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8/30/18 8:47 A

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yogurt or part-skim ricotta with fresh fruit and nuts, can add some honey or maple for sweetness if desired. easy to prep the night before.

make egg muffins/crustless quiches- do a mix of whole eggs and whites and add different veggies/meats/cheese to them in a muffin tin. grab one or two in the am- good warm or cold!

overnight oats with fruit/nut butter/seeds/etc. if you prefer it warm, cook a batch of steel cut oats to last a few days and then heat at work.

i don't mind reheating scrambled eggs, so sometimes i'll make a big batch with a ton of veggies in it. the eggs do release water over time. if you don't like that, make the batch of veggies and then cook your eggs in the am.

you can mash avocado and store with additional toppings and then just toast your bread in the am- assemble at work so it's not soggy. i like it with veg or turkey bacon or tomato :)

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8/22/18 10:43 A

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I recently had to change my lifestyle and am now back to tracking what I eat and drink. For breakfast I have 4 oz. of Breakstone small curd cottage cheese (in those convenient red cups; pack of 4) along with some grape tomatoes. Then for a snack around 10:00 - 10:30 A.M. I have 6 slices of apples with 2 Tbsp. peanut butter. Am looking forward to starting those overnight oats in my rotation, along with some berries. When I get really bored with breakfast I sometimes eat one of those Jimmy Dean breakfast English muffins. You can find them in the frozen food section. I always buy the lower fat ones.

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8/21/18 12:35 P

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Hi and welcome!

My first suggestion is to wander in to the Diet and Nutrition forum and take a glance through a few pages of the "Did you eat breakfast?" thread --- members have posted some great ideas over the years on there! You can find the thread here:

For grab-and-go, some ideas are:

- baked egg "muffins" (basically mini-quiches done in muffin tins) with mixed veggies and cheese, and often baked with a thin slice of ham or turkey as the muffin "liner" (lots of recipe options on

- baked custards or baked oatmeal (done either in muffin tins or small baking dishes or just slices taken out of a 9 x 13)

- overnight oats

- regular or low carb wrap filled with meat / veggies / eggs / cheese or whatever you like (I'm a fan of leftover stirfry)

- mixed grain "salad" (think quinoa / sorghum / buckwheat / oats / barley) which can be mixed with either fruit (for sweet moods) or vegetables, heated at work and topped with yogurt or cottage cheese (add in some chopped eggs / chicken / pork / etc for higher protein)

- soup or stew (who says that you have to have "breakfast" foods)

Go with your mood and have fun with the choices!

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8/21/18 11:25 A

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So I joined SparkPeople two and half weeks ago and am down 6 pounds (yay!) and that is definitely keeping me motivated to exercise and eat right. My problem is I've eaten the same thing for breakfast for two and a half weeks now (hard boiled egg, cheese stick and strawberries). It's getting really boring. So I'm looking for suggestions on what other people are eating and what kind of lean meats would be good for breakfast. Not an everyday type thing but something to mix it up a bit. I need something that I can grab and run out the door with in the mornings. I eat when I get to the office but I can't do anything more than microwave something once I get here. Thanks for any suggestions!

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