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URBANREDNEK Posts: 3,902
5/14/18 10:50 P

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My best advice is to KNOW YOURSELF, and tailor everything to suit your own personal preferences and schedules and metabolism and health considerations - and always be prepared to tweak things as your body / age / needs change.

So - you've been at this for a while, and have accumulated a pretty substantial set of baseline data. If you do some reviewing of that data, you should be able to come up with a solid idea of just what choices you most enjoy - both for activities and foods - since those are the choices that have become the base for your healthier normal! If you dig a bit deeper, you should be able to figure out what types of foods are most satiating for you, what types are least satisfying, what your flavour / schedule preferences are (eg: savoury in the morning and for lunch, sweet for mid-afternoon and evening snacks), and what type of overall eating approach leaves you feeling the best (one or three meals per day, occasional fasting, or 5-6 mini-meals per day).

Once you've got your own preferences figured out, then I strongly recommend getting in for an accurate metabolism assessment (check out the Bod Pod site to see if there is one near you - or ask at a local gym or University), along with an assessment of body fat vs lean muscle percentages. This information will tell you what YOUR body needs in order to be more healthy - and it could be that you need to increase calories and focus on seriously increasing lean muscle, or it could be that you need to decrease calories below where you have been in order to lose fat. The main thing is to analyze the information in order to decide what is the healthiest approach (and accept that having the number on the scale stay the same might be the best option - along with increasing strength training to change the fat vs muscle percentage, which will definitely make your body smaller and healthier).

Once you've analyzed the data, then you can choose your best approach.

For me, it was changing my diet to being high fibre (35-45g per day), 8-12 servings of vegetables and fruits (80g servings), at least 100-110g of protein, and 27-35% fat --- and eating 5-7 times per day (balanced macros each time). I get in at least 350 minutes of exercise each week and focus on increasing / maintaining lean muscle mass, as well as functional fitness. I did gradually decrease sugars, but still enjoy ice cream frequently, along with many homemade baked goods that are either savoury or are sweetened only with fruits. I never dropped below my current maintenance calorie range, and still gradually lost just over 100 lbs (and have maintained for over 4 years). My focus has always been developing a healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle, so periods of no weight loss never really bothered me. Due to medical conditions, I have done elimination diets (FODMAP) and found that I'm fine with grains, gluten, fruits, and most vegetables --- but have issues with my favourite veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, all leafy greens such as lettuce or kale or spinach), as well as problems with going too high in fat consumption. That doesn't stop me from incorporating some great vegetarian recipes - and some great keto / low-carb recipes - and just plain having fun with including different foods and approaches.

I hope you get a chance to get the metabolism / body fat measurements, and so can make a plan based on the facts of your own body (and not just guesses and experiments based on statistical calculators).

Keep taking care of yourself - whatever the scale says, you know that you are still doing what is needed for your overall health!

Sir Terry Pratchett:

"Science is not about building a body of known 'facts'. It is a method for asking awkward questions and subjecting them to a reality-check, thus avoiding the human tendency to believe whatever makes us feel good."

Starting weight: 258 lbs
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5/14/18 4:23 P

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When I was in my 50's I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Learning to control my carb intake to a more reasonable level, learning to fill in with protein and veggies and watching my calories is the only "diet" I have ever been on. Nothing in the "fad's category....

Long story short: that change helped me drop about 25lbs... and I havent' gained it back in ten years. Two years ago, my current doctor recommended I work on losing the remaining 15lbs, so that arthritis doesn't become more of an issue. While I'm following the same "plan", its going slower. 5 off for certain...and the other 5-10 kind of bounce around. But at least I am NOT doing the old lady gain scenario, nor has my pre-diabetes ever converted to Type 2 diabetes!!

Health issues are a real motivator! All the best,

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
Gandalf: Lord of the Rings

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SOFT_VAL67's Photo SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 3,119
5/14/18 1:51 P

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What plan "diet", cringe....has worked best for you?
I know we all go thru phases where we try these fads, and we finally get wise and find something that actually works.
So, share your plan.
Did you do something radical, did you try a "diet" that actually worked or did you just start a whole new lifestyle?
I am stuck in a rut, I have tried different plans lately and am having trouble finding something to get myself back into weight LOSS mode.
I am going to just keep eating healthy and exercising for my health, but nothing is bringing the pounds off.
Help me by sharing your best plan, advice, info, etc.

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