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    4/3/2020 11:01:29 PM, by KATIE5668

    I was not happy to wake up to snow this AM, it was not on my page of plans ..but no one asked me. Temp was 24 after days of nearly 70..nature is so confused!! The arrival of Sir Cedric was quite a treat! I had him in a small dog kennel, just for everyones safety. As soon as I put the kennel o... Read more

  • On a lighter note

    4/3/2020 7:26:08 PM, by AKA_TROUBLE

    A friend sent this to me - enjoy... Read more

  • First Week of Shelter In Place

    4/3/2020 12:42:18 PM, by PERSISTANT123

    It is now day 8 of the Shelter In Place order that began last Friday. At first, I really struggled with it. I don't like being told what I can and cannot do. Then I took some time to think logically about it. I am still going to the grocery store. If I time it right I do not have to stand in... Read more

  • March 31, 2020: 843 steps / 0.4 miles April 1, 2020: 1,106 steps / 0.5 miles April 2, 2020: 2,061 st

    4/3/2020 8:45:15 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • Your Self-Care to get through isolation

    4/3/2020 6:58:24 AM, by KALISWALKER

    I woke up at 4 AM and can't get back to sleep. Hubby is wearing a sleep mask so I decided to turn on the light and Spark. Saturday the Spring 5% Challenge kicks off. The 5% Challenges are 10 years old this Spring! We are going back in time to when we were all carefree and easily zipped around the wo... Read more

  • April 2,,time moves on...

    4/3/2020 12:50:01 AM, by KATIE5668

    Tonight I am so tired my head is a couple of pics and I am off to bed. Decided on the name Sir Cedric...he is so regal and royal looking.. He is already looking out for his ladies, call them and making sure they are close by. A couple of the hens have just decided to hang out wher... Read more


    4/2/2020 9:57:02 AM, by KATHLEEN624

    April showers bring May flowers. Something to look forward to - maybe. April finds me still in the same situation of staying at home ( flatten the curve) as everyone else. I am sure we are all very ready for our lives to go back to "normal" as we know it. I am stressed, like everyone, but doin... Read more

  • April 1,,Whew...

    4/1/2020 11:48:25 PM, by KATIE5668

    I seriously do not want another day like today. I spent the day with my bottom tucked into one vehicle or another. Sailing past those over road signs that light up and say STAY HOME!! Dang I would if I could!! My DIL does not drive..needed groceries and my son was working . So..Off to town ea... Read more

  • March 31~Yawning..busy day!

    3/31/2020 11:25:22 PM, by KATIE5668

    Today was a perfect Spring day..just warm enough..with a slight breeze, Plum tree blooming and Crabapple's close behind! Did a lil mowing so the smell of fresh mowed grass added to the bloom of the day! Took the Littles in for grooming. I beg off on that job..3 littles with 12 paws, 3 furry face... Read more

  • March 30, 2020: 320 steps / 0.1 miles

    3/31/2020 2:51:15 PM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • Springtime & Hope

    3/31/2020 10:40:24 AM, by YOUNG-AT-HEART

    Springtime is my favorite time of year. I was born in the spring and every year I happily receive and enjoy the most beautiful birthday gifts from nature with all the spring daffodils and tulips, flowering trees, flowering shrubs displaying their beauty for all. Grass has left the drabness o... Read more

  • March 30-Lovely day

    3/30/2020 11:07:06 PM, by KATIE5668

    This was a great so much done! Mostly yard work yes this very tired gal is grinning and ready to drop into the bunk. So first ..there is the question of the name for this beautiful bird. The second is a funny story..I tried a new recipe for bread. It turned out like a lump of ce... Read more

  • March 29, 2020: 1,377 steps / 0.6 miles

    3/30/2020 5:40:46 PM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 29~The days are sure quiet

    3/29/2020 11:46:36 PM, by KATIE5668

    Kind of a quiet Sunday here. Did a bit outside before the wind turned chilly. Then came in to sweep and get some laundry done..oh the excitement!! hee hee Honestly just another lovely Sunday with Monday rolling round! I did find a rooster for the ladies, I will be picking him up on Wed . A frien... Read more

  • The Spring 5% Challenge is about to begin ... YAY!

