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  • Thursday 10/17/19

    10/18/2019 2:57:48 AM, by KOALA_BEAR

    Eating breakfast & having more fat earlier in the day is helping my cravings. Upping my veggies is also working. Yesterday it was chinese ginger beef w/ when onions & snow peas. Today following PT we ate Salvadoran food. Pupusas & a type if empanadas de pollo. I had fried plantains afterward &... Read more

  • Been gone too long

    10/18/2019 12:59:19 AM, by FLOSSYFLOFLO

    I'm glad I came back to SparkPeople. I had some health issues that I haven't been taking too seriously until now.... Read more

  • Do More of What Makes Me Happy! New Puppy!

    10/17/2019 10:26:58 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We went to the Portland OR area for 4 nights in our RV. The first 2 days we rested, shopped at Woodburn Premium Outlets with 114 stores (only shopped at 6 or 7), ate authentic Mexican food in the #1 restaurant twice. It was a holiday weekend so traffic to the shopping center was insane. Fortunately,... Read more

  • Atkins Endulge Candy

    10/17/2019 10:25:07 PM, by MIMIOFBOYS

    Stressful week ssss, due to upcoming move tomorrow. Ran to Walmart for garbage bags and paper towels. Picked up Atkins Endulge Candy m&m's. I've been relying on them since my friends told me they snack on them once a day. He has lost 60lb since March and his wife 50lb. On keto. She has reached her g... Read more

  • Crazy Day # 3

    10/17/2019 6:06:06 PM, by CKEYES1


  • This picture makes me feel good

    10/17/2019 5:18:05 PM, by CTUPTON

    I have looked at hundreds of "images" for "pat on the back." Only this one actually makes me feel good. chris... Read more

  • Weight loss WON'T MAGICALLY change these things about YOU. DARN.

    10/17/2019 3:38:30 PM, by CTUPTON

    I (Chris) altered the SP article. But the info is the same. When I first lost weight--years and years ago--I was still unhappy and eventually gained the weight back. I am now pretty happy --but very overweight! 24 By SparkPeople Guest Blogger, Kirsten Nunez 2/14/2019 In a world of fad diets ... Read more

  • my chart ie grocery list

    10/17/2019 2:42:23 PM, by CTUPTON


  • Eureka! An easier make my grocery list.

    10/17/2019 2:19:28 PM, by CTUPTON

    I take hours usually to make a grocery list. -if I do it "right"-meaning plan meals and get the ingredients I need for the week. This takes too long and too much thinking and looking for recipes! So I don't usually get the right stuff to make the great recipes I found. 198 Problem: I never se... Read more

  • SP link Picture Perfect Portion Sizes

    10/17/2019 1:21:26 PM, by CTUPTON
    source/slideshow.asp?show=12 boy do I need to know portion sizes! I also found these graphics: ... Read more

  • A Slow Pace Day

    10/17/2019 12:22:13 PM, by INPRAYER

    Woke up this morning with tummy ache and nausea continued from yesterday. Also my 3 year old granddaughter have similar symptoms with a 104 temp. I have the pleasure of taking care of her today too. No problem we will lay around and watch television. I just hate missing my exercise class. Silv... Read more

  • St Maarten

    10/17/2019 11:44:37 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    They asked that I not go to the nude beach so we are staying on board today.... Read more

  • Thursday

    10/17/2019 11:21:15 AM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    Almost Friday. One more day! ... Read more


    10/17/2019 10:58:26 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing well went to gym this morning did a lot better my mom in nursing home today now i feel so much better now getting her apartment cleaned out please keep us in your prayers love hugs and blessings to all of you 247 593 386 594 247 304 594... Read more

  • Daily starting over

    10/17/2019 9:44:07 AM, by OSHAY58

    I’ve been pre-tracking daily then completely blow it at night. Today I’m staying on track by: planned evening snack and checking off chores done ✅ changing this evening noshing bad habit I believe will get me on the ‘losing train’. Anyone else have this issue and what’s been your success? Have a te... Read more

