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1/29/18 6:00 A

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I'm more likely to pre-cook veggies before freezing even if it's just a brief dip in boiling water or a 1 minute microwave zap.

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1/23/18 3:51 A

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Buy some energy saving fridges and prep counters from Koolmaxgroup for preparing pizzas and different food items in most efficient way.

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1/22/18 4:06 A

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thanks for sharing such valuable tips. I always get frustrated when my salary or onion got rotten. actually, i buy them in bulk from a farmer market that happens once in every week, they are reasonably cheap on there. but from now I will follow your tip to use them for longer.

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1/12/18 9:16 A

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Freezing celery and onions changes the texture, and they would not be satisfactory for thawing and eating uncooked, such as in a salad. But they're fIne to cook in a recipe, though. I do it all the time. Plus green peppers-- I buy them when they're cheap and chop & freeze to use in soups etc.

What I do, is spread the chopped vegetables on a small sheet pan, cover it with waxed paper, slide that into the freezer, and when the veggies are frozen, I transfer them to a ziplock bag. That way, they are "loose" in the bag, and not clumped together.

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1/4/18 5:13 P

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I always have bags in the freezer of mirepoix: chopped celery, onions, and carrots --- all washed, dried, and chopped from fresh, with no other prep. I put them in to resealable freezer bags (taking out as much air as possible), and try to keep it to a single layer in each bag so that they freeze as quickly as possible.

I always cook these straight from frozen, without thawing first, and honestly have never tried to thaw and eat them without cooking, so I don't know how the freezing impacts raw texture. They work perfectly when thrown frozen in to the pan to be sauteed with other vegetables, or in the bottom of the roasting pan with meats, and as the base for stocks / soups / stews.

Hope this helps!

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1/3/18 4:13 P

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Can fresh celery and onions be washed, diced and frozen for later use? If so, any special prep? Thanks!

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