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  • xxx Day 1 Gold's Balance and Barre + 10+ steps

    1/21/2020 5:34:08 PM, by JOE14250

    Went to Gold's and to a class that integrated some Tai Chi components. A lot of balance work. stll walked and got in 11k by5 PM.... Read more

  • 214.7 missed 2nd day in a row 2 beers with lunch

    1/21/2020 5:31:30 PM, by JOE14250

    Did see the doc all good. couldn't get it together to get to the gym. Monday also no exercise goal. Blew dry january also. ... Read more

  • Sunday blew it off

    1/20/2020 4:43:31 PM, by JOE14250

    Did get about 8000k steps but didnt' get to a gym. broke streak... Read more

  • xxx Day 14 BZ workout class cancelled 3beers

    1/18/2020 10:16:32 PM, by JOE14250

    Went to class but instructor didn't show. Class cancelled. I did a regular workout Did 8 minutes of balance board. touched 4 times. Used three # weights with curls and simple exercises. erg 5min =1000m hand bike 20 min. 10 stations ... Read more

  • 214.7 Day 14 went to gym AF at 9PM 4 beers

    1/18/2020 9:16:48 AM, by JOE14250

    Kept the streak going but was on computer right through time to get to gym class. Went last night instead. had a good workout. Blew the beer goal, and probably the weight goal. I will continue with my good habits in spite of slipping a bit. Life goes on! 17 /18 in January. Keep moving.... Read more

  • xxx Day 12 Thursday Silver sneakers Class two beers

    1/17/2020 12:01:27 PM, by JOE14250

    I went to Golds wyo for the class and enjoyed it. It was a good sweat. they had snacks afterward but I had a lunch appointment. Getting to know everyone there which is good.... Read more

  • 213.3 Will be day 8 0 beer Sunday

    1/13/2020 7:15:52 AM, by JOE14250

    BP first thing before coffee 127 / 88 heart rate 57 I will go to the 11 AM Golds Exeter old peeps group.... Read more

  • xxx Day 8 good walk with wife mini workout 0 beer

    1/12/2020 6:46:49 PM, by JOE14250

    Walked coming back from Weatheby's at Oaks on 422. walked up till under 422 from parking lot. tired. Did handweights in front of playoff game. with 3# finished steps inside while watching the news. 10000+... Read more

  • 211.7 Seven day streak at gym or 10K 1 beer at opening at ceramic studio

    1/11/2020 3:13:53 PM, by JOE14250

    Goal up date: 2020 Consistency Record PB 7/7 streak at the gym or 10K steps. Weight by 1/18 below 212 4/7 days Blood pressure : 136/69 68 Dry January-- didn't make it this Sat night. Low number new goal for Jan. Still no beer! Did get to the gym this mornin... Read more

  • 213 Friday about friday

    1/10/2020 4:47:47 PM, by JOE14250

    Did ten machines at the gym. 15 min treadmill, 5 min ergometer 1000 meters. Left shoulder rotator cuff area is weak and painful intermittently. It is an area of focus for me. My hip is healing well. I am still careful with it. and slowly, gradually ramping up speed and duration. Sti... Read more

  • 213 .0 Day 5 Gold's oldster group 0beer, 0 meat

    1/10/2020 9:25:53 AM, by JOE14250

    Did continue with the dry January ethic. Liked the variety of SS class experiences so far. I have been incorporating several gyms and instructors into the mix. Hopefully will be below 212 by next Friday consistently. I have been feeling better my new hip may have more flexibility than the one... Read more

  • 215.4 Day 4 yesterday regular gym 0 beer

    1/9/2020 8:12:24 AM, by JOE14250

    Still sticking to the Dry January concept. Will have a beer if out with couples or sons. Not to help get to sleep or nap. I showed up at the oldsters class which was cancelled because of a snow delay that morning in the local schools. Go figure? Bizarre connection! I did my ten machines and ... Read more

  • 215.2 Missed over the weekend now day 2 one more time 0 beer

    1/7/2020 10:01:50 PM, by JOE14250

    I walked with my buddy who broke his hip before my hip replacement. We brought another friend who is in an assisted living program. Of course the three of us over did it. I kept saying should we turn around here? We walked four miles on a flat trail. We of course were crawling back. One step ... Read more

  • 213.7 day 5 gym No booze

    1/3/2020 5:03:34 PM, by JOE14250

    Went to the a different gym for me and did half a class with oldsters, I was the only male, was on a treadmill and rowing machine waiting for the class, and had a pain in my new hip so quit half way through. It was strange being the only male. I was OK with it. Tomorrow is another day. I m... Read more

  • xxxx 5th day at gym 0 beer so far

    1/2/2020 6:25:02 PM, by JOE14250

    I got to the gym with my buddy. We went to the old folks group. He liked it and was surprised that it was as tough for him. I will try to stay with these old folks group and en corporate them into my regular social network. They are nice people and we will fit and make it work. They are c... Read more

  • 215.3 4th day at the gym straight 0 beers

    1/2/2020 7:29:56 AM, by JOE14250

    Hit Anytime Fitness at 9PM . I think it interfered with my sleeping. horrible sleep less than 3 hours last night.... Read more

  • 216.3 day 5 of gym attendance 0 beer

    1/1/2020 10:16:50 PM, by JOE14250

    I have gotten away from recording here, but have been pretty good at getting to the gyms. My hip is improving and I don't avert to the fact that it has just been replaced 5 weeks ago. I did my five days straight today. I will get down below 210 by the end of January weight wise. I will encorpo... Read more