    3/29/2020 1:55:30 PM, by PERSISTANT123

    I got my invitation 2020 Spring 5% Challenge Walkers, Runners, Joggers team. This was a team that I never considered in the previous 5% challenges, yet now it appears that this is the perfect team for me. In October I began tracking my steps. I started out with a goal of 3,000 steps. I added 5... Read more

  • March 28, 2020: 773 steps / 0.3 miles

    3/29/2020 9:38:41 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • Staying Positive

    3/29/2020 7:22:32 AM, by PAMBACH

    I find myself slipping down the rabbit hole sometimes during these stressful times. However I have worked very hard to stay positive. I choose to do a yoga practice every day. VERY HELPFUL! I use that time to meditate during the practice. Today I am beginning a specific daily meditation. Also doin... Read more

  • March 28~continued to be cool and windy

    3/28/2020 10:32:58 PM, by KATIE5668

    I decided to turn into a house slug!! I got my water ..a cozy fire and a good book then watched the day go by. I have been making me get up and stretch each hour and every two hours walk for at least 10 minutes or exercise of some kind..but have to admit there are times when the book wins over move... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 3/28/20

    3/28/2020 8:49:07 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    Not much to update with, really. My work is keeping me very busy. I am hard at work getting paperwork ready for tax clients who are having phone meetings with the boss. I also start two new assignments on Monday. I had a long training meeting over the phone & computer on Friday about it. I will be r... Read more

  • March 27, 2020: 132 steps / 0.1 miles

    3/28/2020 1:05:59 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 27th~And the winds of Spring blew on

    3/27/2020 11:07:00 PM, by KATIE5668

    Not as bad today as yesterday,but trade one for the other..hee hee I just know it is time to hit the woodshop and get my bird feeder repaired and make a couple of bird houses to put up. I have a new yard decoration that my neighbor gave me I will post a pic once I get it assembled and... Read more

  • Coconut Water

    3/27/2020 4:47:43 PM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    I am not telling anyone to try this - I'm telling you that I am trying it, in order to raise my potassium without going to peanut butter. The new USDA requirements for potassium is 4700 mg daily, this was changed November 2019. A neighbor looked it up when I told her that my Potassium was lo... Read more

  • March 26, 2020: 453 steps / 0.2 miles

    3/27/2020 5:15:27 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • Week 12: 2/17/20 - 3/24/20

    3/26/2020 10:58:51 PM, by SPARTAN40

    OK. So I missed a few weeks checking in but all is well. Two weeks ago I was asked to take business trip; a flight to a hot zone for coronavirus. Two weeks later I am so grateful that I don’t have any symptoms. I have two younger kids and a disabled husband. I can’t get sick. I can’t die. Our E... Read more

  • March 26,,,my turn...grrr

    3/26/2020 10:24:08 PM, by KATIE5668

    Had a blog a going..then somehow it decided it wanted to live in cyberspace and left me behind! Not much going on..wind blowing like mad..couldn't go outside. Did a bunch of baking and sadly must admit I ate too much of what I made. Did what is called a Carb Load today I think..don't like the ... Read more

  • Quarantine Project Finish #1: Jacob’s Ladder Baby Blanket

    3/26/2020 12:14:47 PM, by STEPGEEK

    I started this baby blanket about a month ago with an initial deadline of finishing it in time for Mom-to-be’s baby shower in mid-March. That ended up not happening and COVID-19 ended up causing us to begin sheltering in place last week anyway, but last night I was able to finish this blanket. ... Read more

  • A break from what's going on,,, with stories that'll lift our hearts

    3/26/2020 11:39:58 AM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    The credit for my blog goes to my fellow leader Patricia-cr on the AWESOME A team a part of the 5% Challenge. ** The 5% Challenge invites will be going out very shortly to all teams, so those of us as leaders have been busy setting up our 12 teams. In doing so today I had sent out an email to ... Read more

  • A Good Laugh

    3/26/2020 7:59:44 AM, by HAPPYELF

    My family, especially my DD loves musicals and this is one of her favorite songs...this made me laugh and I hope it does the same for you.
    xMDE1ODE2MDQwMTk1NDgwNA/ ... Read more

  • March 25, 2020: 864 steps / 0.4 miles

    3/26/2020 5:44:25 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 25~Well, well....

