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  • American Horror: The 11 Most Haunted Places in Georgia to Discover and Explore

    10/21/2019 10:45:48 PM, by LOSER05

    aunted-places-in-georgia/ 423... Read more

  • I Should Have Prefaced This Yesterday...........

    10/21/2019 10:43:33 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Usually I write way more than I need to, but yesterday, I didn't write enough. What prompted my blog on the importance of "Hand-washing in helping to prevent the flu", was a discussion I had with my Doctor last Friday. First of all, I asked her how the flu vaccine works. Her response... Read more

  • October 22, 2019 - weird health

    10/21/2019 9:47:28 PM, by DSHONEYC

    Broke down (?) and called my doctor for an appt. Friday. Sinus thing going on and bacterial so amoxilian prescribed for 7 days. Then Saturday, my foot started hurting around my 3 lower digits, slightly red like I had dropped something on it (and I had not). Then Sat. night it felt like my foot was o... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 21

    10/21/2019 9:36:39 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Draw or write non-stop without picking your pen up from the page for 5 minutes." [Drawing & Writing - That's How I Roll.] Sorry, the blog picture keeps getting resized smaller after posting it, to fit across the screen - not sure how to change that. ... Read more

  • Friends

    10/21/2019 8:30:26 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    I am fortunate to have so many wonderful friends. I would like to thank you all for making my day special. I wish you all a fun filled challenge and hope you all achieve what you want.... Read more

  • Fine Lines

    10/21/2019 7:28:45 PM, by LORI-K

    Hi Sparkfriends! You know that old saying that there’s a fine line between love and hate? I’ve really been giving it a thinking over and I find it to be very true in so many ways. It’s my thought that there is a fine line between a multitude of things that are part of my daily living. I t... Read more

  • Leisurely Day

    10/21/2019 6:24:14 PM, by MCJULIEO

    My hostess had to leave early to go to work, but she assured me that I would be welcome to “sleep in”, which I did, and I have felt refreshed and rejuvenated all day. I SHOULD have gone to the grocery store and gotten the fixings for a good dinner, but instead I think I’ll treat us to dinner ou... Read more

  • Different Strokes

    10/21/2019 4:58:54 PM, by GGRSPARK

    We are all here for different reasons. For many of us it is a safe place to come clean about the habits that weigh us down. For others it is a diversion - just check out how many jokes and funny memes are on daily. Then there are the religious people who must post about faith—,it’s ingrained in the... Read more

  • An Eating Tour Of Belgrade

    10/21/2019 10:23:15 AM, by MARTHA324

    We are on a river cruise up the Danube and today we were in Belgrade, Serbia. We elected to go on an eating tour of Belgrade and it was terrific. Even though I do "meatless Mondays" I decided to sample the food and glad I did! We started off with breakfast in an outdoor cafe near the old... Read more

  • 10/21/19 Be a Rainbow

    10/21/2019 10:07:22 AM, by NANASUEH

    "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." Maya Angelou "On average, how many salads do you eat every week?" "She's such a showoff on her broomba." Having lost most of his hearing a number of years ago, this elderly man goes to the doctor to... Read more

  • Ah, yes, Oktoberfest

    10/21/2019 7:21:59 AM, by MSLZZY

    Last year I did not go to Oktoberfest. After my open heart surgery, I did not have the stamina to spend long hours on my feet working the event and I must have been under the weather as we just stayed home. I do remember making my salads to share. This year, I made salads and we donated 2 ... Read more

  • Dust

    10/21/2019 5:13:13 AM, by JSTETSER

    Dust if you must, but there's not much time, with rivers to swim and mountains to climb, music to hear and books to read, friends to cherish and a life to lead. (10-20 day of Thank Yoy For Being a Friend Dayspring calendar.... Read more

  • Breast cancer, men & women...

    10/21/2019 4:21:55 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    Breast cancer is not just a woman's disease. Men can get it also. I saw a news story last week that men have a much lower survival rate than women do. As a breast cancer survivor, I want to make sure that EVERYONE knows that early detection is key, especially for men, because by the ti... Read more

  • One Of The Best Ways To Keep The Flu From Catching YOU............

