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7/27/17 12:00 P

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There are generally 2 approaches to managing diabetes:
The diet endorsed by the American Diabetes Association. It is low fat and sort of high carb (I fixed this diet for a spouse with Type 2)
Generally if your doc sends you to a nutritionist this is the diet you will be asked to follow.

I am a Type 2 and my own doctor recommended a very low carb diet, such as Dr. Bernstein (a Type 1 diabetic himself) endorses. Amazon has his book and if you poke around, you'll likely find a website.

After 7 years of marriage, I can say that either approach works. Hubby must take medication to maintain good A1C results, he remains obese despite losing 80 pounds once I took over. His primary problem is not the diabetes but the actual amount of calories he consumes. No portion control.

I wanted to try an approach that kept me off medication. For me Bernstein works. I no longer can be measured as a Type 2, although a month of bad eating does show up in my A1C. If I don't watch portions, I pick up 15 pounds rather quickly even if the portions are low carb.

Both approaches work at diabetes management.

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7/27/17 8:46 A

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I have PCOS and am Pre-diabetic. I am in a weight loss clinic that my doctor has once a month. I was given these guidelines to follow.

3 meals a day are a must with two snacks.

30-45 carbs per meal, 15 carbs for the snack. Try not to go over 150. I usually do about 35 for my breakfast and lunch 45ish for dinner.

I'm also watching protein. 60-80 a day (it's better to be over ) 20g of protein per meal and 5 per snacks.

Veggies are free with the exception of, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peas and carrots because they're more starchy. It's working for me. It seems like a very similar diet to the last response. I'm down 30 pounds since January.

However, I would check with your doctor or whomever is helping you manage your diabetes before you make any drastic changes to your diet.

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4/9/17 7:43 A

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Wadmom my diabetes nurse and nutritionist at the va told me try to average 45grams per meal. By doing this since novermber 15th. i have dropped my a1c down to 5.7 and my weight has dropped 48 pounds. I have followed their directions and they let me decide the foods. I do practice portion control and make sure to eat plenty of veggies and limit my fruits to watch the carbs. I am a new diagnosed type 2 diabetic and was told this in early december when they got my blood results back.

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2/22/17 2:40 P

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That is going to depend on many factors and would be best discussed with your doctor and/or a registered dietitian so that they can tailor your nutrition goals to your specific needs. It looks like you are in the diabetes program on SparkPeople, which is a good general guideline for you, but we still recommend discussing those goals with your doctor and/or a registered dietitian.

Have you also taken a look in the Living with Diabetes section?

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2/22/17 1:51 P

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How many carbs should a diabetic eat if they are wanting to loose weight???
I have been advised that a diabetic should stay away from doing a "real" low carb diet. Thanks for added confussion.

Please help give me some advice??? :)

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