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  • Consistency

    8/14/2020 3:55:07 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Mulching gardens in the hope of less weeds. Over ate cals yesterday 1500, I was just starving and couldnt distract myself. Maybe its all the gardening and I just needed more energy? Planned today and stuck with it. It will be interesting to see what the scales do this week. Heading away next week, w... Read more

  • Baby news

    8/12/2020 12:48:50 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Woke up to the happiest news that my niece had a little boy, cant stop smiling. I'm going to bake her something and a meal for her fridge freezer. Ate very late lunch, next minute I had gobbled a piece of bread while waiting on lunch to heat. I paused, counted my cals ate half my lunch and topped u... Read more

  • Peace and progress

    8/11/2020 6:55:35 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Lovely afternoon with my dear hubby working from home. R and R required this afternoon. Feeling relaxed, happy and recharged. I got a bit nibbly this evening and considered my snack sensibly rather than eating anything or everything. Thats progress.... Read more

  • Well done!

    8/9/2020 9:20:04 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    15lb gone. Well that can't all be water, I must have lost weight in the last few months. Keeping up is my protein intake seems to be a winner for me. The exercise and healthy foods tends to be easy part for me. Doing it..... Read more

  • Skiing

    8/9/2020 12:48:09 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Skiing was fun! I might not be able to walk tmrw ;) Pulled out some old slalom maneuvers and even a small jump. 53 pretending to be 23. Pleased my knees held up to it. No need to count calories today after hours on the slopes just Zzzz's... Read more

  • Belt in a notch

    8/7/2020 6:58:01 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Its always exciting when you tighten your belt and it moves in another notch unexpectedly. And the scales smiled today with another lb gone. Could hardly believe my tight jeans were lose enough to garden in yesterday. Im in such a happy place these days.... Read more

  • Bite

    8/6/2020 8:29:13 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    A spider went up my sleeve while gardening and bit me 5 times. By crikey it pinched. Proud to be sticking close to my calories and macros. Loosing weight effortless with no hunger. Just time.. Garden plan coming along, 3 cubic m of mulch arriving Monday. Amazing feeling to get on top of garden befo... Read more

  • Big plans

    8/5/2020 2:34:46 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Oh I have such big plans and huge expectations of myself. I hope I can pull them all off. Dreaming big and up early. Lets do this.... Read more

  • Winter salting.

    8/4/2020 8:55:38 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Winter foods seem to be laden with salt. Better watch that soup doesnt start a craving Missy! I watching you 🧐... skinny self 🤣... Read more

  • Joy of speeches

    8/4/2020 2:50:19 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    The beauty of boys having trust in you, discovering they are writers and finding their voice. The joy of teaching. Eating well, keeping well. Aim to drink more water tmrw.... Read more

  • Fulfilled happy.

    8/2/2020 2:51:30 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Gardened a lot and after the hard work I feel relaxed and accomplished. Dreaming of my next project. So happy I might pop. And lost another lb. :)... Read more

  • Windy

    8/1/2020 4:32:46 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Ski field closed due to wind. Gardened. Got boys ready for 1920s party at sisters flat. Tux, gangster and sequins. Fun for them. Went out to Indian for dinner. So happy my eating is under control. Eating kindly.... Read more

  • Scottish Caber Toss

    7/30/2020 11:16:51 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Got to tick off my job of moving the garden sleepers 100lb each. Couldn't drag them far. Helpers anyone? Husband too tired, boys at Uni. Not feeling flash but dug beep and flipped them over end by end till moved back into place. Somehow there is a 40cm gap! Minor adjustment.. Quiet day now and I am ... Read more

  • Befuddled

    7/29/2020 4:42:53 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Get a grip, whats my plan today. Day off work need a plan ASAP. Circuit training. Washing .. sun to come out this afternoon. Muck out paddocks. Lift last of yams - food bank excess Order compost delivery Bring trailer around, prune roses and collect fallen branches off gum tree. Garden center boxwoo... Read more

  • Walking

    7/28/2020 9:41:15 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Walked with neighbors this morning, had a lovely invigorating catch up. Pesky cold wind outside, might try to get into the garden. Or maybe dream up a new garden plan for the area beside my garage where I dug out abount 8m of Ivy... Eating kindly.... Read more

  • Tracking on.

    7/28/2020 12:33:30 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Teaching busy. On track for food. Lots of walking at school today but weights tonight?... watch this space. Better go cook dinner and feed the horse. Brrr cold out there, but probably better than too hot. Blessing SP friends.... Read more

  • 5 minute rule

    7/27/2020 1:43:05 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    'Go outside for 5 mins' then you can stop. Nearly an hour later and lots of jobs done. Love my 5 minute rule. Go to bed in exercise gear? Now that was a strange SP suggestion but I desperately wanted to exercise before work. It worked! But not sure it will be a regular habit. Hilarious when I thou... Read more

  • Dreaming gardens

    7/26/2020 4:53:46 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Gardened for hours then my dear husband took me to the botanic gardens for a big walk. Came away with some lovely ideas. Came home and had a laugh with the family watching the office. And yummy pizza. Planing a ski trip next weekend. Looks like we could get fresh snow up there this week. 🤞🏻... Read more

  • Back again!

    7/25/2020 8:23:58 PM, by BECCA044

    Its been a while. I stopped sparking when I felt I was doing well on my own, but this year has been darn bad. Between covid-19 and suddenly losing my dad to cancer I have a need to recommit to a healthy life and to myself.... Read more

  • Crisp

    7/25/2020 12:47:42 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Cold start to my gardening day. Very happy. 1200 calories allowance seemed like too much but now I am measuring everything it is surprising how considered I need to be. Macros helping to stay full.... Read more

  • Walking on sunshine

    7/23/2020 8:42:15 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Winter sun :) Jobs ticked off, eating on track. Looks like I'm staying on my high horse 🐴... Read more

  • Goody two shoes

    7/22/2020 8:30:47 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Eating well.. ..better not fall off my high horse 🤣... Read more

  • Fence crash

    7/20/2020 5:12:39 AM, by ZOOMTHOM

    A car took out our tennants house. Unfotunately I was at a horse show with my daughter so couldnt get there immediately. I expected a small hole not the fence wiped out posts and all. Hence a bit tired and stressed so havent eaten that well today. Silly old stress eating came to visit. Got a good ... Read more

  • Being inspired by other member 'choice'

    7/17/2020 9:07:49 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    Okay ive been inspired and off to do some housework. Thanks SP.... Read more

  • Darn it... I thought you were my friend!

    7/16/2020 10:22:46 PM, by ZOOMTHOM

    My ph told me I havent walked today. Well I know you only played music while I did my circuit training. But darn it, you didn't count mucking out the paddocks and all my yard work. Get a grip! I thought you were my friend!... Read more