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10/15/20 11:12 P

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I am sorry you are having trouble finding the right foods to track. I think one of the great things about SparkPeople is the flexibility we have in allowing members to create their own foods in the database. Unfortunately, that flexibility also means that some foods get entered without accurate portion measurements.

When a food does not have the measurement type you want, you can look for a different entry in the database that is a better match. When you find one you like, be sure to add it to your food favorites so you can find it quickly the next time you eat it. Another option is to manually enter a food into the database so you know it matches what you had. This can be a little more time consuming when you first start; but, I promise tracking will become much faster as you get used to it and as you build up your list of favorites.

Also, about your apple example: If you search for "apples", the first entry is typically the SparkPeople-created entry that is named "Apples, fresh with skin". On that entry, the name states the approximate size that makes it medium, large, etc.

I hope this helps!

~ Merle

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Edward Everett Hale
10/15/20 5:16 P

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Can someone please tell me what I might not be looking in the right place for my original comments above? thanks

10/15/20 2:10 P

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Not sure if I'm liking this site. The portions listed are so vague. I am spending so much time trying to track just one meal. Lots are measured in grams. No option for ounces. Or by servings. What is a serving? Or a medium apple, what the heck is a medium apple compared to a small or large?

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