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3/4/18 4:11 A

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Schwans home delivery is pretty convenient, and you can pick and chose a little better than other types of home delivery boxes. You can chose what you want online, and a real person delivers them to your door. You pay when it is delivered. (Optional, you can also pay online before it is delivered.) The hardest part is ignoring the ice cream options.

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2/15/18 9:12 A

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I tried hello fresh. I liked what we received (vegetarian options) but did modify to make them better align with our goals. For example, I would add extra veggies and split what they said was 2 portions of 600 cals each into 3 or 4 portions (depending on what I added).

I think they are nice for people who don't have time to shop or aren't comfortable cooking on their own. For me, I don't think they are worth it as I can stop off at the store on my way home to get anything I might need.

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2/14/18 6:24 A

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I just finished a 4 week gift of Blue Apron -- someone was grateful when a resume rewrite got them a much better job.

I was a bit concerned that the box would be stolen -- I live in an condo association of 40 buildings and I can no longer trust that a delivery person will actually ring the bell. All deliveries are at high risk of being stolen. The Blue Apron arrives in a hefty sized box weekly clearly marked Blue Apron. I guess the kitchen-y sounding name discouraged them.

All ingredients arrived fresh -- even the greens. I receive turnip greens once instead of kale -- the recipe was for kale salad, so I guess this was a new one for the person who packed it.

You can pick a day of the week for the shipment to arrive.

The recipes are simple and do taste like restaurant meals if you compare them to chain restaurants (not fast food).

There are default options but you can choose the 3 recipes you want from about 10 of them.

It's a good way to teach cooking to someone who has never cooked.

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8/10/17 11:24 A

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I think Hello Fresh is supposed to have healthier meal options. I haven't used any of these services. My husband is one picky eater and I love meal planning, shopping, prep and cooking like a weirdo, so I haven't looked too deeply into these services. According to a few friends on Facebook. They did like Hello Fresh and another friend used Blue Apron and was happy, but I don't know about the health level.

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7/23/17 6:31 P

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It's been a while since I looked into home delivery. The ones I thought I'd try didn't deliver to my area. It may be time to look again.


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7/21/17 2:33 P

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I tried sun basket, which advertises itself as being healthier, and it is, but I didn't love the meals. Might be worth a try for you though and the first one is free, I believe.

My preferred service is blue apron. I just divide the meal that is meant for two people into either 3 or 4 servings, and then have lunch the next day for myself (and/or my husband). I also usually cook with far less oil than they recommend, which helps with the calorie count as well. I don't do it every week either, I sometimes skip a week or more at a time to balance things out a bit.

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7/13/17 2:44 P

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In the past we had "Home Chef" send us packages to make gourmet meals at home. The problem is that the meals aren't very healthy; high fats & calories. I really like having the shopping and some of the thinking done for me. Is the a comparable service that is healthier? There are a lot of choices out there. I do enjoy cooking!

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