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Calories In Versus Calories Out

Your "Reports" page (found under the "My Tools" tab at the top of the site) contains a variety of helpful charts and reports that showcase the goals you've tracked. One of the most popular reports on this page is called the Calorie Differential. You can select to view your Calorie Differential Over Time (choose to see what you ate and burned over several days, weeks or months) or your Daily Calorie Differential (calories eaten versus calories burned for a single day) from your main Reports page.

Please note that we provide these Calorie Differential reports because members like you requested it. Many members find it helpful to see the balance of calories that they're eating and burning, but please remember that all of these calories are estimates, so please use these reports with care. SparkPeople does not recommend focusing on your daily calorie differential. Remember, weight loss happens by creating a caloric deficit over timeâ€"not in a single day. We don’t necessarily encourage people to eat more on the days they work out or eat less on days they don't exercise. We encourage you to look at your calorie goals (what you eat and what you burn) on a weeklyâ€"not dailyâ€"basis to notice overall trends. However, these reports are here as tools to help keep you informed!

You can look at your reports over time to see how far you've come and how consistently you reach your goals. You can also print these reports to share them with your health care provider, dietitian or personal trainer. And maybe more importantly, checking your reports reminds you how well you're doingâ€"and how consistently you've taken positive actions to reach your goals. The next time you slip up or have a bad day, check out your Reports page to remember that missing a single workout or eating too many calories one day isn't that bad after all.
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