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2/9/18 10:07 A

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What types of flavors do you like? I do a lot of stir fries and Asian noodle dishes, indian lentils (you just pressure cook/boil to desired consistency and add in browned onions + garlic + ginger + tomato + cilantro, can use cumin if you like it), bean chilis, roasted veg, etc etc. I also use veggie crumbles (like beyond/Morningstar) in place of ground meat and to add protein to certain types of dishes.

Hotforfood is a vegan blog/youtube channel that has pretty good recipes, as does skinnytaste.

feel free to message me if you want anything more specific :)

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1/13/18 7:00 A

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Starving Students has a decent veg cookbook along with Students Go Vegan. Check your local library for these books. They are the sort of books that have chapters on pots and pans and dorm room cooking, so really basic. I feel like those books are less intimidating that Joy of Cooking or How to Cook Everything if you don't have a solid base of cooking already underneath your belt. Yes, some people like starting at a more complicated place, but it makes other people wash out.

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1/4/18 1:48 P

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My son is a vegetarian, so I learn thru him. I would say one of your first steps is to figure out what you like to eat. Veggies, fruits, tofu, soy products, dairy, beans, nuts, etc. Do you have Pinterest? It's a treasure trove of ideas and recipes.

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1/4/18 10:07 A

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Hello everyone! I am still learning how to cook. Are there any vegetarians out there with some cooking tips or recipes ?

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