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7/20/18 7:30 P

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I see no problem in using such bed even if you're overweighted. Bed is a bed after all and all of them are made enough firm and in many types so choosing a good one with your weight now isn't a problem at all emoticon Besides as you can see from other guys' experience here, waterbeds as other bed types can be comfortable or bad depending on many things and your weight isn't a necessary one among them at all. Personally from my own experience I agree with that.
Also on many serious health and sleeping resources waterbeds are considered as good ones for the overweighted people too
, in their case thickness isn’t as important as how strong the bed’s build should be. So your main thing while choosing the one will be its construction quality but I should mention that such bed will be a rather expensive thing...
I also recommend you to make a test drive before buying the one, will you feel yourself really comfortable with this type? Sleeping on the waterbed is rather specific and such beds have enough cons too, like for example low general support, high risk for leaks, small choice for sheets which will fit it and so on

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7/19/18 10:25 A

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I love mine and I'm overweight. We have had ours since 1982.

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7/18/18 10:12 A

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7/17/18 6:01 P

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I tried one back in the day and didn't like it.

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7/17/18 8:56 A

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I slept on a waterbed for over 20 years, was morbidly obese for most of that time, and LOVED that bed!

The things to keep in mind if you are considering it are:

- whether you want an open (one big bag) or baffled mattress (individual pockets so that you don't get as much movement)
- whether you enjoy a warm bed (you have to keep it at least at body temperature or it can cause hypothermia --- and it can be hard to get in to a heated bed when it is really hot out)
- whether you are in a rental or owned property (the vast majority of rental properties do not allow waterbeds --- and you should check with your insurance provider to see if there are any issues with your home insurance coverage even if you own your property)
- what your tap water is like, since water with higher mineral content requires adding "conditioner" to the bed more often (it really isn't a big deal - takes no more than a couple of minutes, but it is getting more and more difficult to find the supplies locally)
- if you have an alternative bed / sleeping spot available if you were to be injured or have a surgery (getting in and out of a waterbed is something you quickly get used to when you are well --- but is pretty much impossible if you have any kind of injury)

I finally gave up my waterbed when I moved and changed jobs. The new house had the bedroom on the upper floor, so I would have needed a structural engineer to approve the weight rating of the floor beams in order for my insurance provider to insure my home. My new job required me to travel a lot, so I would have had to arrange for someone to check on the house at least once per day while I was away (also for insurance purposes). Those two conditions made me decide that it was time to change beds, but I can tell you that it took me a looong time to find a bed that was almost as comfortable!

Even though I adored my waterbed, the issues with insurance providers and the difficulties of using the bed when sick or injured now make me recommend against them. I would suggest that you look instead at sleep number beds and see if you can find one of those that feels great and that you can get in and out of easily.

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7/16/18 6:01 A

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My aunt and uncle had a water bed. I tried it once. As others noted, it was tough to get out of once I was in. I'm sure if you use it long enough, you'll learn the tricks to get in and out.

But personally, I found the water bed really uncomfortable. Do you have any back issues ? If so, a water bed may not be the best choice. There are plenty of good mattresses you could buy. Have you checked your local mattress store ? Why not try out a few mattresses in the store.

Buying a new bed/mattress is an investment when you consider the cost and that a bed should last you at least 10+ years.

Someone else you have to consider is maintenance. How much do you need to spend in order to take care of the water bed ? First you have to buy it. then you have to maintain it. And what happens if you do spring a leak ? If you're in a rental apartment, if your bed causes water damage, you are liable for those costs.

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7/15/18 2:43 P

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Me personally, would never buy a waterbed. I need something solid to lay on and get up from when I get up in the morning.

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7/15/18 1:50 P

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I never liked waterbeds (very uncomfortable and tough to get out of), and I thought they went out in the 80s!
Try one for several days before you buy one.

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7/15/18 1:35 P

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You might want to read article from the Huffington Post

Top Ten Problems With Waterbeds

Plus just remember...extra weight means extra wear on the waterbed, increasing the chances of problems sooner than normal.

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7/15/18 7:43 A

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I wasn't aware that they even still made waterbeds???? Size shouldn't matter when it comes to a bed but I know the maintenance on them is high and if you rent your home or apartment, a lot of property managers and landlords don't allow waterbeds.

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7/14/18 7:48 P

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I need to buy a new bed, want to try a water one for this time, I really like the idea for them. But the problem is that I'm still very overweighted and I'm not sure that it's the best choice in my case. What do you think? Anyone tried them? Thanks!

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