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  • Veterans day

    11/11/2019 9:10:50 PM, by USMAWIFE

    To those who served 304 652 636 To my dad and uncles in ww two To my father in law for serving in Korea For my high school friends who served during Vietnam To my husband and his thousands of alumni brothers and sisters. For the children of friends and family who are ... Read more

  • The things we do for our fur kids

    11/11/2019 2:30:35 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Since the fur child cannot jump on our bed, I am sleeping downstairs in the family room with him until he is cleared on the 22nd. I still have to get up at 245 to get hubby ready for work. Harder to do since the master is on the second floor... Read more

  • Update

    11/9/2019 11:25:10 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Fur child came home this morning. 224 He is on pain meds and antibiotics for a week They shaved so much hair off this rear and legs that he does not want to stay outside like he normally does... Read more

  • What a day

    11/8/2019 10:25:59 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Dropped off fur child at groomer at 930 am Got home around 1035am Groomer calls. 1137 am. While detangling hair around his hole, they hit an area with a growth that was unknown to us’. That caused lots of bleeding. Called our vet told them we were on our way to the groomer and headed to t... Read more

  • Difficult days

    11/7/2019 10:26:55 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Today was a Difficult Day," said Pooh. There was a pause. "Do you want to talk about it?" asked Piglet. "No," said Pooh after a bit. "No, I don't think I do." "That's okay," said Piglet, and he came and sat beside his friend. "What are you doing?" asked Pooh. "Nothin... Read more

  • This is for you

    11/6/2019 9:42:45 PM, by USMAWIFE

    This is for you... 1. Judge less 2. Spread love 3. Share your smile 4. Work with passion 5. Let go of negativity 6. Count your blessings 7. Choose faith over fear 8. Believe in your dreams 9. Respect yourself 10. Treat people with kindness 11. Do more of the things you love... Read more

  • Advice to my younger self

    11/6/2019 4:05:45 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Advice to my younger self: 1) read and write more 2) practice public speaking 3) stay in touch with friends 4) laugh more 5) protect your time 6) you're not your job 7) know when to leave 8) giving is better than receiving 9) solve harder problems 10) find a mentor 11) be humbl... Read more

  • Ten things to focus on

    11/4/2019 10:59:51 PM, by USMAWIFE

    10 things to focus on 1. focus on your purpose 2. focus on physical strength 3. focus on mental wellness 4. focus on more fun 5. focus on less stress 6. focus on simplifying life 7. focus on real friends 8. focus on being humble 9. focus on living life 10. focus on love... Read more

  • Tomorrow is promised to no one

    11/3/2019 6:40:36 PM, by USMAWIFE

    ... Read more

  • Thought for today 11/2

    11/2/2019 9:54:39 AM, by USMAWIFE

    When you wake up tomorrow be thankful. Be thankful for your family. Be thankful for your friends. Be thankful for the life that you have, the roof over your head and the food you have to eat. Hold someone a little tighter, stay a little longer and tell someone you love them.... Read more

  • Nothing like an anxious day to test if you will eat emotionally

    11/1/2019 11:21:18 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Answer is no to stress eating. I actually underate The last two days have been insane. honestly it is sad when going to Starbucks for coffee is the height of your day since nothing can be off there Yesterday morning we slept through the alarm clock but luckily it did not make hubby seri... Read more

  • November action for happiness calendar

    10/31/2019 9:30:38 AM, by USMAWIFE

    For those who can not enlarge it. http://www.actionforhappiness.
    org/new-things-november... Read more

  • Thought for today 10/30

    10/30/2019 9:57:34 PM, by USMAWIFE

    The secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it.... Read more

  • Thought for today 10/29

    10/29/2019 9:31:25 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. You have to figure out who's worth your kindness and who's just taking advantage of you... Read more

  • Walk away from

    10/29/2019 3:48:34 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Walk away from people who put you down. Walk away from fights that will never be resolved. Walk away from trying to please people who will never see your worth. The more you walk away from things that poison your soul, the healthier you will be.... Read more

  • New week going into a new month

    10/28/2019 3:45:39 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Make it the best you can... Read more

  • New week going into a new month

    10/28/2019 3:45:36 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Make it the best you can... Read more

  • Popcorn

    10/26/2019 10:27:33 PM, by USMAWIFE

    ... Read more

  • Thought for today 10/25

    10/26/2019 12:22:19 AM, by USMAWIFE

    ... Read more

  • Thought for today. 10/24

    10/24/2019 6:56:03 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Let go of whatever you’re overthinking. It will work itself out as it should when it’s supposed to. Redirect your mental energy to what you can change now and focus on the positive in all situations. You are okay and it is all good.... Read more

  • Thought for today

    10/23/2019 9:22:08 AM, by USMAWIFE

    ... Read more

  • Marriage advice from 1886

    10/22/2019 9:26:00 PM, by USMAWIFE

    ... Read more

  • Epitah

    10/22/2019 3:26:24 AM, by USMAWIFE

    This poem is stunning. Just wanted to share it. It is used in the Reform Jewish liturgy, as an optional reading, before Kaddish ”Every once in a while, a poem or song is so well constructed, so clearly conveys the authors meaning and is so precisely expressive that it becomes something of an... Read more

  • Nice things to remember

    10/21/2019 4:02:25 AM, by USMAWIFE

    ... Read more

  • Fall is here

    10/19/2019 11:35:45 PM, by USMAWIFE

    And I am loving the cooler temps... Read more

  • Cute story

    10/17/2019 11:56:19 PM, by USMAWIFE

    I wish I could share the picture that does with this An old tired-looking dog wanders into a guy's yard. He examines the dog's collar and feels his well-fed belly and knows the dog has a home. The dog follows him into the house, goes down the hall, jumps on the couch, gets comfortable and fal... Read more

  • Thought for today 10/16

    10/16/2019 10:56:47 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Take some time to rest and recover. You don’t always have to be so busy, pushing yourself so hard. Step back and take care of yourself. Those moments of self-care will add value, energy, purpose, and creativity to everything you do. Find a healthy balance and enjoy your life.... Read more

  • Thought for today 10/15

    10/16/2019 4:37:51 AM, by USMAWIFE

    I know you’ve been doubting your progress, regretting your choices, putting yourself down. Please Remember that you are doing just fine. Remind yourself right now that no matter what it looks like, you are doing the best you can. Always encourage, support and believe in yourself.... Read more

  • Keep rising above failure

    10/15/2019 4:23:12 AM, by USMAWIFE

    ANother great share People want you to fail because it will make them feel better about never doing anything. Humans are weird like that. So, are you scared that they’ll be right? Are you afraid you’ll fail? Well, what’s the worst thing can happen? Whatever it is, it’s likely not as bad as yo... Read more

  • October holidays. Who knew. Lol

    10/13/2019 4:55:08 PM, by USMAWIFE
    days/... Read more