  • I will Survive

    10/17/2019 9:00:49 AM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    There have been many times where challenges have seemed insurmountable but somehow I muddled through, problem solved got things to improve even if just a little. I have been so tormented lately over the situation with my challenging elderly parent. (Thus the blog posts I keep writing and deleting:) ... Read more

  • Day 64 to 69

    10/17/2019 8:38:50 AM, by CICENA

    I wasn't able to update the blog daily like I was doing. I had a few things I had to take care of, then I got sick due to stress and now I feel like new. I won't be uploading the days individually as I didn't write what I did or eat those days, so I don't remember exactly what I did. In general t... Read more

  • Day 5

    10/17/2019 8:12:28 AM, by NAYNEE

    I was up early today, decided to go ahead and do my 10 minutes on a stationary bike and drank two cups water! I’ve been planning to complete 7 days of 10 minutes on the bike then edge up. My bike has a resistance setting. I think I’ll up the resistance knob a notch each week till I reach the ... Read more

  • Very relaxed and ready to go

    10/17/2019 8:07:18 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- have the house in order - planning to send a letter to my son giving him support for this doctor visit on Monday. He will get the knowledge if he needs another surgery and lose his ear. It will be a very hard visit for him. I am sending him prayers. He does not need any more stress... Read more

  • I'm liking me

    10/17/2019 6:31:33 AM, by JNGCGW101

    So major steps this week and a small step back. I survived the sweets week. I didn't eat one doughnut. They hunters in our family enjoy them though. I think I'll bake some banana bread today instead. So they can have a slightly healthier option on the way out the door. Instead I had 1/2 raisin ci... Read more

  • Day 290: Favorite Halloween Cartoons

    10/17/2019 3:08:38 AM, by DIVAGLOW

    "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." (Eleanor Roosevelt) Hello, my lovely friends!!! You know I love the holidays and I was the same way when I was a ki... Read more

  • Stuck At Work Again

    10/17/2019 2:55:46 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    It would be great to live in a world where people show up for work so I can go home. Stuck at work an extra 6 hours tonight. My check is going to be pretty sweet though... Read more

  • So far, so good

    10/17/2019 2:51:25 AM, by KOALA_BEAR

    My strategy is working I think. Eatweeing protein earlier & distributing fat thruout the day is allowing me to stay just under limit. Won't know until football again this weekend.... Read more

  • Cheating

    10/17/2019 12:25:13 AM, by CLARI6457

    Well today I really wanted to cheat. It wasn’t going to be a cheeseburger or pizza kind of cheat, but a cheat none the less. Then I get a text from my coach remind us of the new diet orientation and weigh ins will be done on Saturday to see how we did on our 21 day detox..I swear I think this lady ... Read more

  • Need for peeps

    10/16/2019 9:32:43 PM, by LSTOREY30

    I am doing it. I have lost 36 pounds, but put back on 7-9. I have revamped my diet again to break through this plateau. I'm trying to eat healthy fats and proteins, which can be tricky as I don't eat meat. I'm taking my vitamins and notice a difference in my energy. I just need the motivation to kee... Read more

  • 2019 Goals

    10/16/2019 7:15:45 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    Another beautiful day out. Treadmill and yard work.... Read more

  • Wednesday

    10/16/2019 7:03:16 PM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    10/16/2019 6:48:14 PM, by MOMMY445

    a cool fall day here today. my daughter says hi to everyone. I had an incredible workout at the gym this morning. both budgie birds say cheep ,cheep! have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • Crazy Day # 2

    10/16/2019 6:11:01 PM, by CKEYES1

    How can some one email me 10 times in one day. Driving me crazy. It's work related so I have to answer, but if I could, I would just delete them.... Read more

  • short timer

    10/16/2019 4:36:26 PM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good day; checking off my check list. Dh is going to soccer games to watch our GK. I have things to do to finish up. Have a good day!! 244... Read more

  • Friends make everything better

    10/16/2019 4:05:00 PM, by QUIRKYME56

    Need encouragement!? Need a hug? Friends near and far close and those I may not even know at times has said the perfect thing or done some small deed that was just what I needed. My goal is to return the favor! 😉💞🙏🙃... Read more