    3/25/2020 11:40:34 PM, by KATIE5668

    So why is the virus spreading...could be cause so few really take it seriously..ya think! 527 Got to the grocery store and the lot was full as usual, the cart stands were loaded with carts that folks had brought out and there was a fairly steady parade of folks into the store! Tammy had brought... Read more

  • March 24, 2020: 1,072 steps / 0.5 miles

    3/25/2020 12:02:10 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 24~Busy lovely day

    3/24/2020 8:58:30 PM, by KATIE5668

    Started the day with the idea that nada would get in my path to achieve my goals today! I had to get the dog yard raked up..wish they would learn to bag it up themselves..but not thinking that will happen in the near future! Then the chicken house needed a good cleaning. I did manage to achieve ... Read more

  • When the Gyms Close

    3/24/2020 12:04:12 PM, by LIVELIFEGRAND

    With the gym closed, I sank into a drepression that’s difficult to describe. They keep saying to keep up your daily routines, yet this virus has annihalated every routine I had with the exception of morning tea. Fast forward to Tax pickup day. We picked up tax returns from the tax accountant and... Read more

  • Protect the Elderly

    3/24/2020 5:46:30 AM, by MICAROO

    Our government officials are stressing the importance of protecting the elderly. I wholeheartedly support that....and then I realized that they mean ME. I do not think of myself as elderly. I am 63 years and 11 months, and I have no underlying health conditions. I just shoveled 4 inches of heavy... Read more

  • March 23, 2020: 3,986 steps / 1.8 miles

    3/24/2020 12:26:12 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 23~Monday? Seriously!!

    3/23/2020 11:00:40 PM, by KATIE5668

    Being retired and a bit of a recluse anyhow..the shelter in place is like..huh..whadda ya mean? What's different? Well more thought of do I really have to go to town..can I enjoy my salad without tomatoes and bell peppers? If that is all I need the answer is a roaring YES!! As each day goes by t... Read more

  • Looking Back

    3/23/2020 11:54:12 AM, by MICAROO

    I know some of us are sheltering in place. Some of us are lucky enough to be working from home and will have a secure paycheck. Or maybe you have current work, but are waiting for the order to be issued to close the business and employees must stay home. Others of us are in an "essential business... Read more

  • Life in a Bubble

    3/23/2020 9:04:42 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Thank you SUSAN_CDN for sending me this update. March 22, 2020 10:30AM PT Coral Princess Update Princess Cruises can confirm that Coral Princess made a port call to Montevideo, Uruguay, on March 21 to take delivery of supplies and fuel. No guests were permitted to disembark. The ship... Read more

  • March 22, 2020: 776 steps / 0.3 miles

    3/23/2020 3:18:20 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 22~Someone stole my motivation

    3/22/2020 11:34:31 PM, by KATIE5668

    It might have been the weird night. I woke at 3 as if someone had knocked on the door..and was wide awake! Nearly 5 by the time I drifted off again, then pups had me up at 6..needless to say every time I passed anything I could sit down on I did..there was no umph in my umpaloopa today!! The ide... Read more

  • A few funny pics-- why? Laughter is AWESOME Especially in times like these

    3/22/2020 10:46:17 PM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    Laughter is so good for us, and right now so many REALLY NEED it so I hope these help you. They are me! for joining in on the giggling ... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 3/22/20

    3/22/2020 10:11:58 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    Well this week has been full of firsts. My first quarantine, my first time ordering groceries online, and my first time ordering from a restaurant online. I am working from home full time now, and my home office is all set up. Thank God that is going well. On Friday night I was debating whether... Read more

  • March 21, 2020: 1,080 steps / 0.5 miles

    3/22/2020 12:00:50 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • March 21~Plans are only made to be changed

    3/21/2020 10:33:04 PM, by KATIE5668

    There are plans, with long term goals and short term goals with the designed actions to achieve those goals. That is theory...then reality raises its ugly lil head and plans no matter how well laid out are subject to change. The secret is to be flexible and bend with the winds of change, then when t... Read more

