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  • Moving Monday

    6/2/2020 12:50:05 AM, by 2DAWN4

    When time allows at work, I have been working on a major weeding project. It started a few months ago and I am hoping to finish it in the next few weeks. I am also creating a graphic novel section for the juvenile books and merging the YA graphic novels in with the adults. I interfiled the adults... Read more

  • Sunday sadness

    6/1/2020 12:52:18 AM, by 2DAWN4

    Today was filled with such sad news.......It was heartbreaking to see that all the peaceful protests in my area turned to violence. Many arrests were made and many stores were broken into and looted. So sad! Stay safe everybody!... Read more

  • Saturday Stuff

    5/31/2020 12:08:21 AM, by 2DAWN4

    Although I am back to work at my full-time job, mt part-tie job has very limited hours. We are not open during my normal work schedule but my employer is allowig me to come in and work my hours if I want. Although I miss the patrons, I do love being able to come in a little bit earlier and then le... Read more

  • Friday's Fruit

    5/30/2020 12:36:22 AM, by 2DAWN4

    I just love fruit! I will eat any fruit and have several favorites. Recently I have discovered mangos and have enjoyed them. Tonight I put some on my cottage cheese and boy was it yummy! What fruit do you enjoy?... Read more

  • Thursday's Thoughts

    5/28/2020 11:55:32 PM, by 2DAWN4

    I titled this blog "Thursday's Thoughts" but I really don't know if I have any! This week has flown by with life starting to get back to normal. I am back to working both jobs which keep me busy. I wanted to work outside for a bit tonight before zoom teaching my Sunday Schoool class but... Read more

  • Wednesday Words

    5/28/2020 12:19:02 AM, by 2DAWN4

    The word for tonight is: Sweet dreams all!... Read more

  • I AM Finally Back

    5/27/2020 2:10:58 PM, by PORTIA70

    Good grief, it has been quite a few weeks since I last posted on here. Ever since the quarantine started it feels like everything is in limbo. I earned 189 SparkPoints I believe for today. Not bad at all :) But I did discover that my payment for premium has not been received for a f... Read more

  • This is dying.

    5/27/2020 3:43:39 AM, by _RAMONA

    ...and this is my Mom: Yesterday, Monday, May 25, 2020 at around 7:10 AM, at the age of 79 (six weeks shy of 80 and exactly one month shy of her 60th wedding anniversary) she died, suddenly. At 6:00 AM she woke and went to her little community garden plot to begin planting t... Read more

  • Ten Thousand Step Tuesday

    5/26/2020 11:16:12 PM, by 2DAWN4

    Before the world stopped turning for a few months, I regularly hit 10,000 steps. However, working at home and havig lots of Zoom classes took its toll. I just couldn't see to get past 7000. Since being back at work, I have managed to make my step goal each day. Today, I met my goal fairly earl... Read more

  • Memorial Day Monday

    5/25/2020 11:50:44 PM, by 2DAWN4

    Memorial Day is usually a day full of activities but something called the virus changed that. All local Memorial Day parades and services were cancelled. My small town of 550 people has put on such a great Memorial day service the last twenty years. It is well-attended but not only the local resi... Read more

  • Survior Sunday---well really Saturday!

    5/24/2020 11:17:53 PM, by 2DAWN4

    As I was getting ready for bed last night, I realized that I have been cancer-free for 19 years! My mom has been a breast cancer survivor for 22 years, my older sister is a two year breast cancer survivor and my younger sister is a 34 year cancer survivor of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and my niece is a... Read more

  • SaturdayStorms and Sad Good-byes

    5/23/2020 11:47:26 PM, by 2DAWN4

    Holy Batman! We had strong storms tonight that resulted in 2.15 inches of rain. All of that fell in an hour! It was crazy! Today a very special friend was laid to rest. He ws 86 but a very young 86. He enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest. RIP JOE!... Read more

  • Friday Food for thought

    5/23/2020 12:51:26 AM, by 2DAWN4

    Don't tell me to reach for the stars when there are footprints on the moon! Told to me by a third grader!... Read more

