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  • Off to a slow start

    10/16/2019 3:55:14 PM, by IRISROSE25

    Well, I'm off to a slow start, but it's a start! 521... Read more

  • Cold tonight in Mankato.

    10/11/2019 9:33:12 PM, by XNANNY

    I need to put long underware on until I become used to the weather! Every Fall this happens to me.... Read more

  • Size 10!

    10/10/2019 10:15:53 PM, by MEL-ROY

    I started with a size 16 in these jeans 7 months ago. Today, these size 10's fit!!! It has been so rewarding to go down a size every couple months. 14's then 12' 10's. I plan to keep going and see about an 8!... Read more

  • The cat hurt my left hand!

    9/23/2019 10:33:59 AM, by XNANNY

    She was at the window with an other cat outside and I tried to close the window! My hand needed stitches to close the worst cut, with my allergies to cats I had a lot of swelling and bruises! The stitches come out on Friday afternoon. My right hand get tired from to much use.... Read more