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2/28/18 10:16 P

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Yeah I know. As stated in my post, I have a doctor. I have numerous doctors. Im not asking for medical advice, I'm asking if anyone has had this issue with RT3 and high leptin and how long it took to reverse it.
I eat AIP and labs are completely green so I don't think I need a dietician at this time.

I'll keep waiting ...maybe someone else has had this issue.

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2/28/18 7:43 P

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This is a medical condition. Please speak with your doctor as no one here can provide medical advice. A referral to a Registered Dietitian may also be helpful.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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2/27/18 11:15 A

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Hi guys- was wondering if anyone had experience in turning around elevated RT3 and leptin resistance? How long it took basically to see improvement. Im 42, fairly healthy, just did a 10 page battery of fasting labs and was already suspecting something was up a couple months back but couldn't pin point it. Lots of research brought me to the conclusion that my doc had me on too much armour as my T4 was always at the top/over the range which would have caused my RT3 to run high and T3 to pool, bringing back hypothyroid symptoms. Saliva cortisol showed elevated cortisol but that could be from too much armour. I stopped armour and had my doc put me on straight T3, 45 mgs a day and just got my labs, leptin should be under 10, its 35. My iron is normal and im on adrenal supplements, omega 3s, multivitamins, progesterone. My labs showed inflammation is in check. I eat gluten and dairy free, soy free, corn free, no alcohol or even caffeine. I do high intensity workouts w/ weights 2 days a week and walk 3 miles the other days. I don't eat junk, drink sodas, I cant even eat fast food as I have autoimmune issues. I see that too much armour can cause the high RT3 and the high RT3 can cause leptin to get wonky and run high, making weight loss impossible. Does anyone know how long this takes to reverse, with clean eating, exercise and straight T3 supplementation? I know high RT3 can take 6-8 weeks to clear out but will it be that long before the hypo symptoms start easing up?

Thanks for any help!

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