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8/25/17 10:25 P

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Apart from the Thyroid issue, I would strongly suggest asking for a Sleep Study to be done. I can tell you from personal experience that IF you need a CPAP machine (as in Obstructive Sleep Apnea), the CPAP machine can do wonders for tiredness.

I never new I had this problem. I never new I snored. My late husband said I only very faintly snored, but he died a few years ago so had no-one else to tell me otherwise, UNTIL my daughter and her family came to live with me. They said it was atrocious. My daughter evidently stood over me for about 1/4 hr watching me struggle to breathe. She was virtually in tears when she was pleading with me to see a Dr. Long story short, I was stopping breathing 60 times PER HOUR in my sleep and so I was never EVER in the deep sleep range, and my sleeping oxygen levels were dangerously low. It was no wonder I was tired all the time with no energy. Now I don't have that problem. I am not overweight, but it is very common with overweight people. Don't let the Dr's JUST put it down to your Thyroid without checking other options too.

There can be serious consequences to a person's health if they have this and nothing is done about it, so it really pays to get it checked.


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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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8/21/17 11:24 P

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I think that the best thing to do when you have an overwhelming list of wants is to break down that list into manageable pieces and focus on doing a few of them a day. So you're not a place where you're going to be working out for two hours a day. That's fine. Maybe you can start by focusing on doing three squats and three wall push ups a day. Whatever small, easily manageable thing works as a first step. One of the best life tips that I have ever been given is to set aside a few minutes at the end of each day to figure out what three things I want to accomplish the next day. Focusing intently on those three things makes it a lot easier to get them done rather than being pulled in twenty different directions figuring out what I should do. It often means I can manage a little more than I planned. But the key is being realistic with where you are the resources you have. Again, two hour dream workouts aren't on the table right now, so figure out what small thing that you can do and plan to do it. Keep in mind that this focus on a few small things goal isn't like that pushup challenge where you do five pushups on day one and ten on day two and fifteen on day three and so on. When you focus on doing three squats a day, you do three squats a day and after a few weeks or a few months you might add in another one, depending on your abilities and where you are. Set a few small, achievable goals and work on them.

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8/21/17 6:04 A

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Unfortunately, this is a medical condition. Speaking with your doctor is the best bet. You may check with the endocrinologist's office to see if you can get waitlisted to get in sooner. Any advice provided here may be incorrect due to your medical history.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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8/21/17 1:44 A

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Get an appt with an endo sooner than Oct, find another, you should not be struggling alone for so long, that is ridiculous!

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8/20/17 10:20 P

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Hello! I can't imagine that I'm going to bring much to the convo's that have been happening, but I was diagnosed with Hypo/Hash's just 3 months ago, 36yo. Started on Synthroid 100mcg and I don't notice much of a change although my numbers have improved considerably. I wish I wasn't so tired all the time, and this weight gain thing is really bummin' me out, and the brittle thinning hair / dry skin is the pits. I have my first appt with an Endo in October so I'm hoping for more answers when I meet with him but this whole diagnosis has really got me down. I have zero energy to do anything but I constantly daydream about working out and looking better. Any advise or words of encouragement welcomed. TYIA :-)

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