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6/1/18 7:30 A

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I enjoy coffee

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6/1/18 6:17 A

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I guess I don't quite understand what you are saying? As a general rule, most edible things can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Coffee is definitely one of those things in my book and I enjoy a couple of cups daily with no adverse affects.If anything, it helps me get in sufficient amounts of healthy fats because I enjoy a couple of tablespoons of half and half in my cup. Delicious!

If I treat my self to a Starbucks beverage, I'll get a tall non-fat vanilla latte or an iced grande non-fat caramel macchiato, both of which ring in at around 200 calories, maybe even a bit less. As a delicious treat once in awhile, I can live with that!

When does coffee consumption become a problem for your health and pocketbook in my opinion? When you are going to Starbucks and Caribou or your local coffee shop multiple times a day and getting Venti or extra large calorie laden drinks.

I used to work at a Caribou with a drive through and we had a couple of larger regulars who came through the drive up window, ordered the 24 ounce caramel coolers (690 calories), and 2 of our chicken apple sausage breakfast sandwiches (440 calories each). So, you do that twice a day and that's 2260 calories and you didn't even get out of the car to move a bit walking into the store. It really made me sad.

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5/31/18 7:35 A

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I read this article that describes benefits and cons of drinking coffee. The key was to drink it only in moderation. I found it so interesting because before I got back on Spark I tried giving up coffee and this far haven’t had any for 2 weeks

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