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7/26/18 9:59 A

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I held thanksgiving for several friends who'd just moved from India. I took traditional recipes and added an Indian twist: curried pumpkin soup with a swirl of coconut cream, spice-rubbed chicken breast vs roasted turkey, roasted spiced potatoes vs mashed, green beans with almonds and caramelized onions instead of casserole, rice with almonds and cranberries instead of traditional stuffing, etc. It was different enough to be a new food experience but also a bit familiar. Perhaps you could incorporate some familiar flavors that way while creating a cohesive meal?

Also, if there are any family favorites, I think it would be really nice to incorporate some of those dishes!

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7/23/18 10:13 A

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When you are traveling abroad, do you prefer to eat and enjoy the LOCAL cuisine, or do you seek out replicas of your "home-style" foods?

Most folks prefer to learn more about the culture (including the foods) of the area that they are visiting, so you might want to put more thought in to what local specialties you can include in your menu.

If you want the menu to be more "worldly" and including dishes from the locales of each of the guests, then I would suggest that you contact the people coming from abroad and ask THEM to share with you THEIR favourite recipes for local specialties, and then see how you can include that in to the overall menu.

If you don't want to do that, then perhaps just search for recipes for different "side items" so that people can choose whether to sample them or not. For the ladies from Colombia, perhaps just making sure that there are rice and beans (find a good Colombian recipe for the beans) available as side dishes, or having the soup course be a version of Ajiaco, might work well --- or see if there are any traditional desserts that you could include as options.

One easy thing to do is have a bread basket available that includes the standard breads from each country that you have people coming from. Having some arepa included would seem welcoming and familiar to the ladies from Colombia.

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7/22/18 7:02 P

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My cousin just let me know through instant message that they’re planning on organizing a family reunion to meet our estranged relatives, who are flying in from all over the world. Since I’m the chef in our family, he’s tasked me with coming up with the menu for the event and cooking some samples that would suit everyone’s palate. Apparently, we have an aunt and grandmother traveling all the way from Barranquilla, so I want to make sure they can appreciate the food I cook for them. Any tips on cooking for Colombian women?

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