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7/1/17 1:04 A

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I struggled with this because my husband and I are so different sizewise,he's over 6" and I am 4'11". His nutrition needs are definitely greater than mine! As a result, after we married, I put on lots of weight with the mindset, if he's eating it, I can! Thanks to SP, I have learned to eat within my guidelines and allow him to eat what he likes! Yes, it means I have had to develop more resistance power, but when you know your needs, it's easier to say no! And that no will not happen overnight! Like all good habits, it takes time to develop! The beautiful thing is, with my eating healthier, my husband is beginning to realize how unhealthy some of his choices have been, and is making some changes! I wish you the best of luck in your adventure of weight loss!

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6/24/17 4:57 P

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It's definitely about portion control for the high calorie stuff and adding in more healthy lower calorie foods to round out your meal. It's SO difficult if you feel you can't control yourself around something like garlic bread or other goodies. But that's the only way. Weigh/measure and portion it out beforehand and load the rest of your plate up with salad and vegetables, etc. If you want more meat, bread, etc. just make it part of your calorie count for the day.

Good luck - it's difficult but worth it!!

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6/24/17 2:02 A

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I love meat and potatoes! What you describe is fine up till you said "I can't just stop". Well, that is exactly what you have to do. You need to use the nutrition tracker and weigh or exactly measure your food. Portion control is the only answer if you truly want to lose weight.

You have to know how many calories you're eating to be able to control your eating. We eat a lot of lean beef, pork, and poultry. However, I never eat more than four or five ounces at a meal. Same for potatoes. Have half and save half to mix with cauliflower tomorrow. Use reduced-fat or fat-free sour cream. Add vegetables to fill up on. If you have an Aldi's nearby, California blend steamin' bag is a buck. Have brown rice for variety. Rice cakes instead of bread. I also make bowls from those ingredients mixed or pouches on the grill. My wife cans meat and we do a lot of outdoor cooking with the dutch oven or indoors with a pressure cooker. Makes the cheap and lean cuts so much more tender. It takes some getting used to, but you'll find a whole bunch of folks here who will tell you how well it works.

If you would like some tips and links for beginners, click on the "My Spark Page" button to the left of my post and find the blog post about it when you get there.

Good luck!


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6/23/17 1:01 P

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Hi all,

I'm REALLY needing to get back into healthy eating and one of the reasons (aka...excuses!) that I fall off the wagon is that my husband is a real meat & potatoes kind of guy and doesn't sway too much from those staples.

Without having to create two meals (one for him and one for me) each time, which is time consuming and can get quite expensive, I just opt to eating the same things he does...which results in more weight gain. I just don't have good resistance skills.

Has anyone else had to try to diet or eat well and have a partner who won't follow your plan or ways to incorporate healthier versions of meals so we can both eat healthier?

Meal Example #1: Beef loin steaks, (small), baked potatoes, and low-fat sour cream. I know the beef is a leaner cut, but the potatoes are usually huge and OH, I just can't stop at one or two tablespoons of sour cream.

Meal Example #2: Spaghetti & Meatballs. Usually just jared sauce, regular spaghetti (he hates whole wheat pasta) then a loaf of frozen garlic bread. For me it's always the garlic bread that gets me. I. LOVE. IT!

Any suggestions on cooking for two when you have a hearty eater would be great.


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