  • Monday Moments

    5/18/2020 11:11:58 PM, by 2DAWN4

    Not too much happened today. I worked both jobs for the first time in 8 weeks. I am tired but it's a good tired. I have been talking to my niece for over an hour. I have enjoyed every minute of it! Happy Monday evening everyone!... Read more

  • Sunday Summary

    5/17/2020 2:18:56 PM, by 2DAWN4

    Sunday is only halfway over with but I want to blog just a bit. I am not a writer, blogger or wordsmiths. Words do not flow easy for me but I am trying to blog every day in order to improve. So here is today's blog. Went to church for the first time in 8 weeks. It was great seeing everyon... Read more

  • Smashing Saturday

    5/17/2020 12:37:55 AM, by 2DAWN4

    I had a great Saturday! I ran some errands with my mom. She stayed in the car bt she has not been anywhere in three weeks so I was glad that she got out in the beautiful sunshine. During a brief stop at my church, we ran into my cousing and visited for a minute. We are gong to resume servic... Read more

  • Freeing Friday

    5/16/2020 12:36:43 AM, by 2DAWN4

    I was able to keep my hair appointment today. I felt so free and light when I walked out after the cut. I have bangs and I wear them short. As short as I can without looking like a two year with a pair of scissors. We estimated that about two inches were cut from my bangs and another five inche... Read more

  • Thundering Thursday!

    5/15/2020 12:41:22 AM, by 2DAWN4

    Wow! Nature is provding a show for me tonight! But I love a good storm! Lots of thundering and lightening going on!... Read more

  • Wednesday Wow!

    5/13/2020 9:35:03 PM, by 2DAWN4

    I feel like I have become a boring person lately. I have nothing new to blog about. Work was busy but I got a lot of projects crossed off my list. More to do tomorrow but that's okay! Job security! Happy Wednesday!... Read more

  • Tip Top Tuesday!

    5/13/2020 12:14:07 AM, by 2DAWN4

    Not to much to report today. Work was a catch-up day with two Zoom meetings thrown in. Came home and puttered around the house. Supper was kinda tossed together but was yummy. Nt much to say so I will say good night!... Read more

  • Tired Tuesday....but it's only Monday!

    5/11/2020 10:40:50 PM, by 2DAWN4

    Before the world was turned upside down and inside out, I was a pretty active busy person. I would stay up late since I didn't have to be at work until 9:30 a.m. When the virus hit, both of my places of employment were temporary closed. I still worked from home for a few hours each day. I g... Read more

  • Sweet Sunday Strawberries

    5/10/2020 1:44:55 PM, by 2DAWN4

    A sweet friend of mine brought me two chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's Day. Neither one of us is married or has kids but we both have kids,,,,if that makes any sense! We mother our nieces and nephews and other children along the way. I believe with my whole heart that you did not h... Read more

  • Sloth-like Saturday

    5/9/2020 2:02:16 PM, by 2DAWN4

    I m very slow moving on this cold, windy but sunshiny day. I slept later than normal but i think I needed the rest. I just ate a yummy lunch and now am working on sparkpeople challenges and task. Then think I will work on a few craft projects, get ready for my Zoom meeting with my Sunday Sc... Read more

  • Tootin' Tuesday

    5/5/2020 11:13:59 PM, by 2DAWN4

    Today was quite a day! I was involved in a high-speed chase! No kidding! I had the music cranked up high and didn't stop at stop signs.There were two state police cars and two county police vehicles behind me with their sirens blaring and their lights flashing! I felt like I was in high school a... Read more

  • Maker Monday

    5/4/2020 10:59:27 PM, by 2DAWN4

    First full week back to work! It was a little rough starting the work day an hour earlier since our hours changed. But I will adjust! I am just glad to be back at work! Although I have to admit, I came home and took a nap! I finished reading a book and got my clothes and other things ready ... Read more

  • Sunday smiles

    5/4/2020 12:15:08 AM, by 2DAWN4

    Attended online church today.....maybe for the time. There is talk of us meeting in person for the first time in months. We will see. Too my nephews Pokemon hunting today. Manage to snag a two geocaches along the way. Once home, played with the neighbor's dogs for a bit and pulled weeds... Read more