  • Day 4

    10/16/2019 11:21:54 AM, by NAYNEE

    Are my eyes deceiving me? 7 lbs down? WOW! I know that the 1st week is always a higher loss, then it slows down,, still... Yea me!!!... Read more

  • Hump Day

    10/16/2019 11:21:30 AM, by MIMIOFBOYS

    2 more days until we move. Hubby is wound tightly and grumpy. Makes me extra stressed, dealing with him, and finishing packing. Keto took a hike last night..... My FBS reflected it too this am. Fasting blood sugar was 212!! Not good at all. Took a Victoza shot my doctor had took me off a few weeks ... Read more


    10/16/2019 10:16:52 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok no gym this morning will go back in the morning had to rest my body needed that she in hospital going through all of this to get her in nursing home but i will be all for the best for her and me and my sister please keep us in your prayers i have been going for thr... Read more

  • St Thomas USVI

    10/16/2019 8:19:43 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Been here lots of times before. Nothing I need to see, nothing I need to buy. Just a casual stroll along 5e waterfront. I could be a contendah!... Read more

  • St Thomas USVI

    10/16/2019 8:19:42 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Been here lots of times before. Nothing I need to see, nothing I need to buy. Just a casual stroll along 5e waterfront. I could be a contendah!... Read more

  • Day 289: Halloween Q & A

    10/16/2019 2:19:58 AM, by DIVAGLOW

    "When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween." (Author unknown) Happy Holiday Spooktacular! Let’s have a Halloween Q&A. You can also answer the questions in the comment section. Have fun! 1. What is your favorite Halloween ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    10/15/2019 8:34:35 PM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    Made it through the last day of Tax filing! WooHoo!!! Hope everyone has had a great day! ... Read more

  • 2019 Goals

    10/15/2019 6:59:26 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    Treadmill and tgym.... Read more

  • Crazy Day

    10/15/2019 6:27:21 PM, by CKEYES1

    Crazy day at work. Doing two jobs at once. Can be a little stressful when someone is on vacation. I will not let it get to me. 24... Read more

  • Sea Day

    10/15/2019 5:00:48 PM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Water water everywhere!... Read more

  • Day 288: Halloween Decorating

    10/15/2019 4:48:44 PM, by DIVAGLOW

    "Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism. Confronting your fears and allowing yourself the right to be human can, paradoxically, make you a far happier and more productive person. (Dr. David M. Burns) Hello, my lovely friends!!! A couple of days of taking it easy and I’m... Read more

  • Advertisers Run Amok, Sparkpeople Abandons Users of Free Service

    10/15/2019 2:10:11 PM, by MICHELLE_391

    I know it's a long shot that Chris Downie or any of his employees will ever see this blog entry. But sometimes it's better to shout into the void than to stay quiet. This is one of those times. I'm sad to say that I'm being forced to leave SparkPeople and have to find a new app/site/community to k... Read more


    10/15/2019 10:35:11 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok went to gym this morning feeling better exercise help with my stress so yep working on my mom nursing home her apartment all that is in plan will be better for all of us she will be about 20 miles from me so i will see her about three times month she not in any pai... Read more

  • Day 3.

    10/15/2019 10:13:36 AM, by NAYNEE

    How did I miss it. Somehow I forgot to exercise yesterday.... going right now to get my minutes in. ... Read more

  • My mid week check-in

    10/15/2019 9:14:51 AM, by JNGCGW101

    The finding something to do with my hands instead of eating at night has worked so far. I never did clean my room or find my embroidery but I have been reading at night. Also, if the cravings get real bad I find a shower really helps. I think it's the ambient noise. It's not been easy as people have... Read more

  • Transformation Tuesday!

