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7/10/20 5:09 P

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Thanks for asking, CELTICLASSINLA. I've enjoyed reading everyone's replies. This group truly is from all over and it's interesting how things are different depending on your locale.

I'm in Ohio. I was very proud of our state in the beginning of the pandemic. Our Governor really led the way with closing things down, recommending masks, etc. before most of the country followed suit. That really helped us and it stayed pretty good as the opening went slowly; but, once all opened up, way too many people left masks and social distancing behind. So now, we are having a big increase in cases and just this week they started mandating masks in certain counties (including mine) based on some criteria. So many are arguing against masks and I just don't understand why some are so resistant to the masks; it is an easy solution in my mind.

On a personal front, my hubby and I are doing well. We are mostly staying home and definitely limiting all social interactions. I am missing my family and friends and try to stay in touch through phone calls, etc. Now that almost all of our meals are homemade, I've been losing weight and know we are eating healthier. Yay us!

Sorry to hear about your tooth! Is it doing better now?

Take care, everyone! Be well.

~ Merle

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7/10/20 8:57 A

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Hey, Sunny !

an abscessed tooth ? That's no fun.

A few years ago, an elderly aunt of mine had to have 4 teeth pulled. I also had a co-worker who needed an implant. both were on soft foods for a couple weeks.

For my older aunt, she started drinking the protein shakes such as Ensure because of their convenience. If you have a decent blender, make your own green protein smoothies. For soft foods, she and my co-worker, were both eating a lot of soups. broths some days, something like a chicken noodle or chowdah on others.

For soft foods, think mashed potatoes, hummus, ravioli, canned peas/carrots, soups, nut butters, soft pasta (no al dente), protein smoothies... and yes, even a healthy lifestyle can include ice cream, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, sorbet or vegan coconut cream desserts. hard cookies can be dipped into milk. ;)

Not sure how bad the pain is, you might be able to eat the soft white part of a slice of bread with peanut butter/jam, no crust.



Grits ? you mean polenta ? LOL

I think the one possible issue for grits or polenta would be some of the fine grains getting stuck between Sunny's teeth. With an abscess, that could be painful.

But the grits/polenta gave me an idea... oatmeal or even cream of wheat. I miss cream of wheat.

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7/10/20 7:31 A

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I'm in GA...and we bought a house in the midst of all this craziness!!!

We are in the process of moving. Fortunately our old house was paid for, and we were able to come up with a down payment without relying on the sale of our old home. So we are living between 2 houses for a bit.

It's kind of funny to see the difference in how the locals see COVID in each area. Our old house is considered 'metro Atlanta', and a bit more reliant on science. More people wear masks, more are paying attention to social distancing recommendations.

Our new hometown seems to see more politics in the situation. I still wear a mask when I go to stores. My BFF is a dr, and she has made it very clear that wearing a mask is the smart thing to do.

As far a much to do at the new place (painting, fence repair in the dog yard, etc.) and so much to do packing up at the old place. I'm staying VERY busy. And of course we aren't so keen on eating out, so much more cooking at home. Still, I seem to be maintaining when I'd really hope to be losing. Oh well. Not gaining is a win.

So sorry about the teeth issues! Natural helpers - rinsing with warm salt water, and apply clove oil to ease any pain.
Soft foods...if you can handle the cold, have you tried frozen banana 'ice cream'? All you do is peel and freeze bananas. Puree and enjoy! Super creamy. You can add coco powder if you prefer chocolate, or some vanilla extract.
Being born and raised in GA, I love grits. They are BEST when cooked in some milk (replace 1/4 or 1/3 of the called for water with milk). Stir in some super sharp cheddar before serving...YUMMY! Oh, and if you want a bit of protein, add a raw egg about half way through the cooking time, stir in well. This also makes grits kind of fluffy.

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7/10/20 6:14 A

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Hey Sunny!!!

Sorry to hear about your teeth situation. Not all. I can't offer suggestions of food and a malt does sound good. It's been downright here in Minnesota! I am thankful to hear (lol) that Google Meets continues to work for you!

The protests here in the Twin Cities are quiet. The community is rebuilding and I am hoping we are rebuilding business, communities, and seeing everyone equally. I hope things are safe for you.

I actually have a real, live 5k scheduled on July 18!!!!!! I am so excited. They limited the field to 250 participants, which is the max allowed and are starting people in 10 waves of 25 people to help maintain physical distance.

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Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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7/10/20 4:42 A

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Hi Sunny - when I had my impacted wisdom tooth removed a few years ago I took a liking to boiled Swiss Chard (cooked to very tender but still quite green) and poached egg on white bread and butter. The white bread so no seeds were able to caught in the wound. (The Dentist had to cut a hole in my jaw to drag the tooth backward through it to get it out.) I also enjoyed yoghurt, custard, pureed fruit, mashed banana, and mashed potato with cheese in it (for extra protein) and meat gravy.

