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Create Food Groupings for Easier Tracking

Do you eat the same set of foods for breakfast each day, such as cereal, milk and a banana? Then you can "group" these foods together so that you can add them to your Food Tracker more easily. Here's how.

1. Click the "myNutrition" tab at the top of your Start page (under the "My Trackers" tab) to go to your Food Tracker.

2. Click the "Add a Food" button.

3. Click on the "Food Groupings" tab at the top.

4. Click "Create New Food Grouping."

5. Click "Add Food" to choose your first item in the Food Grouping.

6. Search for the food you want and choose the closest match, along with serving size.

7. Click "Add Food" to add it to your new grouping.

8. Do this for every food in your grouping.

9. When your Food Grouping is complete, click "Finished," then click "Next."

10. Name your Food Grouping so you can easily find it later and click "Save Food Grouping."

Next time you want to add this Food Grouping to your Tracker, simply open the "Add a Food" window. At the very top, select the tab that says "Food Groupings" to select the grouping to add to your tracker, just like you would any other food. It's that simple!
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