  • Mindfulness Prayer

    3/21/2020 3:49:55 AM, by MICAROO

    Do Not Be Afraid If you can focus your eyes on that bird on the bench, the one in the charcoal suit with the off-white shirt, see that it’s a proper bird, with a formal tail tipping, and its head swiveling socially. Notice how it flaps straight up and lan... Read more

  • March 20, 2020: 3,116 steps / 1.4 miles

    3/21/2020 12:01:29 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 20~More inside work

    3/20/2020 10:13:18 PM, by KATIE5668

    I for some reason anticipated company I got in gear ,,got the house swept from one end to the other. Dusted what needed done and got some laundry done. Well company never came,,but kept me busy for a better part of the day. One of those cloudy cool but not cold type of kept a l... Read more

  • Canadian Repatriation Help

    3/20/2020 8:25:41 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We are aboard the Coral Princess Cruise Ship. We are looking at options to get home. Like everyone else we were caught by surprise by the rapid escalation of COVID-19. Our ship set sail March 5, well before the federal government’s no cruise advisory issued March 13th. Our group of five were s... Read more

  • March 19, 2020: 9,663 steps / 4.3 miles

    3/20/2020 6:37:04 PM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • Even in Paradise One has to Eat Right & Exercise

    3/20/2020 10:01:16 AM, by KALISWALKER

    We are sailing again. Argentina went into lock down at midnight. People with confirmed airline tickets were supposed to be able to fly out of Buenos Aires, and yesterday some passengers did get to the airport but got returned to ship before 10 PM. We were unaware of the returned passengers till this... Read more

  • Spring 2020

    3/20/2020 5:34:33 AM, by MICAROO

    Yesterday was the first day of spring; it was kind of cold here, with drizzling rain all day. That's normal spring weather for my area, but the weather was the only thing normal. I know that it's probably one of the strangest first days of spring that many of us have ever experienced. I don't want... Read more

  • March 19-Windy Cold Spring?

    3/19/2020 11:56:43 PM, by KATIE5668

    Long nearly 2 hour conversation with my sons tonight..focus? Covid 19...OH please!! I appreciate the concern..but unless some one ships me a letter with that on it..I am about as "socially isolated" as one can get! Wore me out with questions. Again I appreciate the concern, I think it is a cas... Read more

  • From Power chair to hiking for the 1st time in DECADES!!

    3/19/2020 11:55:16 PM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    Oh it's taken me 10 years to get to this point, but I HAVE!! Like many others, I am off work until school is back in. I am a foster grandmother for the 2nd grade locally. I DO MISS those little ones!! in my blog a few days ago I had written out things I want to accomplish during this t... Read more

  • March 18, 2020: 18,134 steps / 8.0 miles

    3/19/2020 12:01:49 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • Goals & Gratitude 3/18/20

    3/18/2020 11:46:19 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    So despite everything being crazy, I have some excellent news. I am now working from home and will be working full time, 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. And my boss said that I will go on the payroll around April 15th (tax day). I am so excited about this! I really love this job and would ... Read more

  • March 18- Changes coming!

    3/18/2020 10:10:31 PM, by KATIE5668

    Today started out lovely. I got a lot done, loaded the wood box , managed to spend some time playing outside with Molly. Continued on my adventure in Cleaning, sorting & shedding. Got in a lot of steps & certainly many bends, twists ,reaches & lifts. Amazing how much better one feels after a good ni... Read more

  • Let's share something good!

    3/18/2020 9:29:56 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Name a healthy food. I'll kick this off: Flax seeds... Read more

  • Cruising in South America & Buenos Aires Tonight

    3/18/2020 4:23:12 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We are approaching Buenos Aires Argentina. Our South American cruise on Coral Princess officially ends tomorrow morning. I enjoyed the cruise and this special time with our friends. Yes we missed some ports but we have been entertained and well taken care of by the crew. I am looking forward to our ... Read more

  • I'm back and I'm back in control, hallelujah!

