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10/14/17 12:33 A

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First you go to your start menu.
Next is food, fitness & weight
Below that is edit goals.
Then you click on weight goal & set how much you want to lose by what date or you can set how much you want to lose per. week & it will show you the date. There are 2 ways to do it.
With the Spark People calories I have it set not to change with exercise so it is the same & I can then plan to keep on file a 7 day menu. Spark people allows you to plan 14 days ahead. By adding a couple days to it every day I can have a menu plan for when I shop.

I have pleurisy, 3 types of anemia from Iron,folic acid,other vitamins not working,chronic pneumonia,chronic kidney disease and low blood pressure & blood clots in both lungs for 3 years..I am 55 years old. I had 6 operations recently. I had cervical cancer 6 years ago, no signs last 3 years as well.

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10/13/17 9:03 P

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That's how I get to a semi-plateau when I want to. If I want to stay near my current weight, losing only a tiny bit over a period of time, I just change my goal to a year from now with only a five-pound loss and it gets me the most calories I can eat without gaining and does it pretty accurately. When I want to start losing again, I just increase what I want to lose and shorten the time frame.


Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

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10/13/17 11:01 A

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When you set up your program you put in your weight loss goal. Your calorie range is based on your target date for when you want to reach that goal, whether it was 1 lb/wk, 2 lb/wk or something else.

Coach Jen

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10/13/17 10:56 A

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I am confused about the calculated "daily calories". How does it know how much I want to lose per week? I can't seem to find the setting to indicate if I want to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week. Is the daily caloric recommendation automatically set to a range for a 1 to 2 pounds loss of weight?

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