    10/20/2019 10:09:24 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    WASH YOUR HANDS...……….. Send those germs down the drain before your body ever has to fight them off. Use soap and clean, running water. Wash for at least 20 seconds. If you don't have access to soap and water, a hand sanitizer can help (unless your skin is caked with dirt and grease.) Ju... Read more

  • 12 Most Haunted Places in Los Angeles, CA

    10/20/2019 9:30:28 PM, by LOSER05
    d-places-los-angeles-ca... Read more

  • Ending the Wedding With a Bang

    10/20/2019 9:29:26 PM, by MCJULIEO

    My big family’s Albanian wedding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, ran long last night... with MORE Albanian line dancing (which was a lot of fun) and contemporary American dance music and moves (which were also a lot of fun ) and the most AMAZING and delicious 4-5 course meal, which followed fabulou... Read more

  • Surgery Update

    10/20/2019 9:02:44 PM, by AZROSEZ

    I had my parathyroidectomy of one of the left parathyroids and thyroidectomy of the right thyroid on October 2nd. The surgeon told my son that the malfunctioning parathyroid was the biggest one she had ever removed. The nodule on my right thyroid was not cancerous. I knew the odds of it being cancer... Read more

  • Edward Gardens

    10/20/2019 5:14:58 PM, by GGRSPARK

    This park connects to Sunnybrook, Wilket Creek, and points south til the lake. The weather was amazing today, a perfect sunny day and it seemed as though half of Toronto felt the same. Parking is tough. Some drivers simply wait until a space opens and thus make it hard to leave. They are oblivious... Read more

  • it's sunday

    10/20/2019 2:06:18 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great workout at the gym yesterday and i feel wonderful! my daughter says hello to all. on friday night, i will be going to a halloween party and the music to be played will all be from the 1980's. i am really looking forward to it. i got in a lot of exercise and steps yesterday. i feel good... Read more

  • Finding my Way by Detaching with Love

    10/20/2019 11:56:13 AM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    I am finally getting a little more sleep and adjusting to the new normal of regular stressors combined with a challenging elderly parent. Speded brilliantly brought up the notion of "detaching with love" many months ago and that is what I am finally doing. This parent is still capable enough of inde... Read more

  • 10/20/19 On My Way

    10/20/2019 11:37:17 AM, by NANASUEH

    "I am on my way. I can go the distance." Hercules "Wayne, I'm pretty sure it's easier if you use the same hole to get up." "Stinkin' low carb housing." An older couple were lying in bed one night. The husband was falling asleep but the wi... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 20

    10/20/2019 9:41:22 AM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "What is the title of your Autobiography?" (Bonus: Create a book cover for it.) [Title: Oh Feck! It's Mandy Heck With A Card Deck!] ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 19

    10/20/2019 8:59:32 AM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Cut holes in the pages of a magazine, catalogue, or book so that what you reveal beneath creates something new." [A holey Penny becomes a pasta bake pendant.] ... Read more

  • The beauty of fall

    10/20/2019 6:20:46 AM, by 3VEGGIES

    465 464 465 464 465 464 465 464 465 464 465 464 Today I’m Thankful for a little bit of sun, a cool breeze, a walk in the woods, my vision, the fall colors, the ability to hear a plane overhead, and the possibility of walking on board to zip around the world like a bird. Life is ... Read more

  • Playing God

    10/20/2019 5:44:23 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday my brother told me to “stop playing God!” In order to keep peace in an angry family, I didn’t ask him to explain himself. Stop caring? God is love and he cares. Stop making decisions to help my mom? Mom made me the medical proxy. She asked me to make decisions. How do I stop play... Read more

  • More Albanian Wedding Observations

    10/20/2019 12:49:24 AM, by MCJULIEO

    The basic premise: my all American niece married an all American seeming, but actually an Albanian born but has become an American husband , and all his relatives (and he has a LOT) have come to celebrate with us..... some came all the way from Albania... some came from various pockets of Albania in... Read more

  • Get A Good Night's Sleep

    10/20/2019 12:01:04 AM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Without it, your immune system won't have the strength it needs to fight off illness. Most adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep a night. To get better shut-eye: 1. You need to stick to a regular bedtime schedule. 2. Stay active during the day. 3. Skip caffeine and al... Read more

  • Who Eats Out of a Measuring Cup?

