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8/22/18 1:33 P

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Interesting thoughts and discussion. Thanks.

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8/22/18 11:28 A

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I found this information about excess skin removal on a cosmetic surgery website. It might help answer your questions.

Am I a good candidate for skin removal surgery?
You have reached your goal weight and your weight has remained stable for at least 6 months. Improved body contours from skin removal surgery should last for many years, but significant weight fluctuations after surgery can negatively impact results
You are in good general health. This is for your safety; certain medical conditions can increase risks of surgery.
You have realistic expectations about surgery. Skin removal can dramatically improve your appearance but will not give you a “perfect” body.
You understand that you may have visible scars when wearing certain garments, such as swimsuits.
You are able to take several weeks off to recover.

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8/22/18 6:35 A

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In addition to what's been said, I know a big part of requiring initial weight loss before bariatric surgery is to prove they are willing to do the work of weight loss.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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8/22/18 6:02 A

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Most people don't realize that the human skin is a major organ. It's not like you can just cut away whole pieces of it and it's the same. When you remove excess skin that's a traumatizing event for the body. It can take weeks or even months for the wounds to heal. You may start with a tummy tuck. Let that surgery heal and after 3-4 months, your surgeon may decide to do the boob or back job.

The point is that removing excess skin is major organ surgery. It makes sense that a doctor would have a person wait to lose weight to see how if their own skin pops back on its own.

If a person were to lose 200+ pounds, removing all that excess skin is going to be pretty traumatizing. But you know who you should talk to about this ?

INDYGIRL, she's already lost 200+ pounds. She had the surgery to remove excess skin. She'd be able to explain what happens.

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8/22/18 6:00 A

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Most of weight loss comes down to nutrition. My sister and I were talking today about a program on TV focusing on excessive-weighing people wanting bypass surgery, and their Doctors telling them that they had to lose *x* amount of weight before they will do it, and they had to lose in a certain time-frame. The first thing a lot did was leave the medical centre and go straight to a drive through and order massive amounts of burgers, fries etc. and then EAT it all. When they go to the next appointment their weight is either very similar or increased. A lot of those people have claimed that they 'only cheated once or twice at the most!" One Dr commented that he wasn't stupid. He had been doing this work for 4o-odd years and the reason was because of what they stuffed in their mouths. I mean, they were eating at times up to 10,000 calories PER DAY!!!! THAT is the sort of thing that hinders their weight-loss.

We watched where the obese person was 'demanding' that others run around after them and bring them the foods etc. that they want, and doing their housework etc. when really, a lot were very capable of getting off their butt and doing it (some form of exercise) long before they reached that extreme weight.

I have also seen cases where the person really DOES want the weight-loss (and surgery) however their families are not being supportive, insisting that they eat a particular way .... usually very unhealthy and very calorie dense foods, such as deep-fried meats, heavy cheese sauces, very few fruit/veges, etc. etc.

Having said that, I have friends who have lots tons of weight through surgery, AND kept it off, BECAUSE they paid attention to their appropriate dietary requirements.

One thing that DOES intrigue me tho' is that when a person manages to lose a significant amount of weight prior to surgery, I would think that rather than risk very serious complications (and given that they have already proven that they CAN lose weight) that they would continue on the appropriate diet to continue losing. I mean, it isn't exactly a walk in the park having that surgery, and for it to succeed long term, they need to be committed to life-long changes.


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8/21/18 9:38 P

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I would guess that any medical procedure has risks of infection. Also, wouldn't each procedure require a recovery if you are considering the problem of exercising with loose about not being able to exercise because of the surgery

Sheryl, New Jersey EST, SUMMER 5% Challenge-KITCHEN CHAMPIONS

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8/21/18 8:10 A

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This is just early morning rambling thoughts.
Does anyone watch that show, my 600 lb life??
Here is a question I have wondered about for years, not just about that show, but about weight in general.
Why do doctors insist to wait until someone has lost 50, 100, 150 or more lbs before they do skin removal, tummy tucks, etc??
I understand the reasoning is that if you are obese and you have surgery, once you lose more weight you are going to have more loose skin, however, do you see some of these people with the fat bellies hanging to the knees and the skin between their legs in rolls? How easy is it for them to exercise to the point of making any progress?
I am not sure where this is coming from. I dont take ambien. I am just sitting here with thoughts like these this morning.

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