that called for getting on the floor. But the good news is-- you don't have to!

Ruth in Cookeville, TN Central Time Zone

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8/16/17 6:08 P

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Even though it is tough, I still get down and do planks.

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8/16/17 5:38 P

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I call my beagle, Mocha, my accountability partner, but I know I need to build up my core
Any one know of sites or exercises that won't require me to get on the floor and do crunches and similar exercises the old fashioned way?
I COULD get on the floor, but getting up certainly isn't pretty anymore!

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