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  • I been asking myself why do I have impulses in behavior?

    4/8/2018 7:14:54 AM, by JOC36BROWN

    I have lately been thinking of my ups and downs with not just food but other behaviors.I have in past replaced some behaviors with others going to extremes to feel fill something in myself.I am now in process of realizing that no matter what action or impulses I have ,I am OK just being .I am rea... Read more

  • Iam proud of myself

    4/1/2018 10:32:54 AM, by JOC36BROWN

    Iam proud of myself because of fact that this first Easter that I did not load up on sugary treats.I decided to remember true mean of Easter and reflect on my faith.I feel strong and healthy. Also very grateful for all gifts of my life .... Read more