    3/18/2020 11:47:51 AM, by RAYLINSTEPHENS

    I am NOT in the medical field. That said, my blood tests were 99% normal. Had I not added Potassium to my Nutrition Tracker, I would not have known of my Potassium deficiency since my blood test put me in the normal range. However, the blood test didn't show that I had doubled my coffee c... Read more

  • Moderation

    3/18/2020 6:02:19 AM, by PAMBACH

    What a word. Seems so simple but life can get out of control so fast. Emotions, eating, habits, daily stress. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all were able to practice moderation in all areas of our life. People have been talking about having a word for the year quite a lot recently. I ne... Read more

  • Staying busy while not working (the virus shut down) and healthy!

    3/18/2020 1:27:09 AM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    As many others are experiencing I too am at home because when the school isn't open there are no kids. LOL how that works huh? I am a foster grandmother at a local city school in Maine with the 2nd grade. I usually work 3 full days and 2 half days. I LOVE those little kids!! LOL they say it as it... Read more

  • March 17, 2020: 46,385 steps / 20.5 miles

    3/18/2020 12:06:23 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • March 17-Sleepy Day

    3/17/2020 10:38:42 PM, by KATIE5668

    Alarm went off at 5. After a restless night I had only scored 3.4hours sleep. So excited to be up & driving to town in the drizzling fog, can you see the sarcasm dripping thru those words! I knew it would be worse for Tammy as she is not a morning person. Managed to shuffle dogs in , out & back in... Read more

  • COVID-19 and Stress Eating

    3/17/2020 8:44:23 PM, by 3VEGGIES my previous blog I said this is the opportunity to form new habits. I absolutely want to find something good with this virus that is turning the world upside down. I believe that human kind can unite and work together across the world. We need to work together as friends, coworkers, neig... Read more

  • Cruising in South America & Change, Change, Change

    3/17/2020 1:44:31 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Yesterday we were happy to move our return flight up to Sunday, March 22nd. Now it looks like we can get an earlier flight Saturday, March 21st. We have difficulty with the website, so hopefully it's not gone. There are many others changing their flights and this allows us to change ours. Our s... Read more

  • March 16, 2020: 34,835 steps / 15.4 miles

    3/17/2020 12:22:48 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41 Go the distance 2020 team badge ... Read more

  • March 16th~ Mrs Clean Day

    3/16/2020 10:02:41 PM, by KATIE5668

    I kept looking at the ceiling fan in the kitchen thinking..really need to clean that. Well today was the day! Up and down the ladder..back and forth to the sink..globes clean, new lights in and blades shiny clean. Only problem now the rest of the kitchen looks dingy!! half the cabinets do... Read more

  • Cruising in South America & 14 Days of What?

    3/16/2020 3:43:46 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Yesterday hubby and I did a renewal of wedding vows, along with about 20 other couples. It was meaningful and fun. Later we joined our friends for a lovely dinner in the The Bayou Café. It has an amazing selection of steaks, gumbo and seafood. We watched a musical performance, then a movie. We have ... Read more

  • March 15, 2020: 42,381 steps / 18.7 miles

    3/16/2020 1:27:59 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

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  • March 15~Beware the Ids of March

    3/15/2020 11:11:38 PM, by KATIE5668

    Ahh poor Caesar his day was not nearly as good as mine! I woke to cloudy and cool but as the day continued it warmed to only light a good day all in all. Got into the kitchen and made some Irish Soda bread, plus a batch of Banana Nut Muffins. The muffins are a Spark Recipe and turn... Read more

  • Don't Miss a Golden Opportunity

    3/15/2020 10:01:44 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Wow! Well life can change so quickly can't it? I see the changes being implemented in our society as an opportunity to make constructive changes to my habits. 224 #1. The temptation to go out to a restaurant or grab something to bring home or eat on the run is gone. 226 Now there is... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 3/15/20

    3/15/2020 8:09:26 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    Well, never a dull moment, huh? I heard that the stores were running out of stuff, and I needed some things, so yesterday I went at 5:45 am. I'm glad I did! There was plenty of produce, which is mostly what I needed, but not a whole lot else. All the dry goods/canned goods, meat, dairy, bread, ... Read more

  • Cruising in South America & What is Next?

