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5/9/18 8:27 A

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Hey there @GOHAWKIS1 (fellow hawkeye here!)! it's pretty much always grilling season where we live, but we no longer have a grill (sadness!), so i use a cast iron grill pan instead. Not /quite/ the same but still pretty tasty! we love to grill tandoori chicken and veg, marinated portobellos for burgers, and chicken/veg skewers (greek/asian/middle eastern inspired).

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5/8/18 11:03 A

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It is always "grilling season" around here - blizzards just make the cooking a bit slower ;)

While I do batch cook a lot of meats, I tend to do that in the oven. Grilled meals, for us, are best enjoyed fresh --- there just seems to be something lost in the flavour when reheating later (and we enjoy the process and plan for the time, so...). My exception is roasts - pork or beef or lamb - done on the rotisserie, which we love to freeze slices off of for future sandwiches, and big batches of grilled vegetables which we'll eat at other meals as either cold "salads" or reheated.

Hmmm - maybe some pork on the grill tonight, with some potatoes / onions / carrots / mushrooms / brussels sprouts on the side, and some melon "steaks" with balsamic glaze for dessert...

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5/8/18 10:44 A

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And grilled vegetables! Those are good too, just add a healthy carb.

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5/7/18 6:24 P

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Or maybe it never stopped for some.

When I was single I found it tiresome to fire up the grill for just one meal for just one person. Consequently, on Saturdays I'd do my grocery shopping for the week and purchase chicken breasts and various cuts of pork and beef. Then on Sunday, usually in the later afternoon, I'd fire up the grill and cook a week's worth of meat. I purposely undercooked what I didn't intend to eat that evening and packaged individually for the refrigerator.

It was easy to pop a portion of meat into the microwave to finish cooking. I'd add either a fresh salad or cook some fresh green beans or another veggie to my meal. The meat still had that grilled flavor. What I didn't get to that week, I'd freeze to use later.

It was great to come home after a long day at work and not to think too hard about what to eat, and know that a healthy dinner was nearly prepared. emoticon

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