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  • Yikes, so many things to do

    8/6/2020 10:40:04 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Today my husband has knee surgery, I am supposed to get my hair cut for the first time in 4 months and I have work where I am training a new person and I need to get my exercise in. Just typing it stresses me. And I have to drop him off and wait in the parking lot or come back and get him as you c... Read more

  • I like good food!

    8/5/2020 3:44:11 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    First Im going to acknowledge myself as it has been one month and I am doing great. Exercising and eating a good diet. I am noticing since I stopped eating fast food and snacks that I like foods that are good for me. I love herring, fish of any kind, pickles of any kind, strong cheese, any vegetab... Read more

  • So many people out walking

    8/4/2020 10:55:24 AM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    One wonderful upside to this pandemic is the number of people who are home and out walking. No matter what time of day I go I am seeing more people out exercising.... Read more

  • Still at it

    7/29/2020 2:24:17 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    Hard to believe that it is nearing the end of July. The best news is that Im still sticking with the changes in my diet and the daily exercise. Im being easier on myself and Im not checking the scale so often. The best part is I feel so good. When I started this I stopped drinking wine. I didn't ... Read more

  • Back again

    7/15/2020 10:37:56 PM, by SUSANYOUNGER

    One year later and so many issues later and heaver then ever. Started back 3 weeks ago, didn't want to blog until I was sure I could stick with it. After my heel issues I got a stress fracture in the other foot and struggled with it for months. Wasnt able to exercise and got heavier and then the... Read more