I can't comment on your Corona Virus lock-down because ours came in very quickly, before any deaths, and immediately the first case of community transmission was identified. The first case was identified on 5th March and we were in level 4 lockdown about 25th March. The lockdown was very strict compared to most countries, but was worth it because it also came off quite quickly, but also gradually for our protection and the protection of the economy. We have a 4-level system. 4 is total lockdown. 3 was some non-essential workers could go back to work so long as social distancing was able to be put in place, and if people lived by themselves (like I do) or had high needs, then they could be included in ONE other family bubble. Mine was my daughter's. We then went to level 2 and that stayed until there had been no new cases at all for about 17 days. Now the only restrictions are for New Zealanders returning home or Essential Workers coming into the country. (The borders are closed to everyone else) They are placed into managed isolation (or quarantine if they have symptoms or test positive) for 2 weeks, and have to be tested 3 days after arrival and 12 days after arrival. If the results are clear, then they can leave after 14 days. So far the only positive cases are those returning, and at the moment there are 23 active cases.

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7/9/20 9:30 P

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Today is Day 115 of Government shutdown, Phase 3 in Massachusetts.

Today is Thursday, 9 July 2020 at 9:29 p.m.

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7/9/20 7:57 P

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And greetings from Portland Or area. emoticon We are out of the continuing violent nightly protests as we actually live on the Washington side of the river. It baffles my mind that such activity is still continuing. Destroying the downtown area and small businesses is NOT about BLM, racial or police injustice. Ditto for the CHOP area up in Seattle which was --FINALLY-- dismantled. I have friends who live within 6 blocks of that.

But enough negatives... We too are retired and keeping up with our exercise activity both walking and biking. This last week we pushed our boundaries considerably: had an outdoor dinner/fireworks watching party with one other couple at their property, and then two days later, the four of us went on a forest hike. Getting to the top was magical...the wildflowers are ALL in bloom. I SO needed that explosion of color!! Our friends are older than I am, and we have all been limiting exposure. Even so, were only in their home to serve plates, then back outside. For the hike we took separate cars to further limit our time in closed spaces. It was a compromise we were all comfortable making. Our original plans had been a weekend camping trip to a private camping property....and we were sitting on the fence until two days before. Just weren't comfortable with that scenario. It didn't make sense to driving 4 hours to sit outside the trailer since we figured the pool was NOT a place we wanted to be.

My weight is up I need to jump on that. Im hoping some of it is swollen muscles from that hike and some biking! Time will tell...and this Journey continues. Take Care all!!

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7/9/20 7:55 P

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In the DC Metro area. Doing pretty good

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7/9/20 5:46 P

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Being retired and a homebody I’ve not been affected much.. grocery shopping about every 3 weeks. Trying to clean pantry and freezer. I do miss my grandchild desperately. Virtual hugs just aren’t as good for the soul as the real thing!

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7/9/20 4:25 P

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Hi Sunny....I'm in Northern New Jersey. We are still fighting COVID-19 but we have a good governor who thinks smart. Folks here follow the rules (for the most part) and I see a heightened sense of cooperation. I live in a condo complex with huge lawns so people can socialize at a safe distance and help each other out. I'm blessed with wonderful neighbors. I recently purchased a NINJA FOODI GRILL and I am trying out all sorts of healthy combos. Best of all, it creates very little mess or heat in the kitchen. I'm also the type who constantly forgets to defrost ahead of this appliance is doubly convenient for me. I am addicted to the news and it's truly disturbing. It is hard to believe this is happening on soooo many levels and in sooo many areas. I am a huge fan of the Lincoln Project.

stay healthy and safe

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7/9/20 3:36 P

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How is everyone doing. Being in LA county throughout this has been interesting. Hubby working from home since 3/16 - oldsters so no kids. Dog keeps us busy.
Groceries once a week - as we work on cleaning out the stand alone freezer.

Shortly after all this started we set up the ramada covering our patio with Christmas lights so it's festive after dark and we now make it a point of having a happy hour every night - usually just seltzer or water (hotter than all get out lately) but a drink on the weekend - something normal to look forward to through this all.

And we continue to have protests, peaceful demonsttations, and violent episodes which means setting an alert on the phone so we know what is going on without being glued to the news.

So far we've managed to maintain our weight(s) and that includes the dog because we are eating healthy - easier to do when it's 90+ - it's just too hot to eat.

Since I found Google Meet in gmail I can also have some face-to-face social time which has been a blessing. 6 feet social distancing and masks makes it impossible to hear with my "eyes" -

I'm on totally soft foods for awhile. Developed an abcessed tooth that could not be treated with drugs - no pain mind you, found on a scheduled appt right before lockdown. Since it was systemic I had to have two teeth extracted so now for at least a week it's "tepid" food and nothing that needs much chewing. Suggestions are welcome because all I really want is a huge malt!

Please check in and let's hear how you, family and friends are doing.


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