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4/12/18 7:52 A

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Follow Spark People meal plan

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4/12/18 7:02 A

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You are normal! Try seeing a dietitian, it helps to talk face to face with a person who helps you chose foods that you actually enjoy, but that will satisfy you more than what’s on the latest FAD diet. If you aren’t satisfied, you will not stick to any plan. Period!

SHOAPIE's Photo SHOAPIE Posts: 24,817
4/11/18 1:56 P

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All things in moderation. Never eat directly from the container. Always portion it out!

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4/11/18 1:46 P

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I have done diets where certain foods were off limits. I don't stick to them very long.

You have heard the term, forbidden fruit. I think excluding certain foods. Makes them even more desirable. (Of course this all goes out the window. If you are allergic to said foods)

That is why tracking is such a good idea. That way you can incorporate the forbidden foods into your diet. In a manner that is healthful and mindful manner.

I am sort of in the same boat as you. March and April have been hateful cold. Which makes me eat, eat and eat. So I am kind of starting all over, too. Trying to learn not to eat my feelings.

Good luck on your journey

NIRERIN Posts: 14,436
4/10/18 8:53 P

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"I get so excited to see the food I never get to eat because I'm trying to eat healthy or its the or its just that once a year kind of food that I cant seem to resist"
This is your biggest red flag.
It says that you don't like what you're eating day to day, which makes it that much harder to keep up with in the long term.Sometimes it's a little better to be a little more lax and be able to sustain what you are doing for a longer period of time. It can really help with the on again, off again yo-yo.
Not tracking the foods that you like, pain though it may be, also means that you have no idea how to incorporate them into a healthy diet when you encounter them. Tracking doesn't mean you have to track forever, but it can teach you valuable things, like lower calorie meals that you like that are filling and help balance out higher calorie days. It also teaches you what your higher calorie days actually look like and help you learn what foods you'll always need to pay a little more attention to and what foods you can eyeball without much difference. Remember that the idea behind tracking isn't to beat yourself up over your choices, the idea behind tracking is that it helps you identify the easiest changes that you can make for the greatest calorie impact. In other words, least effort and most result. It's really hard to happen upon what works best for you without actually figuring out what you do first.
The other thing to ask yourself with tracking is if you dislike it so much because it makes you confront where what you think you're doing and what you're doing aren't actually meeting. In other words, you think that you're making a lot of great choices that balance out until you see them all tracked out and they are not balancing out where you thought they were. It's not a pleasant realization, but it's a lot easier to get where you're going once you establish where you are starting from. If you hate it because of the extra effort or you hate it because of the knowledge that you would kind of rather avoid makes a big difference. The idea isn't that most people track forever, the idea is to get to know what you eat and how it fits in your ranges.
May I also suggest making those "once a year" foods once a quarter instead as a way to make them more accessible and you less like Cookie Monster around cookies when you are around them. Also, if you really love the green bean casserole that you have at Thanksgiving that much, have it more often during the year. Pair it with stuffed peppers or roasted vegetables and your protein. Again, the more you can teach yourself how to work with those foods, the easier it will become to deal with them. Avoiding things entirely works as long as you can avoid them entirely, but it doesn't yield great results if you're not avoiding them entirely. So if you can't avoid, learn how to incorporate. Have the fried shrimp, but with the steamed vegetables. Have the burger and bun, but with the vinegar based coleslaw. If you have nachos, have beans and salsa and tomatoes and lettuce and sour cream and avocado and make it a meal with substance rather than a high calorie, not filling snack. Want corn on the cob? Have it with asparagus and the roasted protein of your choice. Macaroni salad? Option one would be to alter the recipe a little to incorporate more vegetables or a more vinegar based dressing. Option two would be to have it with collards and your protein. I might be a little weird, but I really like adding steamed broccoli and/or cauliflower and chopped up hard boiled eggs to my potato salad, making it a little of a cross between potato and egg salad. How would you feel about potato salad stuffed in a tomato? South Beach has a tasty crab salad stuffed in a tomato as an alternate. If you have to keep your potato salad pure, what about having it with a vinegar based vegetable dish like three bean salad or coleslaw? Know the calories in your bbq and know if you need to go lighter and vinegar based on the sides or if the bbq is more of a rub and you can go for slightly more calorie dense sides. Think of watermelon as a dessert (it's very good with a touch of balsamic glaze or feta) or having a caprese salad (basil, tomato and mozzarella) or a green salad. Try using citrus in your salad as a way to get more produce in and wet the salad so that you can reduce the amount of dressing that you need. Look for pork recipes that include apple or fennel as a way to get the taste while balancing out calories. You just have to slowly sort out what works best for you in each situation. And the other thing to remember is that what you choose isn't set in stone. You might be able to find a lighter bbq with mac salad and corn on the cob variation that you can work in everyday, but still have the regular stuff as you encounter it out, all the while balancing out the other meals in your day to accommodate the slightly higher "real" bbq meal.

-google first. ask questions later.

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4/10/18 3:06 P

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logging your food is really makes you accountable.
I suffer from food amnesia. 2 hours after a meal, I forget half the stuff.
You don't have to be scientific about it, but what you eat and how much you eat, lets you see if your strategy is working.

Work on making veggies the bulk of your food choices. Veggies are far less in calories that most starches, and they give you a lot of nutrition. Often time 4 cups of veggies are less than 200 calories. You won't go hungry.

Exercise is movement...whether you like to walk, dance, weight train, do all adds up. And it doesn't have to be all at once. There is even a 10 MINUTE challenge in the Challenge teams selection. And you can enjoy seasonal celebrations without being deprived. Just be moderate and limit your portions.

Best of Luck emoticon

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4/10/18 1:56 P

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This is my ba-jillionth time trying to eat better and exercise. I've come to the conclusion i'm not a high intensity exerciser. I like walking at a brisk pace for about an hour 3-4 times a week. I also hate logging my food. I'm down with eating a smaller portion size and going for the veggies instead of the chips. However I do run into trouble at family parties and restaurants. I get so excited to see the food I never get to eat because I'm trying to eat healthy or its the or its just that once a year kind of food that I cant seem to resist (corn on the cob, mac salad, potato salad, bbq, etc). I want to take a simple, mindful approach to eating and exercise without losing control. Any suggestions???

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