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8/13/18 5:53 P

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See what local Diabetes Education is available. Almost every county has a program for diabetes education. The resources they give will help you a lot. They will also have good suggestions for cookbooks which are also a real bonus. I use them and have type 2 and my sugar is in the "Normal Healthy" range. I work at it as I don't want the complications that come later in life. Good luck.

Have Fun!

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8/9/18 6:58 A

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A few years ago I had a blood test come back with a high A1C.

I started to take and record my blood sugars upon rising, 1 hour and 2 hours after meals recording what I ate. My doctor found my data extremely helpful. I found my data extremely enlightening.

Certain carbohydrates would cause my blood sugar to soar and remain high for a prolonged period. After cutting out and/or extremely limiting the foods that were responsible for this I was able to lower my A1C without medication.

JERF - Just Eat Real Food

I'm a Non-Practicing Certified Personal Trainer.

I'm not a doctor or dietitian. I'm just a real whole foods nutrition nerd.

I eat mostly vegetables, fats, meats, some fruit and dark chocolate. Unprocessed and preservative free food. And it's changed my life!

Maintaining since 2012
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Lowering my A1C and keeping my blood sugar levels steady eating LCHF.

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8/8/18 2:58 A

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I ditto much of what has been said. Get a referral to a counselor for one thing. Another point not mentioned is to make sure your hands are clean and there is no contamination transferring to test strips or areas you are sticking. Keep educating yourself and improve your lifestyle and you'll soon have a handle on it. A few years ago my a1c numbers were in the teens. After six months with no meds in February of this year, my a1c was 4.9, so it can be done. Just stick with it and hopefully, you don't get to even using medication at all. It will take all of your attention for a short while but becomes just another part of life pretty quickly.


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Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

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8/6/18 10:34 P

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Diabetes is your pancreas not working properly. Extended elevated blood sugar levels are a sign that everything isn't working properly. Just like your weight, your blood sugar will fluctuate throughout the day. Diabetic levels are more swinging out of control than the normal fluctuations.

Most doctors tend to recommend a significantly less DIY approach to blood sugar testing, since having proper scale and charts is what makes the data useful. Is there any chance that you have an appointment in a week or two and this interim period is just collecting data that you can review at that appointment? If you have a near appointment, I would collect the data as requested and wait for the appointment to learn about where you have room for improvement. If you doctor has just shoved you out the door with a stack of papers and a to do list that you don't really understand then it is time to reach out. A diabetes educator and/or registered dietitian would be a great resource for you, and reaching out to your doctor to get more concrete numbers and ranges would be another option.

-google first. ask questions later.

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8/6/18 9:32 P

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Random reading over 200 mg/dl considered diabetes. Your reading was 160 2 hr after meal, and 180 1 hr after meal. I am not give any medical advice, but for me you seems already diabetic with prolonged insulin release. When this condition get deeper, the level of sugar getting higher, and time getting longer before sugar start to drop. My sugar start to drop 5 hr after meal.
Usually ND will Rx Metformin as add-on to life style modifications. Also if sugar getting higher, then SU would be on box, Glipizide, for exm. This med. kill Beta cells which secret insulin. I do not recommend it. Insulin is much much better. It will let you seedy recovery.
Also I do not take Metformin. It is badly effect my liver. It is pretty poison medicine. This med developed to work out on healthy liver and prevent liver to release glucagon. In addition to that Metformin create some plags in blood vessels. This is why diabetics usually do have high cholesterol. Stop to take Metformin and cholesterol return back to normal.
Finally, I suggest to have log book and put in it all blood sugar readings, all medicine you take, all med visits you do have, and so so on. It is very helpful to take a look back and see what medicine worked, which did not, and how did you feel. Short story, not too much, but every day.
good luck.

7/30/18 1:22 P

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I would recommend talking with your doctor and even asking for a referral to a registered dietitian that specializes in diabetes so they can help you better understand all of that, as well as help you make any nutrition plan tips accordingly. Aside from that, we do have this article that you may find helpful, which also includes a phone number and link to the American Diabetes Association that may also help you:

Coach Denise

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7/30/18 10:52 A

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Keep it up. You’ll figure it out.

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7/29/18 9:27 P

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I am diabetic. Constantly monitoring my glucose daily. Happy that pre-breakfast was 105 today.

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7/29/18 8:12 P

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if you are pre-diabetic then following a healthy diet recommended for a person who needs to watch their blood sugar is a good start. BE PROACTIVE.
here is a link to the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION that might give you some insight into fluctuations.

be smart and start eating healthy right now. there are plenty of websites that will give you plenty of legitimate info.

Sheryl, New Jersey EST, SUMMER 5% Challenge-KITCHEN CHAMPIONS

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7/29/18 7:06 P

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Hoping some people who are familiar with blood sugar and diabetes can help me understand.

My doctor said I am prediabetic and that I need to make some changes and recommended that I check and log my blood sugar at home after 3 tests of 98, 120, and 111 and a A1C of 5.5 (which she said was ok but kind of high). So I bought the Contour NEXT Diabetes Testing Kit. Seemed to have good reviews.

So after I got it I immediately decided to try it out. I did the control which was correct. So I checked my blood and got a 160 something. I realized pretty quickly I had just ate lunch right before it came and I ate 2 hotdogs and a lot of pretzels for lunch. (not healthy I know). So I decided to wait 2 hours and after 2 hours it went up to 180. Not sure how that is possible that it went up after 2 hours. Everything I read says it should go down after 2 hours. So I waited another hour and it read 160. Still not good but heading in the right direction. Now I am about to eat dinner so I decide to check before dinner (been about 5-1/2-6 hours) and it was 78. Did another check and it was 75. Dropped like 100 points. That makes no sense to me.

Can anyone shed any light as to why it was so high for so long and then such a sudden drop?

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