    10/15/2019 8:59:24 AM, by PAULAP18

    Good Morning! 🍂🙃😁 Welcome to TRANSFORMATION Tuesday! Each and every day we make large and small choices that transform our lives...many of them so routine that we don't consider their effects. Today's challenge...stop and think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Is it someth... Read more

  • visit with DS went great

    10/15/2019 8:37:50 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning - DS came with DGD- no wife. We had a wonderful visit. My son was calm and was having nice conversation. What I got from him, that he is going to continue to work on him. Wife will not go to couple counseling - she is working on herself w/o counseling. So who knows and who even cares... Read more

  • Changes needed 10/15/19

    10/15/2019 3:38:22 AM, by KOALA_BEAR

    I am still struggling with my body wanting more calories - about 400 to 500 a day - ever since the cooler weather (& colder nights ) have hit. I have tried eating more vegetables which usually helps but a couple days there was junk food too. So I need to make some changes. 1. I need to cook so... Read more

  • One more week

    10/14/2019 10:19:45 PM, by CLARI6457

    Made it through last week, and I am so excited I lost 3 lbs this past week I was hoping so hard for 3, I usually lose a steady 2#’s most weeks sometimes none, but I was sure hoping for this loss I’m down 32 pounds! I still have a journey to go but I’m getting there. I’m beginning to feel so much bet... Read more

  • Monday

    10/14/2019 10:02:44 PM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    ... Read more

  • Use it or loose it

    10/14/2019 9:13:16 PM, by QUIRKYME56

    Kept the pace today now for a movie with my honey... Read more

  • Upcoming Move Friday

    10/14/2019 8:52:45 PM, by MIMIOFBOYS

    4 days until we move. Having trouble staying on program these days. Had 39 carbs today. Ate ritz crackers and cheese for lunch. Otherwise carbs came from tomatoes, broccoli and turnip greens. SP counts carbs in eggs. 2 eggs and a tomato were breakfast. DH sitting here eating banana pudding.....grrr.... Read more

  • Freezer to the Rescue! Or How I Stopped Naan from Taking over My Life.

    10/14/2019 8:50:48 PM, by MICHELLE_391

    The last couple of weeks I have been indulging my love of Indian food. Using the Spark recipe database it's been super easy. I love the texture of the daal (lentil) dishes and the spice combinations really make eating healthy a pleasure. I even made a Brussel sprout recipe with Indian flair. ... Read more

  • 2019 Goals

    10/14/2019 7:50:09 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    Nice day, started on treadmill and tgym. Later worked in garden.... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    10/14/2019 7:09:29 PM, by CKEYES1

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Sparkers... Read more

  • Day two!

    10/14/2019 6:18:09 PM, by NAYNEE

    We took my mother-in-law out for lunch today. Proud to say I planned ahead what to order at Cracker Barrel and Stayed with the plan. No extra! ... Read more

  • A perfect day at Coco Cay

    10/14/2019 3:52:06 PM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    The title about sums it up. Poolside and beaching!... Read more

  • Setting New Goals!

    10/14/2019 3:23:35 PM, by INPRAYER

    Hurray! I met my first 10% goal (last Friday ). 🙏🏽 My next mini goals are 5lbs increments until I meet my final goal of 140 pounds , which is a long way off but I am determined but most importantly committed. Thanks for you continual support. 1st 5 lbs off by 11/18/19 2nd 5 lbs off by 12/9/19 3... Read more

  • Setting New Goals!

    10/14/2019 2:22:14 PM, by INPRAYER

    Hurray! I met my first 10% goal (last Friday ). 🙏🏽 My next mini goals are 5lbs increments until I meet my final goal of 140 pounds , which is a long way off but I am determined but most importantly committed. Thanks for you continual support. 1st 5 lbs off by 11/18/19 2nd 5 lbs off by 12/9/19 3... Read more


    10/14/2019 11:55:21 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all doing ok mom in hospital now more work got to go to medicare office and clean out her house please all pray for mei am going back to gym in the morning i have to to keep my body going enjoy your day love and hugs and blessings to all of you 247 594 593 223 386... Read more

  • I'm Back, Bitchachos!

    10/14/2019 11:31:00 AM, by UKEIMYOURFATHER

    213 2 1/2 years ago I was on here regularly, tracking food, tracking workouts, tracking all of the crap going on in my life. The relationship I was in was very emotionally and verbally abusive and I spiraled out of control. Thankfully, I've been out of that relationship for almost ... Read more

  • Better than I was

    10/14/2019 11:02:00 AM, by CHRISTINEM80

    I've fallen victim to myself way too often comparing myself to the progress of others. I'd give up way too quickly if I didn't see immediate results. I'm learning to enjoy my slow progress because it it still progress. I'm eating better, I'm trying to work out 7 days a week but at least 5 days every... Read more

  • I have to remind myself to let go again.