    10/19/2019 7:08:41 PM, by KALISWALKER

    This week in the 5% Challenge we are doing portion control where you read/know the portion size then measure/weigh all your food and drinks. This afternoon I was having a yogurt snack, so I looked at the container, serving size 1/3 cup 35 calories. OK I fill the 1/3 measuring cup, get the mini spoon... Read more

  • 7 Signs Your House Could Be Haunted, According to Paranormal Experts

    10/19/2019 4:12:44 PM, by LOSER05
    se-signs/ 423 423 423... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 18

    10/19/2019 3:42:19 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "What does the inside of your brain look like, today?" ... Read more

  • Saturday Happiness

    10/19/2019 1:27:49 PM, by GGRSPARK

    In my efforts to clear up and clean up before we leave for two months, I have encountered some interesting things. Today our northward facing apartment seemed chilly...and so I decided to use a box of brownie mix. My son will likely take it all home so it seemed a good idea. Well folks, I have lost ... Read more

  • 10/19/19 Change the World

    10/19/2019 11:09:56 AM, by NANASUEH

    "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." Robin Williams "Whatever weight I manage to lose here, I always seem to find on the way home." Zombie Dads: "Don't roll your eyes at me, young man!" Hugs Jack wake... Read more

  • Works for me!

    10/19/2019 8:55:39 AM, by ALICIA363

    I got up at six. I'd really rather go outside and walk. Sunrise wasn't until 7:45. I don't walk outside until it is light. Sigh. I know me. I'd really rather walk, but I don't trust myself to get it done with an almost two hour delay. I'll get onto something else, and will postpone walking un... Read more

  • If You Want It

    10/19/2019 8:53:47 AM, by GOLFGMA

    If you want a healthy life you can have it. It isn't free and it isn't instant. It takes time and effort but the rewards are well worth it! 381... Read more

  • Williamsburg, VA (4)...

    10/19/2019 7:07:15 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    One of the places I love to visit anywhere I see one is a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium. There are no two alike & there is always something super cool to see. Model of the Capitol Building (in Washington, DC), made completely from matchsticks. The darker colors you see were made... Read more

  • Embracing Adversity

    10/19/2019 6:14:23 AM, by JSTETSER

    Some days are really tough right now. I don't like the pain, the stress and the major changes to my full schedule. Sometimes, I get upset and act in ways that are not as thoughtful as I'd like to be. The times of adversity will make me a better person. Adversity is like a strong wind. It... Read more

  • Never Seen Such a Thing!

    10/19/2019 12:00:36 AM, by MCJULIEO

    Rehearsal dinner hosted by the groom’s family featured dancing.... lots of dancing! Albanian line dancing is a lot like the dancing in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.. only louder.... and faster.... And there was baklava for dessert.... which I ate only a part of a piece....... Read more

  • What Are Shadow People? These Supernatural Entities Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

    10/18/2019 11:15:24 PM, by LOSER05
    an-any-horror-movie-12219528... Read more

  • Move Your Body

    10/18/2019 10:22:42 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Exercise is a simple way to rev up your defense system. It can also ease stress and make you less likely to get osteoporosis, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. You'll get the most bang for your workout buck if you do about half an hour a day. It doesn't have to be hardcore. Any ... Read more

  • 10/18/19 Walk

    10/18/2019 11:05:07 AM, by NANASUEH

    "If you only walk on sunny days, you'll never reach your destination." Paulo Coelho "Coffee: A magical substance that turns, 'Leave me alone or die.' into, 'Good morning, Honey.'" from NEW-CAZ The guys were on a bike tour. No one wanted to room w... Read more

  • What our Town is doing to get the Community Moving !!

