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    8/4/2020 11:01:25 AM, by JOANN25

    I have been on break but am back. The break was needed but boring. I am so glad to be back with my spark people family I missed you all and am glad to be back. Thank you for being such a joy to me. ... Read more

  • Being thankful

    8/3/2020 9:03:59 PM, by BECK56

    Thank you all Spark friends for encouragement and support. It has been 54 days since I started back to Sparks. And I take each day as it comes and some days I want to binge and I say no way look where GOD has brought you and look at the support you have received from sparks. Again I want to say than... Read more

  • Why Not Treat Yourself To A Treat?

    8/3/2020 6:07:44 PM, by ON_A_DIET

    Yes, it is easy to go to the grocery store to buy a container of cookies. But, are they all that healthy? Why not shop your own pantry? Doing so would be frugal and healthy! Just about everyone knows this recipe, but just in case you do not, the link is down below. What do you need ... Read more

  • Busy day

    8/2/2020 9:43:13 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Ran errands and got the Durango washed in the heat today. The ac in it went out, bummer. Another big expense....seems never ending. Planning an evening walk when it cools down a bit more. It's been too hot in the day to enjoy outdoor exercise. But the evening cools considerably which makes for ... Read more

  • Just A Simple Sunday

    8/2/2020 6:29:14 PM, by ON_A_DIET

    Today has been a simple Sunday. I have side hustled for quite a while. The roommates and I cleaned out the basement. We found dinnerware we did not know we even had! Some were of a country theme. Some were of a fruit theme. All were nice and useful. I prepared vegetable soup in ... Read more

  • Roller Coaster

    8/1/2020 9:59:09 PM, by SOULFISH80

    It's been a really emotional week and weekend, lots of change, most of if, if not all good I believe. Still kind of sorting things out with Tim, trying my best to make ammends for things I've done while still standing my ground on the things that aren't right that he does/did. Marriage definitely ha... Read more

  • Lost 15.4 Lbs. in 5 Weeks

    8/1/2020 3:49:03 PM, by GIVENTHANKS

    I had my five week weigh-in this morning. I am down 15.4 lbs. I have been eating differently, sometimes multiple times a day and sometimes intermittent fasting on a 12:12, 16:8 or just eating one meal a day. I am trying to keep my body guessing so it does not get used to the same thing all the time.... Read more

  • Yippee

    7/31/2020 1:39:19 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Well I've finally broken a month's long plateau and dropped another pound. I am so pleased!!!! No idea what finally went right, but I'm hoping to continue to do the same!!!!! Day 4 without Facebook is going really well. I am really not missing it. The only real misses would be family new... Read more

  • Afternoon adventure

    7/30/2020 5:49:21 PM, by SOULFISH80

    My sister and I decided to take a nice hot walk in the heat today. I was blazing and we got a bit lost on the We finally made our way back. It was nice on the water. We saw dozens of blue winged dragon flies, it was really quite lovely out. I think I'll go back soon when it's a b... Read more

  • Life without Facebook

    7/30/2020 3:24:37 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Well, my husband and I have been fighting for 3 days. One of his requests was that I get off FB. I love him so of course I said ok. What I didn't know was the benefits I'd be getting. Of course, it's only been 3 days, but I've already rediscovered some of my old friends.....a super clean place, read... Read more

  • Daily reality check

    7/30/2020 10:33:52 AM, by CLAIREMZM

    Last night, and the night before, and maybe even the night before that, I gave in to the temptation to overeat in the evening. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had probably eaten more calories in the evening than I should all day, or at least another meal's worth of calories. Be... Read more

  • Shutdown round 2

    7/28/2020 8:33:00 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Well, I was off 75 days, the first round and I'm starting week 3 of the 2nd round. I managed to lose 21 pounds the first round. I'm not doing quite as well but haven't gained so that's a win. I'm taking a FB and IG break, hoping that will help me focus on the important things. Hope you all are wel... Read more

  • Report-Two Days Short of One Month

    7/25/2020 10:24:22 AM, by GIVENTHANKS

    From 6/27/2020 to 7/25/2020: Dropped 12 pounds Neck - lost 1/2" Chest-lost 1/4" Left arm-Lost 3/4" Right Arm-lost 1.25" Waist-lost 1.5" Left Thigh-lost 1/4" Right Thigh-lost 1/2" Left calf-lost 1/2" Right Calf-lost 3/4" Hips-lost 3" Other Perks: In less than 2 weeks, ... Read more

  • Trying again

    7/22/2020 7:33:49 PM, by MRSNORTHWOOD

    Here I am, after a long time away...trying again. I would love support and encoragement!... Read more

  • "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer

    7/17/2020 4:33:43 PM, by REGILIEH

    Years ago I read this book, one of my favorite books of all times. I would guess it was in the early 70's. Because of our times it has reminded me of this book and the man who wrote it, both are incredible. You can get it on kindle or paperback, you can get a hard copy but the cost is over ... Read more

  • I Am Turning Into A Craftoholic

    7/17/2020 1:49:13 PM, by ON_A_DIET

    I was at Michael's with the roommates. They were looking for tons of yarn. I got so tired. My back hurt. I just wanted to take the face mask off. I drifted down a clearance aisle. I saw little brown bags of scrap fabric at 97 cents for each bag! I grabbed 10 bags! Then, I went to... Read more

  • day 34 for keeping track of food and exercise

    7/14/2020 5:42:28 PM, by BECK56

    Hello Last weekend was tough not foodwise, but someone hacked into my daughter's account and we all know what it takes to make sure no one gets her information. She is an adult with Autism and Bi-polar, so life has been rough for her these past 5 years. Her and I are gaining healthy eating hab... Read more


    7/13/2020 12:54:49 AM, by JOANN25

    I walked 7,440 steps today. I was cleaning files at the house this afternoon. It paid off as I had more steps than I thought I would have. Shooting Stars, I am missing you. I hope to be back in the Spring for the Spring challenge. I should have my house in order by them Hope you are... Read more

  • Lifestyle Change

    7/12/2020 12:42:04 PM, by GIVENTHANKS

    I am doing the Intermittent Fasting on the 16:8 schedule except yesterday it was closer to 12:12 since I was at a friends home and also in a meeting. I still did well with my calories though. I am 67 years old and the weight has not been coming off as quickly as I would like (6.8 lbs in 2 weeks) BUT... Read more

  • Who Would Have Ever Thought?

    7/11/2020 5:55:36 PM, by ON_A_DIET

    I have never been creative, unless you count gift baskets, gift jars and wreathes. Such crafts were in my comfort zone. I thought I was too good for crafts. I felt that my online writing work was more productive. I felt like making money is all that matters. Yesterday, as a change of scener... Read more