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4/7/19 7:12 A

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I see, thanks for the input.

Will await hopefully further feedback re: crockpot recipe, or oven recipe with above ingredients.

btw, upon having skimmed thru various peoples' recipes, they all seem to contradict each other as to whether to cook at 400 for a short time, or at 250 for a long time. It may depend on the oven, because ever since my sister moved to a new house (without her good old faithful wall-oven) her chicken never came out the same again. She had worked to dismantle it toward reinstallation in her new house, but the stupid construction guy had entombed the oven inside a wall.

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4/4/19 7:14 A

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I can't speak to the crock pot method, but you can definitely make this in the oven! If you search for 'baked chicken wings' you'll find tons of recipes, but you usually bake them at around 400 without the sauce first for about 40-50 minutes and then toss in the sauce (you can return to the oven if you want to caramelize the sauce). this recipe is a bit different but looks interesting if you want to spend a bit more time:

For the potatoes, bake time will depend on how large you cut them, so you may need to start them after the chicken wings if you're doing thin french fry shapes or a small dice, otherwise I would check on them after 30 minutes and every few minutes after that. I just toss them in a little bit of oil and then whatever seasonings I want to use that day.

Hope this is helpful!

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4/4/19 6:54 A

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Seeking advice for cooking sweet 'n sour chicken wings (or combo of wings & drumsticks & potato) in my 4-quart crockpot, with minimal ingredients.

Is the below a sensible strategy?

(1) Smear oil on bottom of my 4-quart crockpot. (is that safe?)
(2) Cut up a potato and a sweetPotato with just enough pieces to fill bottom of crockpot (on top of the smeared-oil).
(3) Then pour enough filtered-water to cover the cut-up potatoes/yams.
(4) Then put chicken wings on top of the multi-color potatoes (just enough wings to cover them).
(5) Then smear sweetSour duckSauce onto the chicken wings, enough to cover them.
(6) Cover the saucy-poultry with parchment paper?
(7) Cook on Low for 3.5 hours for fresh wings (or on High for 2.5 hours for frozen wings)

Is there a proper way to achieve this in the oven using a 9x13 foil-pan? Thanks!

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