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5/25/18 2:57 A

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Well, there are plenty of options out there, some of them are better and some are worse. Personally I decided to invest into cloud mining back in the days. All it took me is to get a contract and some hashflare coupons for it and that's pretty much it. Only a small fee and a decent strategy made me some good profit, so I think it's a good investment if you know your strategy.

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4/15/18 10:21 A

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The key to me eating healthy is eating mindfully. This means reading labels, making balanced choices, and most importantly, listening to my body's hunger cues.

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4/13/18 2:29 A

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That depends on for what purposes you want to make investments... They can be short and long term and there are many ways for both types. For the short ones the best are considered savings accounts, money market accounts, municipal and corporate bonds, lending clubs and so on. In case of the long ones bank deposits are a very good idea because in their case you can start to invest your money from very young age and after many years you'll have a very good profit, it's a popular practice for many successful businessmen too. Also exchange-traded funds, retirement accounts, paying bonds and mutual funds are good ones too. There can be more exotic and effective investments like in case of gold, cryptocurrencies etc.
. Cryptocurrencies became very popular now but for long-term investments only mining is really good, classic or cloud one . Building investments are always profitable too.

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4/13/18 1:43 A

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Are you kidding?

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4/12/18 10:55 P

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If it looks too good to be true, leave it alone. Those sorts of investments come at a very high risk.


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4/12/18 4:54 P

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What exactly are you looking for.... stock tips?

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4/12/18 4:01 P

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Share with your experience please, especially the successful one :)

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