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10/8/18 2:21 P

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After surgery. You usually have some swelling and water retention. I had abdominal surgery once and had drains put in. It collected gallons of fluid.

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10/7/18 5:25 P

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I certainly wouldn’t spend time worrying about it. Wait until tomorrow, it will change again.

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10/7/18 3:28 P

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You know you haven't eaten enough calories to account for a 3 pound gain in fat.

What you are experiencing is nothing more than water retention. This is not unusual after having had surgery. Even though the surgery could have been simple, but to your body, it's still a trauma.

When I donate a pint of blood to the Red Cross. I need to double up on my fluids. Even though I "lose" a pint of blood, it doesn't reflect on the scale because I needed to drink extra water/fluid.

Also, are you near your period ? Ever notice your weight does UP during your menstrual cycle ? Is that a fat gain ? Nope, it's nothing more than a temporary shift in your water weight. This is no different.

You just need to give your body time to recover. I'd suggest staying off the scale for a week or two.

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10/7/18 7:41 A

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Talk to your doctor, if you are worried. It’s fluid issues, normal during this time. Get referred to a dietitian if you are nervous. Someone who knows your medical condition, we are just guessing here.

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10/7/18 6:10 A

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It isn't unusual to be off food for a week or two after any sort of surgery.

I would suggest that as much as possible ensure that at least the bulk of what you are eating is good quality and contains a good amount of lean protein to help you heal. I actually found I craved yoghurt and cottage cheese, and the funny thing is, I never liked them prior to the surgery. Now I eat them a lot.

You might find mashed banana with yoghurt helps your appetite. Another food that I found I enjoyed was lightly cooked spinach with a poached egg and buttered bread.

Below is a link that you might find helpful in preparing your foods until you are back to normal:

Where it comes to your weight, I don't compare myself with weight UNLESS the weights are taken on the same scale, but as you identified, some would be fluid. Also consider bowel motions. A lot of people don't pass as much after surgery, especially when given some pain medications, and morphine based ones are one of the worst for that reaction. I never passed ANYTHING for over a week as a result of morphine, yet I was eating tons of fibre. That can make a huge difference to what a person weighs on the scales.

Good luck for a good recovery.

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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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10/7/18 5:15 A

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I have been sick for a couple of weeks and had minor surgery Thursday. In those two weeks I may have 1000 calories a week (maybe). Yesterday I managed to eat 1000 calories all day. I am up 3 pounds from what I weighed in Dr's office.....what? I know some of this could be fluid.

I have always had illness weight loss in the past, I realize this kind of loss is not permanent, Does anyone know why my body is doing this?

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