    3/15/2020 3:06:58 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Our plans are evolving as the situation is changing quickly. The latest our government wants Canadians home ASAP, while commercial flights are still available. Some out of country travel insurance companies won’t insure people traveling after 10 days from now. Starting March 17, Argentina is h... Read more

  • March 14, 2020: 3,767 steps / 1.7 miles

    3/15/2020 12:15:04 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41 These are my badges for Go the Distance in 2020
    p?gid=71427... Read more

  • March 14th~Foggy day here

    3/14/2020 10:22:04 PM, by KATIE5668

    The temps soared and the fog was so thick you could not see across the yard! It is funny but ground fog is do different than sea fog. I remember being on the coast and when the sea fog would roll in you could feel it touching your skin like the gentle touch of a lover. This ground fog is just wet! I... Read more

  • COVID19 #Coronavirus #UpcomingWedding #WeWon'tGiveUp!!!

    3/14/2020 9:31:58 PM, by HICIM705

    So, we are less than 90 days away from DD's big day and here we are ... in the middle of a PANDEMIC! Next Sunday is 'supposed' to be DD's Bridal Shower. So far, the restaurant has not canceled it, but ~ every hour that you listen to the news, it is becoming more and more apparent that the canc... Read more

  • Cruising in South America & Living in the Moment

    3/14/2020 3:30:21 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Saturday and we are cruising on the Coral Princess up the east coast of South America, a sea day. We have been unplugged since we set sail March 5th, so we live in the moment. A couple of times a day we scan TV news, so we are aware of world medical events and how they impact us personally. This mor... Read more

  • March 13, 2020: 17,301 steps / 7.6 miles

    3/14/2020 5:52:06 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • March 13th~Ole Man Winter is back!

    3/13/2020 10:28:35 PM, by KATIE5668

    When I got up I thought according to last nights weather report I had till noon to worry about the changes rolling in. Then I glanced out the window to see...tiny lil snowflakes, almost so small they looked like rain drops..but nope snow! Starting to cover the ground Oh goodie!! Threw my warm t... Read more

  • Corona Catastrophe

    3/13/2020 11:34:36 AM, by LIVELIFEGRAND

    This virus has completely coroded our society and subsequently, my desire to “try”. I already suffered from depression and this crap just put me into an emotional spiral. I will stop there because it is affecting everyone in some way and we don’t need a bunch of (more) negativity at this point. ... Read more

  • Off from work until further notice (the Corona virus)

    3/13/2020 11:04:06 AM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    Yesterday I got a call from the teacher I work with as a foster grandmother that the school systems in Maine are no longer allowing volunteers to be at the schools. Spoke to a co worker who works with the elderly (foster grandmothers and senior companions work under the same program) and the adult ... Read more

  • March 12, 2020: 14,669 steps / 6.5 miles

    3/13/2020 5:46:30 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41 A more satisfying number for me.... Read more

  • March 12-Beautiful Day...yet..Wait..change is coming!

    3/12/2020 10:39:37 PM, by KATIE5668

    Today was one of those perfect Spring days..just warm enough, the sun wasn't burning hot and the breeze was just a bit cool. I dashed out the door and did not look back!. Molly was busy letting all the rabbits know she was here and they were in mortal danger, except for that dern fence that keeps ... Read more

  • Keeping Things In Perspective

    3/12/2020 5:54:45 AM, by PAMBACH

    Easier said than done. Over the years obsessing has been a part of my life. Recently I have realized that it has become debilitating. I am not big on medicine, however if necessary will do. I have begun to journal. Nothing huge just a short blurb or more each day if necessary. A 30 day Coming Hom... Read more

  • March 11, 2020: 803 steps / 0.4 miles

    3/12/2020 12:41:19 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41 Yesterday I slept, read & watched a few movies.... Read more

  • Lost some weight, GAINED a LIFE again -- Want to do the same?