    10/18/2019 9:42:13 AM, by JUDYAMK

    I live in a small town population over 10,000 in North Eastern Pennsylvania ( not far from the Poconos ) We have the founder that is in health care & an advocate started a program called Berwick on the Move. The program runs from October until June 2020 . We were given a little booklet like a pass... Read more

  • Brother David is coming home (Finally)

    10/18/2019 6:35:01 AM, by DGFOWLER

    Just got a call from Northcrest Nursing Home yesterday Oct 17. David will be home by Wednesday. We are working on finalizing appointments, arranging home health, meals on wheels, transportation, and getting him a wheelchair for home. This is an answer to prayers and it's been a long time ... Read more

  • A Masterpiece in the Making!

    10/18/2019 5:28:43 AM, by JSTETSER

    Each one of us is an incomplete masterpiece! We are also the master painter with the brush in our hands. Others may paint along with us, but we hold the masterstroke. What will you add to your painting today? Positivity or depression? Health and joy or sadness? The darkness of circumstan... Read more

  • Williamsburg, VA (3)...

    10/18/2019 4:34:14 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    Above is the beautiful pipe organ in Bruton Parish Episcopal Church, which is located in Colonial Williamsburg. Many of our founding fathers visited this church, but it was a church home to two notable figures in our history...Patrick Henry & George Washington. These markers are posted o... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 17

    10/18/2019 12:03:53 AM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create a house or shelter for a very small creature". ... Read more

  • Are Supplements Good For Your Immune System?????

    10/17/2019 11:18:01 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Some of these products can help your immune system, but more research is needed to know for sure if they're really good for you. Because they can interact with other medicines, let your doctor know if you want to try them. He/She can help you decide which ones are safe for you.... Read more

  • Family Events

    10/17/2019 10:56:13 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I’m in South Carolina, surrounded by family and soon-to-be family ...the wedding this weekend will link us to a large and loving clan mostly from Albania, some of whom braved their first airplane ride ever to get here for the festivities... and the groom’s mother has baked what sounds like several s... Read more

  • Do More of What Makes Me Happy! New Puppy!

    10/17/2019 10:26:58 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We went to the Portland OR area for 4 nights in our RV. The first 2 days we rested, shopped at Woodburn Premium Outlets with 114 stores (only shopped at 6 or 7), ate authentic Mexican food in the #1 restaurant twice. It was a holiday weekend so traffic to the shopping center was insane. Fortunately,... Read more

  • not even a cloche could help this mushy mess

    10/17/2019 9:46:25 PM, by APONI_KB

    We made stir fry tonight. I've experimented with ways to still have stir fry without going off the healthy eating rails. What doesn't work - I chopped up chicken and tossed it in a wok with some simmering chicken broth and white wine. I was trying not to use oil but the chicken is cooked... Read more

  • 7 Haunted B&Bs Where Guests Have Ghostly Encounters

    10/17/2019 6:09:18 PM, by LOSER05

    ted-bbs 423... Read more

  • Clearing, Cleaning and Letting Go

    10/17/2019 4:42:49 PM, by SPICY23

    Another (remodel) project. Feels almost like moving. Again. Shades of last year and the pre-wedding whole house painting project. I decided to be cheerful and upbeat about it; to see the opportunity to 'downsize' and clear our space of items that we no longer need or use. I mustered the attitude and... Read more

  • The American Museum in England - yes, it's a thing!

    10/17/2019 11:36:41 AM, by JURASSICSUE

    Not far from us is the American Museum which they say is "the only museum of American decorative and folk art outside the United States". It's a beautiful place, set in the countryside just outside Bath in South West England. One of my favourite visits there was a few years ag... Read more

  • 10/17/19 Be Useful

    10/17/2019 11:36:40 AM, by NANASUEH

    "When I wake in the morning, I make a wish to be useful to others." Dalai Lama "The 'snap, crackle and pop' a plugger hears first thing in the morning aren't coming from his breakfast cereal." "2 resumes, 4 job applications and a Will Work for Food sign?" "Halloween ... Read more

  • 100 Weeks of Maintenance!

