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3/14/18 8:05 A

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I was well into my 50's when I started this lifestyle change, and used to cooking where I didn't usually measure ingredients unless I was baking. Yes, it seems like a time-consuming hassle to weigh/ measure all the ingredients and then enter it all into Groupings or the Recipe Calculator. On the other hand-- not having an accurate idea of how many calories I was consuming, was part of the reason I was fat. If I didn't want to be fat any more, I needed to know how much I was eating.

So I'd have to agree with previous suggestions on this one-- a digital scale is fabulous, and you get used to weighing/ measuring.

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3/13/18 4:23 A

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I weigh each ingredient individually for increased accuracy ... some of my meal could have a dozen ingredients in it. I bulk cook so I divide into equal-sized portions, divide the individual food items by the number of portions and enter than into the Nutrition Tracker, then I put that into 'Groupings'. When I want to use it again, I just go to groupings and it is already done. Pretty much the same as using the 'recipe' function.

If I am eating out, I pretty much have to estimate what is in there.


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3/13/18 12:45 A

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3/12/18 1:56 P

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You mentioned "meals or dishes where ingredients aren't specifically measured" --- which will make tracking them even semi-accurately almost impossible.

I highly recommend investing in a good digital kitchen scale, preferably one that measures down to 1g increments, has a tare feature, and goes up to 10kg or more. When putting together your dish, put the pot on the scale, zero it out (tare) and then toss in ingredient #1 and jot down the weight. Tare again in between each ingredient, and keep notes. At the end, you have accurate measure of your ingredients, with no extra measuring cups / spoons to wash and no extra futzing around. For dishes that have ingredients going in at different times, I just keep a bowl on the scale to weigh things before I toss them in.

If you have some BASE recipes that you use a lot, but which will have the amount of each ingredient changing each time (a stew recipe, for instance, where the sauce is the same but the amounts of carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, etc. will vary depending on what you have on hand), then I suggest saving the recipe under the tab as "BASE WHATEVER IT IS". Then, when you go to make it again, you can use the "Recipe Modification" button to pull up the full ingredients list, change the quantities to suit your version-of-the-day, and then save it as "TODAY'S DATE WHATEVER IT IS". This way you always have the BASE list to refer back to, while still having an accurate count to track on the current version.

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3/12/18 12:09 P

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Thanks for the information.

3/12/18 11:42 A

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If you click on Recipes at the top of the page and go to SparkRecipes, There is a recipe calculator there. Once you input the ingredients, there's an button to click to add it to your tracker.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/12/18 11:15 A

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You can use the GROUPINGS feature if it's something that you make on a regular basis.

You can also plug the ingredients in the RECIPE tracker - I think you have an option to share the recipe.

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3/12/18 10:23 A

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Hello. I am curious as to how people track their food/nutrition/calories when they cook themselves? On simple meals it seems easy enough to simply enter ingredients but how about complex meals that use a dozen ingredients, or meals/dishes that ingredients aren't specifically measured.

I have been doing salads, soups, and an occasional casserole or something and using all fresh ingredients and trying to get good estimates on calories, fat, and sodium specifically.

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