    10/14/2019 9:14:25 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- DS and his family are coming. I thought they were coming as a family unit today to talk about their problems. That is what my son said. Anyways, my son told my DH that they are coming for us to watch our GD while his wife gets a break. She has other things to do. So who knows, I... Read more

  • Just here...

    10/14/2019 8:47:30 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Just here remembering how good I felt when I lost weight.... Read more

  • A Faithful Farmer Momma

    10/14/2019 7:53:48 AM, by MILMOM2000NEW

    A new blog is up for us! Hope you will join us on our farm page blog! https://thefaithfulfarmermomma
    onnecting-what.html... Read more

  • Day 287: Don’t Be Afraid (quotes)

    10/14/2019 2:54:03 AM, by DIVAGLOW

    ... Read more

  • Only the two of us.

    10/13/2019 6:14:46 PM, by CKEYES1

    Instead of turkey, we had roast beef, roasted potatoes and glazed carrots. It was just my son and me in Ontario. Daughter in B.C. Parents and husband have passed, so thought roast beef would be easier. Did enjoy it. 471... Read more

  • 2019 Goals

    10/13/2019 5:36:12 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    Beautiful day, crips cool. Done nothing, yet. I am blah.... Read more

  • Day 286: Not Good

    10/13/2019 3:10:39 PM, by DIVAGLOW

    "Instead of cataloguing your flaws, shortcomings, and everything you lack, inspire inner growth by focusing on your gifts, strengths, and yearnings, and devote yourself to making them flourish. The self needs a committed gardener." (Peg Streep) Happy Weekend!!! I have some incredible... Read more

  • Day one done

    10/13/2019 3:04:16 PM, by NAYNEE

    Day one done and goals met! For day2 -got my 10 minutes exercise in even though I had to break it up into two 5 min sessions. Had to compromise some on lunch plans from the suggested meal plan. Hard to follow when eating out with friends for lunch. Still I logged in what i ate and. I’ll h... Read more

  • it's sunday

    10/13/2019 11:23:32 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. my daughter says hi. my mom says thanks for the birthday wishes. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! have a wonderful day, everyone!... Read more

  • One Day at a Time

    10/13/2019 10:59:42 AM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    As I grapple with the most painful stressor I am facing right now, an elderly parent prone to verbally and emotionally abusive behavior targeted at me, I am continuously problem-solving how to cope and improve the situation. I am realizing my strong desire to stop this behavior this instant and impr... Read more

  • lost weight again on a roll

    10/13/2019 10:22:05 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- even through the stress - I am focused on me. I am succeeding in losing weight b/c I have learned that I do not have to overeat when stressed. It does not help. Overeating when stressed causes other problems besides weight gain. For today- I am positive, in control and confident! ... Read more


    10/13/2019 9:51:23 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are having great day my mom has worn me out these last three years she has took toll on me but i have here in right place now thank the lord thank you all for your prayers please continue to pray for us enjoy your day love and hugs and blessings to all 247 247 250 223 304 ... Read more

  • Cruisin’

    10/13/2019 8:21:38 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Getting ready to drive to the port and board the ship for seven much needed days of relaxation.... Read more

  • It's been a while!

    10/13/2019 8:17:13 AM, by MILMOM2000NEW

    I don't really blog here any more now that we have our own blog elsewhere. I'd love for ya to follow me there! On a Sparkpeople level, it's been TOO long since I've been here but I'm back and trying hard to do well and get healthy! Hope to see ya on "A Faithful Farmer Momma" https:... Read more

  • Saturday - carbs

    10/13/2019 2:57:31 AM, by KOALA_BEAR

    Made a hot cereal breakfast I've been wanting since the nights & mornings are cooler. My Farina = 200 calories Dry cream of wheat w/ 2 Tbls (not 3 Tbls) Sprinkle into 1 cup boiling water in small saucepan on stovetop Stir continuously Add 1 Tbls creamy peanut butter Stir some more then remove fr... Read more