    10/17/2019 11:36:37 AM, by DIROB57

    I'm a few weeks away from my two year anniversary of reaching my goal weight (again) but this time, I was determined to maintain my weight loss and I HAVE DONE IT FOR 100 WEEKS! 244 590 I've made maintenance mistakes before and I think the biggest one was putting all my excitement in see... Read more

  • October 17, 2019 - Fighting off feeling poorly

    10/17/2019 11:05:22 AM, by DSHONEYC

    Developed a horrible sore throat driving back from the Great Central Valley of California after visiting family & friends and attending my 50th High School Reunion. The Valley is home to Valley Fever and a host of other respiratory afflictions. My boss commented that everytime I come back fr... Read more

  • I will Survive

    10/17/2019 9:00:49 AM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    There have been many times where challenges have seemed insurmountable but somehow I muddled through, problem solved got things to improve even if just a little. I have been so tormented lately over the situation with my challenging elderly parent. (Thus the blog posts I keep writing and deleting:) ... Read more

  • Focus on what needs to be done first

    10/17/2019 7:39:59 AM, by MSLZZY

    Medicare signup time has begun and so many seniors to talk to before the enrollment period ends. And then there is all of the service work that also needs to be done. I need to focus on the most important goals first but not lose sight of the rest. That includes taking care of myself. Fo... Read more

  • Breaking the Floor!!

    10/17/2019 6:24:02 AM, by 3VEGGIES

    Wilma, my scale and I are finally working together once again! I’m so excited! My weight had been creeping up all year. This morning I busted through the 250 lb barrier to 249.8. Never in my lifetime did I once think I’d weigh over 200 lbs yet here I am significantly more. Like so many of yo... Read more

  • Sadness

    10/17/2019 5:23:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    yesterday was a very sad day for me. My mother is not doing well with her health. She has pneumonia and a UTI. I could not be with her today, and I'm very sad. I wish that I could be by her side during her weakest moments, but I live 90 minutes away, and could not go. She spent the day in th... Read more

  • Williamsburg, VA (2)...

    10/17/2019 4:09:05 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    Old windmills are just so cool!! Carpet from the ballroom in the Governor's Mansion: Pipe organ: Freestanding fireplace: Trunk: More tomorrow... 334 Keep smiling!! 334 247 390... Read more

  • 64 day countdoun to 6 years no added sugar(not one piece of pie, bowl of ice cream or cookie) and ar

    10/17/2019 12:26:06 AM, by WEWRTFO

    Its also 64 day countdown until my 2nd hip replacement surgery, 16 day countdown until my first ever international trip to Europe first 17 days in November celebration my 30th anniversary with my wife who is dealing with cancer very courageously. Good news so far as chemo treatments have worked we... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 16

    10/17/2019 12:21:59 AM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Have someone teach you how to do something you've never done before today." [Teacher = Google! The new lesson = Find ways to recycle rubber gloves - Food bag tie, Finger puppets, Hair tie]. ... Read more

  • For A Stronger Immune System, Eat The Rainbow

    10/16/2019 9:47:37 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Eat The Rainbow Colorful Fruits and Vegetables are full of anti-oxidants. These Nutrients guard against free radicals, molecules that can harm your cells. To get a wide range, go for Oranges, Green Peppers, Broccoli, Kiwi, Strawberries, Carrots, Watermelon, Papaya, Leafy Greens, ... Read more

  • Wordless Wednesday - The brothers & me at the river.

