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Using SparkPeople's QuickTrack

QuickTrack is perfect for people who want to track basic nutrition and fitness goals without spending a lot of time tracking details. Therefore, we recommend that members use either the QuickTrack tools or the full Nutrition and Fitness Trackers. Some members may decide to use QuickTrack if they feel like they no longer need the in-depth functionality of the Nutrition and Fitness Trackers. Other members may decide to only use QuickTrack from the start. (You can always easily "Show" or "Hide" QuickTrack, based on your preferences, by clicking on the appropriate button on the upper right side of the QuickTrack heading.)

QuickTrack is a SparkPeople tool that lets you track three things each day:

1. How many servings of fruits and vegetable you eat

2. How many cups of water you drink

3. How many minutes you exercise

You can also add (create) any custom goal of your choice to your QuickTracker.

If you choose to utilize both the QuickTrack and the more detailed Nutrition and Fitness Trackers, please note that these two features do not affect or communicate with one another. For example, if you add an apple to your Nutrition Tracker or cardio to your Fitness Tracker, your QuickTrack will not reflect these changes (and vice versa).

Members will earn SparkPoints each day no matter which tracking tools they useâ€"up to five points for tracking food, up to 24 points for tracking exercise minutes, and up to five points daily for drinking water.

You can find QuickTrack in the "My Trackers" column on your Start Page. Click the "Show" button next to the QuickTrack heading to expand the feature. Once it's visible, it will also show up at the top of your Nutrition Tracker and Fitness Tracker pages. (Please note that if you opt to "Hide" QuickTrack on your Start page, it will NOT show up on these other tracking pages.)
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