    3/11/2020 11:39:15 PM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    I've been taking some ME TIME this week. Why ME TIME? I'm a leader on the Awesome A team (a part of the 5% Challenge) and during the challenge its quite busy and I tend to get caught up in various duties and just life. Tonight I got together with a friend who lives in the building. ... Read more

  • March 11~A Good Day

    3/11/2020 10:51:53 PM, by KATIE5668

    Into town early..Tammy's eye check went well . Her eyesight is perfect and she is absolutely ecstatic! She can't stop commenting on how well she can see and that she is seeing things she has never seen before! We made a couple of stops and got home by lunch time. So time to do some outside stuf... Read more

  • 1345 Days

    3/11/2020 6:06:35 AM, by PAMBACH

    I started doing Premium coaching over a year ago. I have repeated it each day since. One of the suggestions was to start a 10 minute a day exercise streak. Thanks to Spark people and Premium coaching I am on day 1345! Whoo whoo. 590... Read more

  • March 10, 2020: 2,621 steps / 1.2 miles

    3/11/2020 6:00:40 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41 Yesterday I voted and did some chores. I ate well and the scale showed a 3 pound gain. I would like to reach 155 lbs but I am going up and down between 158 and 164 lately. FYI: I was 181 lbs. ... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 3/10/20

    3/11/2020 12:52:01 AM, by DUCKTURNIP

    Things are going well here, even though I'm not sleeping well. It takes me hours to fall asleep on Monday and Wed. nights knowing I have to get up the next day. Then when I do fall asleep, I wake up easily an hour or two before my alarm goes off. I wish I was a better sleeper, but I never have been.... Read more

  • March 10-up before the sun today!

    3/10/2020 10:25:03 PM, by KATIE5668

    Thanks for all the well wishes on Tammy's eye surgery..all went well . We go back tomorrow for a follow up ..then repeat next week on the other eye and she will never have to worry about it ,,at least for years!! I am posting a recipe for Do It Yourself Hand Sanitizer. All ingredients can be... Read more

  • March 9, 2020: 1,627 steps / 0.7 miles

    3/10/2020 12:13:59 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • March 9~yikes the month is going fast

    3/9/2020 11:06:01 PM, by KATIE5668

    Everytime I get to where I think I might have something..oh..anything figured out..and am able to actually set a schedule and maybe even a plan..well..I look at the calendar and think..NO that can't be right...3 months into the New Year...What?? It is one of the advantages and disadvantages of bein... Read more


    3/9/2020 6:35:50 PM, by KATHLEEN624

    It's MARCH! March is suppose to come in "like a Lion and go out like a Lamb" but the winter here in the Pocono Mountains, PA has been unusually mild this year. Today it was sunny with temps around 78 F. No coats, windows open with lots of fresh air. A great day for a long walk outdoors. ... Read more

  • March 8, 2020: 3,100 steps / 1.4 miles

    3/9/2020 3:20:08 PM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41 Yesterday my steps: The few I got were about exploring. I found a store with the most beautiful clock but they were so expensive. Well I’m trying to add more here but I feel unsure so I’ll just say: Hello to anyone who want to respond. 213 141... Read more

  • March 8th..Not a roll of TP to be found!

    3/8/2020 11:20:13 PM, by KATIE5668

    Kinda of a false of those news type grabbers! We did find some in a lil local Family Market..but at SAM's...there were empty shelves, open bare areas and not a sign of TP or Paper Towel in the place. Cashier said they stocked a Truckload yesterday and sold out in 2 hours!! Amazon has ... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 3/7/20

    3/8/2020 1:03:20 AM, by DUCKTURNIP

    Today was a cooking kind of day, and it looks like tomorrow will be the same. Today, I made two meals, linguine with spicy shrimp (my favorite SP recipe) and Egyptian lentil soup. I also cooked a pot of bulgur for salads and made two salad dressings (vegan 1000 island and peanut dressing). I finally... Read more

  • March 7, 2020: 542 steps / 0.2 miles

    3/8/2020 12:34:26 AM, by CHARTING-BEAR

    213 Hi 41... Read more

  • March 7th...remember that in the AM ..8 will be 9..9 will be 10..etc! WHY??

    3/7/2020 10:50:16 PM, by KATIE5668

    I am sure ya'al have seen the post by native american author... Only a white man would think you can cut 2 inches from the top of the blanket, sew it to the bottom of the blanket & think there is a longer blanket!! That is how I feel about DST!!! If it works for you hurrah..but it messes wi... Read more

  • 5% Winter Challenge, Overall Challenge Badges Week 7

    3/7/2020 12:14:12 PM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Congrats to all of our 5% Winter Challenge Teams! You are all wonderful! Here are the Week 7 Overall Challenge Badges. 242 594 345 380... Read more