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7/8/18 4:38 P

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I would take the request from your mother and her friends as a compliment.

Obviously, they feel that you are better able to handle they're online requests then their own adult children. They wouldn't ask you to do it if they didn't think you could do it. So, if you're doing the ordering, it means your mother thinks you're the best person to do this task.

They know that you're computer literate. They know you're organized. They know you will get the job done correctly. They know that you can handle complicated customer service negotiations.

You should be thrilled so many people trust you to order these things for them.

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7/7/18 8:41 P

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Don't let them guilt you into doing it! They need to do this for themselves.

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7/7/18 8:26 P

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You are an adult....just say no to anyone other than your mom. Period.

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7/7/18 7:08 A

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It is items they NEED or just things they want? Let them know how much time it is taking when you have to resolve a shipping error. Are you ordering from multiple companies? If so, don't order from the ones who are making mistakes with the orders. Perhaps you can limit how many times you will order for them. Say, once per month? I agree with SLIMMERKIWI who said order only for your parents and not their friends. Let the friends children take care of them.
I hope this helps and I'll say a prayer for you.

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7/7/18 5:39 A

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Maybe tell your Mum that you will order on-line for her and your father, but not for her friends. After all, your Mum puts herself out for you to get you to your Dialysis very early in the morning. It is a case of "tit for tat"

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7/7/18 3:18 A

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I am really stressed out with this situation. My Mom keeps asking me to buy stuff online for her using my bank account. She pays me back in cash but it's still a hassle.

Not only that, she keeps advertising to her friends so I end up having to order many items. It would be ok if everything goes smoothly but the courier service and the online company keeps messing up our orders, like missing items.

I am really stressed out having to call the online company multiple times to rectify our orders. The customer service reps will keep asking for my contact details but will make me repeat stuff for up to 5 times! So incompetent!

What I don't understand is, why am the one saddled with this job? My Mom's friends also has adult children who can easily do this! Why am I the only one burdened with this? I'm busy too, can't we take turns. Why must I always be the one to do all this stuff?

Right now both my parents are angry with me because I have said I won't do it anymore. Maybe I was grouchy when I told them. But don't I have free will. If I don't want to do it, it should be my choice. As it is, I feel I'm being forced to do this, my parents won't give me any choice in this matter!

I have ordered online for them many times! Enough is enough! They should learn to do it themselves or get their adult children to help them! Why am I the only one who has to do everything!?

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