  • Post right hip replacement

    10/13/2019 2:45:55 AM, by KIMSFREE1

    It's been 1-1/2 weeks since surgery, and I'm doing much better than I thought I would. I'm so motivated and excited to begin PT next week. I can't wait to get back on my feet. Staples to be removed next Friday and I go back to work next Monday.... Read more

  • 2019 Goals

    10/12/2019 10:28:20 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    35 degree drop this morning compared to yesterday. Was good for me, needed to clear some thick brush and vines - saw brairs. Last year, in this same place, I stepped on a yellow jacket nest and got swarmed and stung multiple times. Started having an allergic reaction. Luckily did not happen agai... Read more

  • 2019 Goals

    10/12/2019 10:28:20 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    35 degree drop this morning compared to yesterday. Was good for me, needed to clear some thick brush and vines - saw brairs. Last year, in this same place, I stepped on a yellow jacket nest and got swarmed and stung multiple times. Started having an allergic reaction. Luckily did not happen agai... Read more

  • Day 285: Favorite B&W Horror Movies

    10/12/2019 8:01:56 PM, by DIVAGLOW

    Quote of the Day: "It's Alive! It's Alive!" (Frankenstein) You all know I love my classic movies, especially black and white ones. Of course, when it comes to horror movies my favorites are the black and white ones. I love that the movies were simple and you didn't need all the blood, ... Read more

  • Today--October 12th in ND

    10/12/2019 6:08:09 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • you never thought of this before!

    10/12/2019 5:57:21 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • 2009 plane crashes into her house near Buffalo, NY --book by Karen Wielinski

    10/12/2019 5:41:06 PM, by CTUPTON

    This is a true story. Of course it is very tragic. About 50 people died, including the author's husband. Not easy reading by any means, but the places and people she mentions have meaning for me. I am grateful my family and friends were safe. Thank the Lord. One on the Ground: The Stor... Read more

  • Allergies got me down

    10/12/2019 5:19:24 PM, by DIANAPOST1

    I have been so sick the last 24 hours. I went and got my allergy shot yesterday knowing I wasn't feeling all the great and now I am paying for it. I have my orange juice and chicken noodle soup. Hopefully it works. 527... Read more

  • Lazy Saturday

    10/12/2019 4:30:04 PM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    A relatively easy eight hour drive. Now for some football... Read more

  • Saturday

    10/12/2019 2:19:33 PM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    Hope everyone is having a great day! ... Read more

  • A ways to go.

    10/12/2019 12:29:29 PM, by NAYNEE

    I've started and stopped again and again. It seems that I let life interfere with my Healthy Life Journey...I need to commit. I WILL BE COMMITED! I once heard that writing an Idea down makes it a goal. Writing the steps to reach that goal Makes it a plan. Goal: Lose 100 lbs by D... Read more

  • Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

    10/12/2019 11:33:54 AM, by CKEYES1

    It's officially Monday, but I'm doing it today. I find it very tiring doing it on the Monday and doing all the cleaning up, so I do it early. That way I can visit on Monday... Read more


    10/12/2019 11:18:01 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok yep mom inhospital making plans for her going in nursing home she done all she can so it going to be best for all of us for me no more groceries and calling for her every day Lord step in was just to much for both of us we werent doing any good keep us in your pray... Read more

  • it's saturday

    10/12/2019 10:53:50 AM, by MOMMY445

    it's my mom's birthday today! my daughter and i are at my parents' place to celebrate the day. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! have an amazing day, everyone!... Read more

  • Looking Back

    10/12/2019 10:27:59 AM, by PALEWORK

    I make excuses for everything. I am super critical of myself. I have more guilt than I know what to do with. I feel weak. I think I lack control in my life. These are all feelings and thoughts that weigh heavily on me... no pun intended. I know my weight doesn't define ... Read more

  • prayers for my son

    10/12/2019 9:22:59 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- found out this week from my DIL. That in over a week, DS is going back to surgeon - if they find that they did not get all the cyst - he will lose his ear. I am praying the exam shows they have gotten it all. DH & I will be on the other side of the world. This worries me but told D... Read more