    10/16/2019 8:09:55 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    10/16/2019 6:48:14 PM, by MOMMY445

    a cool fall day here today. my daughter says hi to everyone. I had an incredible workout at the gym this morning. both budgie birds say cheep ,cheep! have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • A Little Update

    10/16/2019 5:34:36 PM, by LORI-K

    Hey Sparkfriends! 213 I wanted to thank y’all for all the well wishes, advice and fussing at me (lol) about my recent health drama. I appreciate y’all so much. At my cardiologist appointment today, there were no ill findings. I’m calling my episode a MYSTERY. I’m both perplexed and thankful... Read more

  • Change of Venue

    10/16/2019 5:23:00 PM, by MCJULIEO

    There is safety in staying home, and having all your standard support props in place for a successful lifestyle and eating plan.... But sometimes you just have to leave home and live life, even if it means straying from what seems comfortable and/or easy to live a healthy lifestyle... Speaking ... Read more

  • your "keys to life" literally make me chuckle

    10/16/2019 2:03:10 PM, by APONI_KB

    I could write a book on life in corporate America, but it might just undo a lot of expensive therapy so maybe not. 40 Earlier today I was working on something and suddenly remembered a couple of things that just made me laugh even though I played along because I was being a company woman... Read more

  • 5 Sadistic Serial Killers Whose Spirits Still Remain

    10/16/2019 1:24:08 PM, by LOSER05
    spirits-still-remain/... Read more

  • October 16, 2019 - Cool Sculpting

    10/16/2019 11:29:01 AM, by DSHONEYC

    Not an ad, just an observation...had my first of (2) session last night. No matter what I have done in my weight loss journey my formerly flat as a pancake stomach has stubbornly resisted minimizing attempts. So, in my vanity, I am seeking this non-invasive procedure... Read more

  • 01/16/19 See good

    10/16/2019 10:34:12 AM, by NANASUEH

    "Train your mind to see something good in every day!" The final step in the evolution of modern man: "Legend has it that he invented ego." "This is not how it looked on 'Top Chef'." A bright young executive had just been hired as the new CEO of ... Read more

  • Where Is it!

    10/16/2019 8:51:16 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Have I lost it? I pray not! I hope I never lose focus. My focus for several years has been just to live healthy. If I lose focus on being healthy I'm sure my body will let me know and it won't be pleasant! Achy joints, loss of breath, indigestion, wearing plus sizes are not the rewards I want.... Read more

  • Even the weather has mood swings

    10/16/2019 7:35:42 AM, by MSLZZY

    Mother Nature has mood swings. One day it is pleasant and sunny and the next it is damp and cool and windy. It is hard to know what exactly to wear but being prepared is part of life. We have to adjust. I am trying to be prepared for the cold days but wearing an extra sweater that I can ha... Read more

  • Ah, that takes me back!

    10/16/2019 7:10:06 AM, by JURASSICSUE

    I was reminiscing this morning. About the times when I used to meet up with a couple of other girls from work and we'd go out to dinner. This must have been 40 years ago. It was a Greek restaurant in our local town. We'd chat and eat and listen to the little band who played there. ... Read more

  • Williamsburg, VA...

    10/16/2019 6:09:53 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    One of the most recognized buildings in Colonial Williamsburg is the Governor's Mansion (above). I love looking at the antique furniture, weapons & musical instruments!!! So fun!!! This next photo is at an odd angle because I was trying not to include people's heads (the room was full).... Read more

  • First Things First

    10/16/2019 5:16:51 AM, by JSTETSER

    I learned from the best! I remember seeing my Dad get up early and stretch out before going to work on his bike. After he retired, he got up early and went for a run, and in his later years, he got up early and walked with my mom. My Mom would read her Bible, and go for a walk every day. ... Read more

  • Have A Laugh

    10/16/2019 12:00:55 AM, by PATRICIAANN46

    A giggle or two is good for you. Not only does it make you feel better, there's no downside. One study found that after people laughed out loud at funny videos, their immune systems worked better. But we aren't sure yet if that means less illness in the long run. But it does mean tha... Read more

  • What a Day I Had!

