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Why Join a SparkTeam?

SparkTeams are groups that are started by other members who share common interests or goals. For instance, there are Teams for vegetarians, single parents, and those trying to lose the last 10 pounds. Teams, which each have their own message board forum, are a place to talk about those common interests and share tips with your fellow members. Most members say that the friendships they create via their SparkTeams are the most powerful relationships they build on the site, probably because Teams are usually more intimate than the message boards at large, and you already have things in common with the people who are in your Teams.

Members who are active on SparkTeams, meaning they post there and visit the Team page regularly to check in, tend to lose more weight than those who are not active in these areas. You'll find other members just like you who can share in the ups and downs that come with establishing a healthy lifestyle. We encourage you to take advantage of all of the resources the site has to offer. You'll find support and meet lots of great peopleā€"no matter where you post!

You'll find a link to all of our SparkTeams under the "Community" tab at the top of the site. There, you can browse, search and explore some new Teams to join!
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