    10/15/2019 11:15:32 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Have you ever felt like running away from home? I did, just today! The day started well enough, and I enjoyed a great Bible study, and then went to get a flu shot, which was fast, painless, and FREE, and then managed to find the perfect wedding present I was looking for, and a pair of black pum... Read more

  • Wonderful Woman Wednesday Wisdom

    10/15/2019 6:55:21 PM, by SHARON10002

    When was the last time you thought about your many "hidden" qualities? We rarely take the time to sit and think about how wonderful we actually are - because some people would claim that's egotistical, narcissistic, or maybe even selfish. It doesn't hurt, now and then, to look within in your quiet... Read more

  • What Will It Be?

    10/15/2019 4:18:02 PM, by GOLFGMA

    This morning my personal devotions was a story and scriptures on leaving a legacy and what would we want ours to be. I've chosen mine. Just something we need to think about. We are all leaving one and the time to change is now if you don't like what you may be leaving others to re... Read more

  • The Vanishing Hitchhiker Legend in North Carolina: The Ghost of the Jamestown Bridge

    10/15/2019 12:43:29 PM, by LOSER05
    wn-bridge-edc7cf6cd8a7... Read more

  • 10/15/19 Empower

    10/15/2019 11:43:57 AM, by NANASUEH

    "I will not feel deprived when I turn down junk food. I will feel empowered that I made the healthy and right choice." "When I argue with my boss, I always have the last word. Luckily, he never hears it." "You called hex support?" "I'm so board. ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 15

    10/15/2019 9:04:45 AM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Turn something you would normally throw away into something you want to keep". ... Read more

  • Where Does Disappointment Come From?

    10/15/2019 8:23:19 AM, by 2BDYNAMIC

    Undoubtedly, we have all felt a sense of disappointment at some time, specifically things pertaining to health and fitness. But what was the reason? Was it a failed expectation-in which we disappointed another or was it ourselves? What standard are we striving to live up to? Did we or som... Read more

  • Wondering and Wandering

    10/15/2019 5:11:42 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sometimes I wonder as I wander through the woods, why is this world such a diverse and beautiful place? I am so thankful for the beauty and love that I find. I am content with a calmer kind of satisfaction with the beauty that I get to share with my friends and family. I have a sense of b... Read more

  • Spiderman's other occupation...

    10/15/2019 4:22:16 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    246 We're back!!! I hope you all have been well. I will have a few vacation pics for you tomorrow & the rest of the week. 334 Keep smiling!! 334 247 390... Read more

  • A Little Lopsided

    10/15/2019 12:49:25 AM, by GGRSPARK

    There are still three weeks til we fly out west and I have a routine. If it’s only for a couple of weeks I can put it all together in a day or two. The usual laundry, dusting and clearing up , but we will be gone til January and with no one here to check on taps, or mail we have to hire someone. ... Read more

  • Why Alton is America's Most Haunted Small Town

    10/14/2019 10:27:56 PM, by LOSER05
    all-town 423 423 423 423 423 423... Read more

  • Look On The Bright Side

    10/14/2019 10:24:11 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    When you think good thoughts, your body's defenses work better. Want to stay in your "Happy Place?" Savor the things you enjoy. Look for a silver lining- - - - even in tough times- - - - and try not to dwell on the bad stuff. 67... Read more

  • More Bibliophilia

    10/14/2019 9:32:31 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Wasn’t it Walt Disney who said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”? So many books, so little time! Has this ever happened to you? Thanks to the Friends of the Library Booksale, I should be ready for a hurricane, a blizzard, a coup, a tornado, and a vacation, one right after anoth... Read more

  • National Make a Difference Day

    10/14/2019 9:16:38 PM, by CATHYSFITLIFE

    For the Aspire & Inspire's October Buddy Support Group Challenge, we are asked to write a blog each week and we get to choose from 2 different topics or blogging about something else that we want to blog about. One of the blog topics was about National Make A Difference Day. National Make A Differ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 14

    10/14/2019 6:48:19 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create a Venn diagram, chart or graph that explains something humorous." [Kevin Smith + Jason Mewes = Jay & Silent Bob!] ... Read more